Dec 30, 2012

Took out Jim and Jim today. It was another cool day here on Falcon. I am ready for some sunshine. Jim started the day with a nice 4 and a half pounder on his very first cast and for a while I thought he jinks us because we did not catch another fish for about 30 min. We got several more bites on our starting spot but no hook ups. We made a move more south and alot deeper and found some nice fish and both Jims started boating some. If you look at the pictures of Jim’s Fish and look close at the picture of his son Jim’s fish, They are the same fish. Jim the son caught the same fish about 10 min after his dad caught it and released it. We thought it at the time , but the side by side pictures tell it for sure. We had a lot of fun and caught some fish , still slow for Falcon standards. Jim lost about a 7 pounder at the boat and broke another real good fish off today, both would have really helped our stringer today.


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