Feb 25, 2019

February 25th, 2019

Well as I said . Sheretta and I were going to go out and do a little Crappie fishing. We got into them to say the least. The Boy went along , as he is just getting into fishing. He learned what was going on right off the batt, and he wore his little tail out today, as you can see by the picture. I have installed the new Panoptics Livescope on my boat. This thing is so good, at time it is unbelievable. We caught 20 slab crappie in just a couple of hours. The cool thing is that I saw everyone of them before we caught them and watched most of the eat the jig. I am still learning how to fine tune it , but on auto it is just pretty darn good. Next trip out we are going to go after the bass , We have plenty of fish in the box for now.

Feb 24, 2019

February 24th, 2019

Well the first Bass Champs is in the books. Jan on Amistad was canceled due to weather . This one was not much better wind wise, but it was what it was. North wind was predicted up to 30 MPH, but I do not think it got over 20 and it kinda laid about 1:30 so it made the run in better for some. Kenneth and I had to abandon our plan and resort to just go fishing and grind it out in some protected area.  We did not burn $5 worth of gas. We caught plenty of fish the problem all of them were just cookie cutter 4 pounders and we ended up with 19.23 for our best 5. That was good enough for 15th and a check. It took 34 and change to win and congrats to the winners. A good buddy of mine from Abilene got 2nd and big fish with 26 plus and a 10 lber for big bass and he also got the skeeter bonus of $3500. So they took a load of cash back to Abilene with them. There was a 151 teams fished this one and I am already planning to head to Amistad to get ready for the next one. Damn it sure is nice to have a boat again. Sheretta and I plan on staying here in Zapata for a few more days and chase the crappie around a little and maybe a bass or to. I will let you know how we do.

Feb 18 2019

February 18th, 2019

I just finished fishing a week on my old stomping grounds Falcon Lake. It was a up and down week as well . We saw 72 degree water when we started and two days later it was 59, and than back up to about 66 to 68 where we were fishing. The boat Tim and I bought ,worked to perfection and the electronics were just off the chart. This new Garmin Panoptics Livescope is everything advertised and then some. Tim is a friend of mine in Abilene that I play golf with and he wanted to learn more about fishing , especially bass fishing. So I told him we had to have a big bass boat to fish Falcon and Amistad. So we got a boat and here we are. As you can tell by the pictures , We caught a few nice fish and a bunch of big ass crappie. The crappie came on the two days that the water temp was low. I want to thank all of you that have contacted me about Guide Trips. I would love to take you out , but I am just not ready. First of all I do not really like to guide during Feb during the spawn, because the fish are just to unpredictable with the weather and the crowds that arrive here every year in Feb. I do plan on Guiding some , but only when I am on the and they are set on a deeper pattern. I have had a bunch of  you wanting to go, but as my regular clients always knew. Do not book a trip till May , June, July, Aug and Sept . If you want a better chance at catching a good number of big fish. That is when I will guide. Both Falcon and Amistad and Hubbard Creek. I will be off the water all week as I will Fish Bass Champs come Sat. with Kenneth.

Jan 18, 2019

January 18th, 2019

I just could not wait any longer. I am back . I found a deal on a boat that I could not turn down. It has been over two years since I had my last guide trip . And it was with Tate and Melissa and the twin boys, and what a way to go out. Well I have got most all the work done on the estate and it is time to retire from all of this and go back to my love of fishing and doing a little guiding. I plan on still keeping two places to live. One in Zapata  and one in Abilene. I will at this point being able to spend a lot of time on Falcon again. I am going to also guide some up here and I am real excited that I will also throw Amistad in the mix. At this point in life I do not have to Guide for a living , so I am going to be somewhat selective on who, when and where I guide. I will and I will not take anyone out if I am not really on a good bite on good quality fish. As I said I do not have to do this for my living so the money part of it is not motivating. My motivation will come from my clients have a great fishing and catching experience. If I book a trip with you and we do not hammer them I will not take you money. This is my personal guarantee. The way that I am going to approach it, is I am just getting to have another great day on the water with some great people. For you that know me , you know I will do my homework and will be on the water a ton. The cat pictures are of two days with clients and their catch from two lakes up here around Abilene. And no , not in the Triton , I have a little boat for that. I am not taking any Bass trips until Mar or April as I am spending most of Feb on Falcon getting ready again. call me or email me 325-864-8001

Jan 1, 2019

January 1st, 2019

I want to start the year out right , with making a post , and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I can not be more thrilled to have my pond project hear at the house, bream full. We have just had a great amount of rain this fall. I have it well stocked and with all this water and backed up in the shallows I am looking to have a great spawn. The fish picture is of a good solid keeper that I caught on my second cast on Amistad this past Thursday. I was down for a couple of days doing a little pre fishing for the Bass Champs , this month. I also plan on heading back down Thursday to do a little more. The water was not that cold at about 57 to 58 and the fish were pretty responsive as I caught 20 or so good keepers in a day and a half. I expect this week that the temp has dropped as it has been cold and will be cold until Thursday. I plan on this year to do quite a bit more fishing , as I have a friend here in Abilene that has a boat and wants to go. Also  Kenneth and I plan on fishing more tournaments this year as well. so I should have more post on here to look at.

