May 9, 2013

Took out Tom again today . We put in south and skipped the dam today. Good move because our first spot produced back to back doubles and good quality fish. We were already happy about our start today. We really was not ready for what the rest of the day held. This lake is just something else. Tom just really kicked some but with his and his only 41 lb 13 oz stringer consisting of all weighted fish 8 lb 13 oz , 8 lb 11 oz, 8 lb 9 oz , 8 lb 4 oz , 7 lb 8 oz Total and pictured 41 lb 13 oz. When you are into fish like we were , you are going to loose some and we only lost three today that would have really helped our stringer, let me correct his stringer, I had a good one as well but he got me today. We boated around 50 fish today . Several things worked today . I really think they would have hit a bare hook today.


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