April 17, 2011

Took out Sheretta and Lawson . Lawson is the son of Tommy at Falcon Lake Tackle. He had a couple of hours today before he had to go and help out at the tournament. I knew the wind was going to get nasty but I had some fish down south that I could hit and get him into some good action since it had been a while since he had fished. the only problem with that is I got there early only to find it occupied. So we had to beat it back north to another spot only to find it occupied as well ( I am guideing to much both places were clients I had fished before , go figure.) We were running out of time and the wind was getting nasty so I just hit a point and we caught several including a nice fish by miss Sheretta. If you have not heard it took nearly 30 pounds in three to win the Falcon Tackle Blast. I think there were 3 sacks over 29 pounds caught and it took 22 to get a check. Tim Griffin won as he does most of the time the Texas Five tournament with five going a little over 42 pounds.


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