Aug 27, 2012

Back on the water today after a few days off. I took out Neil and Eric today. My morning bite just sucked today. I have been really doing most of my damage early and then grinding out the rest of the day. We just did not get them to eat on one of my good early morning spots. So the rest of the day we just ground it out and We ended up with some good quality fish. Neil got the biggest a 9.13 lb and this fish was his lifetime personal best . He also caught a 7.87 to go with her and than a 7.56 So he had the top three in our five fish stringer that went a little over 39 pounds. We only caught about 15 fish today but we had just five under 5 pounds. Look out tomorrow if we get the early bite because we know what to do when it get hot. All the better fish came on the crank except I caught a heavy 7 pounder on the Hammerhead jig.


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