Sept 20, 2014

Well first day of the tournament is in the books and looks like 16.80 is leading. Billy and I had high hopes , because during practice we boated several 3 to 3.5 pound fish. We only had a total of 6 spots to fish, so our plan was to hit all 6 places if needed . Well we needed all 6 places and we hit them all twice . We did not boat a keeper today. I lost a 5 pounder and a 2 pounder on the small crank bait and other than that we did not see a keeper all day. The fish we had on the spots seemed to vanish. Texoma is a lake that you had better have a ton of spots and burn a tank of gas in a days time fishing 30 to 40 spots in a day. We just did not know the lake well enough to do that. Local knowledge goes a long way on any lake , but one like Texoma where you can not just set in one place and hammer them it is a must to run and gun. Billy and I will not be fishing tomorrow as I hurt my shoulder and can not even raise my arm to make a cast. We decided that we had no chance to cash a check as well.

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