Nov 2, 2018

November 2nd, 2018

I know it has been forever since I have posted anything . I have done a little fishing , but mostly I have been working around the house and playing golf. Kenneth and I did fish the Bass Champs Championship on Texoma, but did not do to well. It was a wet son of a gun that week up there. I think the lake came up about 7 feet while we were there. That week started a rain in Texas for Oct that was off the charts. I got 13 inches here at the house in the month of Oct. As some of you know that has followed my post . I started this pond project here at my house in late Aug of 2016. I am glad to say that I have finally filled up , and it is just pretty if I may say so myself. I have it stocked with Bass and Bluegill and they are striving. At one point this summer I got worried that I was going to loose them to low water, but I got a Aug rain that help me out. Now with this pond full , I should not have to worry about that again for a very long time .

Aug 28, 2018

August 28th, 2018

I just got back from a 5 day trip on Falcon. I met Kenneth down there to do a little scouting for his upcoming tournament. It was really hot and really windy all 5 days. We still managed it ok and fished from one end of the lake to the other. The North end is still fishing tougher than the South end , but you can still catch fish in the off colored water. The bite is a little slower, but it is still there and it is good quality. The numbers are for sure on the South end , as we found several spots holding tons of fish in the 1 to 3 pound range. It is a little tough to dial in on that consistant big bite. We found only a few spots holding the big fish and what it took to catch them. The lake is sitting just above 40 foot low and probably, we will see that fairly quick. Last year we were blessed in Oct with a 20 foot rise in level, and if we do not get that this year, it just might get lower than we have seen it in years. As of now we only have one public ramp in use, and it is good for another 3 feet or so. Falcon has a lot of good gravel points so launching a boat will not be a problem if we do drop down. I have personally launched a boat when Falcon was over 50 foot low. It was sure fun to get back on my old stopping grounds and Kenneth and I found and caught a ton of fish.

June 8, 2018

June 8th, 2018

First of all I am sorry about the picture load up. The ones that are sideways were taken on Wally’s phone and is not the correct format for my site. I just spent Monday thru , Thursday on Falcon with Kenneth and Wally. It was a very hot week with temp 103 to 107 every day. Just what I like on Falcon. Monday we found our fish or should I say our quality fish in 10 to 12 foot of water and the week went along these fish started to adjust to the heat and move deeper and deeper each day. We had to keep adjusting as the day and the week got longer . We weighted every fish that is pictured and they were 7 tp 8 lb 14 oz , our biggest. We did not weigh or take a picture of anything that was under 7 lb. We did catch quite a few 4 to 6 pound fish every day with the exception of Tuesday and that is when we had to adjust our approach to stay on a quality bite. We caught all but one of our big fish on deep diving cranks. the last day , Thursday we had to go deeper than 16 feet to get a quality bite. We fished the main lake , humps , ledges and points and they had to have gravel or rock. We did not check or do any flipping so I can not vogue for that bite. Falcon is really getting low and is dropping at a rate of about 3 inch a day witch is a foot every four days. This with the water color is making Falcon fish very very small. All out fishing was done in the tigers and south as the water is very dirty from there north. I you want to catch some really nice fish stay in the clean water and fish any thing that has rock or gravel on it . If you can contact if with a crank than use it as this was the very best for us on Big fish. If it is deeper like 16 to 24 feet use a jig or big soft plastics with 1/2 oz weight so you can fill and stay in contact with the rock. I had a blessing when I got home today as my pond caught 4 to 5 feet of water last night as I was really worried about the level and a fish kill. thank God for the fain, it came just in time.




May 23, 2018

May 23rd, 2018

It is last call for anyone that wants to go on the best Peacock Bass Fishing Trip in Brazil. This trip is scheduled for Jan 19th thru the 26 of 2019. We have the best mother ship and the best bass boats and gear and guides in the jungle. There is only a few spots left to fill and the price is only 4700.00 All inclusive. That is about a grand less than the other trips that compare to the quality of our trip. Contact me for more details . Email me off this site or call 325 – 864-8001 or call Calvin at 254-967-1813

April 28, 2018

April 28th, 2018

I just got back from a 5 day fishing trip to Falcon. Wally and I hit the water Monday and man was it one of them days . We were on fish and Really Big Ones. the problem was we did not put some of them in the boat. The good new is that we got to at least see them. We did manage a few with the best just a little under 9 lbs . Tuesday was not as good as Monday for big fish but we still caught some nice ones. Jimbo  joined us Thur, and Friday. As always he brought his clicker. our best day on the clicker was 59 and our worst day was 41. We had a good 5 fish stringer all 5 days with a fish over 8 lbs 4 out of the five days . Tuesday was the only day we did not land a big fish . We did have a couple of chances. Wally will be at Falcon for a few months and I will be back down in a few weeks . Kenneth my Tournament partner is going to join us and try to help us put some of these monster in the boat. It was still fun just to get them on and battle them. Water level has dropped quit a bit since I was down in Feb. I think about 10 feet. Sorry about the pictures being out of whack, they were shot on different phones and my format is set for just mine. I’m to tired from the drive to redo this post. But I think you can get the picture. All of out better fish came offshore on deep structure. There is a million 2 pounders shallow.