Sept 12, 2014

20140912_190654_resized 20140912_182727_resizedAnother fun day on the water with Jay. Jay and I went out on a mission today, a little different from yesterday. Our wives got together and ordered up a fish fry. That meant a trip to the dam and catch some eating size fish. Folks let me tell you again, Falcon lake is just full of pound to 2 pound fish. I can not even tell you how many we caught, but the number is staggering. People talk about catching 100 fish a day on a lake in Mexico, well you do not have to travel that far and pay that much to catch 100 fish 1 to 3 pounds with a good one mixed in . Both Jay and I believe right now on a good day that can be done here . The deal going right now is if you want numbers you fish for numbers If you want quality you fish for less numbers , bigger baits and catch a better quality fish. Yesterday we fished for a big bite and we damn sure got them , it was just one of the days Jay and I did not put them in the boat, but we had our chance several times. The weather looks dicey for tomorrow or we would be right back out there. Well the fish was great and we put a dent in it as you can tell. It is always great to have Jay and his wife and kids over.

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