Dec 16, 2010

Took out Rodger again today. We were looking forward to finally getting a pretty day to fish. We put in in the Tigers as I wanted to fish my deep stuff that I had not been on in a couple of weeks. We found the bite to be very slow and we did catch some fish but it took a while. I did go in and check the shallow bite and the fish were there but small in size so we decided that we had caught enough small fish, so we went deep again and found some fish in 25 to 30 foot . I caught three pretty nice fish to 6 pounds and Rodger was having a tough time of it he got bit and would get them on but could not put them in the boat. at one place he lost 6 in a role. All in all it seemed to me that the bite was a little off from what it has been,but that happens even on Falcon.


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