June 22, 2013

Took out Judd and Tim today. They were the first to fish out of my new boat. I knew it was going to be windy and it was Sat so I knew everyone would be around the dam and south end , so I just joined the crowd . at one time I counted 17 boat just at the Dam. There were several more scattered out down the rip rap toward the Mexican side. We did ok on our first spot , with all of us catching a good fish, Judd having the best. Judd and I both lost a good fish on that place as well. We did not venture very far after that and found State Park cove crowded as well with about 10 boats in there. My new boat preformed flawlessly and I want to thank Cliff from Texas Boat World for really taking care of me. If you need a boat I promise you he will take care of you, just tell him you heard it from me and he will take extra care of you . Judd and Tim were just in the area taking care of a deer lease nearby and wanted to see a little about the wonderful Falcon they have heard about. We did not see it at its best that is for sure, The wind and the stained up water is not doing us to well right now, but it is going to get better real soon. They plan on coming back when they are back down in the fall and we are going to do this again, hopefully with calmer and cleaner conditions. We still had fun and caught some fish and they were sure great to fish with. We were off the water by 1 pm , that give me plenty of time to load my stuff up in my boat and figure out my new touch screen depth finders . As I got home late last night and did not have time to before I picked them up at 6 am. It took me awhile but I did get all my waypoints loaded and Nav Chips loaded up. I am good to go now.


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