Aug 20, 2012

Well had an unexpected day off, in fact I have the next few days as well. A client could not make it out of Fl. in time so he canceled. Sure was a perfect day to be on the water. My wife got wind of the next few days off so I got talked into building a back yard fence for Buster. So while the wind is finally not blowing a gail I will be doing house chores. Just a reminder about the Bass Shack. We have it available to anyone that wants to come to Falcon. Everyone that has stayed there has really liked it. Reason why, it has everything, and is very clean and in a good place . If you are interested look at the schedule page, pull the month and year you want to came and look at the calender. the Bass Shack is booked if there is the word House in the box. The word booked is if I am booked for fishing. So pick your dates and get it booked. It will sleep up to six people in there on beds and has two baths., Fully stocked kitchen , Big screen TV, wireless Internet, Washer , dryer, covered boat parking for two boats , and real cold air. Outdoor grill, This is a great place at a great price. Just a word of advise about guides . If you plan on hiring a guide, please do your homework. The best thing you can do before you spend your money is to call and talk to the local tackle shop and in this case it is Falcon Lake Tackle . Tommy and James are not guides and they will shoot you straight on anybody you ask about. The other tackle store owner guides and really does not work with the local guides. And lets face it . The Internet is a strong force to say the least , but most people when they get on and ask for info for a guides is getting someones that might have been out with one guide one time on Falcon and now he is the expert on who to use on Falcon. I really love it when someone makes a comment that if you do not use so and so , you are just wasting your time with anybody else. Now Bull Shit, There are several great guides on this Lake and unless you have personally been out with all of them, you do not know what the hell you are talking about. First thing I would do if I were looking for a guide, is make sure he is a year around full time guide on Falcon, Check with Falcon Lake Tackle or Someone that has personally fished with that guides or better fished with several of the local guides to where he can make a honest comparison between them. Call or contact the guides that you are thinking about using , See if your dates match up, Get a price for what you want , If he is not posting a fishing report, find out what his days have been like and compare it to what all the other guides are doing. Now I know all the year around Local guides and I really hope that if you are going to spend your money on a guide, that you will please give these guys a chance first. They are the ones that live here and guide for a living , and we all need your business. I will only list first names ,  Tommy L. ,  Jay G, Jim E. Jim B. Gary H,  Folks that is it for Full Timmers Here. We are all listed on Falcon Lake Tackle’s  website under Guide Link. We are there for a reason so check us all out . Call James or Tommy , they know and see us all everyday and they know who is on them and who is not . Or take your chance on an Internet expert, that has been on Falcon one time with one guide. Just be smart .


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