Jan 9 2021

Man it has been a long time . My last post was when I posted a tribute to Jonnie. I finally got to go to my favorite lake in the world . Sugar Lake. Some of you have spent some great times together at this wonderful place on earth. I had a few days and me and three friends went Thur and Friday. The water temp was lower than I like it so our numbers were down. The good news was when we got a bite It was epic. Crawford caught the big fish of the trip a 11 lb 4 oz and I caught a 10 lb 3 oz and 10 lb 4 oz the first days as it was the warmest day and the water temp finally got into the 60’s late in the day and these big fish responded. Crawford and I both nearly had 40 pound bags with our best five. The second day was a lot colder starting out as it was 40 degrees and water temp at 57. We had to leave early and never seen 60 water temp all day. I did catch a 9 lb 7 oz and Jay and I had two more fish in the 7 or 8 pound class we did not put in the boat . But let me tell you It was well worth the trip. Let me add . I have been going to Sugar since the 1960’s and know it and the surroundings well. It is for sure not for anyone to go, that does not know the ropes. I is better now than it was a year ago as far as safety, but their is sill always some risks involved. So if you want to go Please HIRE A GUIDE that knows the timing and knowledge. There are for sure a couple of qualified people that know. I will continue as of now go to Sugar. But I wat to make it very clear that I AM NOT GUIDING FOR HIRE. I can and will get you hooked up with the right person. I know that there is only two names I would recommend . Call ME . 325 864 8001 or Text Me.

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