Aug 30, 2012

Took out Clay and Tommy for the day. Wally had the other two guys that came with them. The picture is one I took of The young man with Wally holding up his personal best a 8.37 Lb . Wally could not find his scale so I went and weighed and took this picture . This was really cool because the young man was only 82 years old and fished all day in this brutal heat today. Clay, Tom and I were snake bit yesterday. We did catch some fish , and really all kinds, Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Gar, you name it we caught it. We fished our butts off and probably boated about 20 fish , no big ones . Clay did flip a hugh fish and his drag was backed off and he did not get a good hook in her and she came off right at the boat where we all just had our mouth open as she was hugh. For sure he would have finally got in the DD club. We burnt a ton of gas yesterday , but for sure it was a slow day for us. Just to let you know I will be off for about a week or 10 days. I have to have surgery , I will still be doing a fishing report , as I will have Tim and Wally filling in for me. Both of these guys will work their ass off for you. Wally will be guiding out of my boat and Tim will be in his . Wally will not like his Ranger after using my Triton next week. Well good luck and good fishing , I know I am going to have withdraws not being able to get on the water , but that is how it goes.

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