Feb 24, 2019

Well the first Bass Champs is in the books. Jan on Amistad was canceled due to weather . This one was not much better wind wise, but it was what it was. North wind was predicted up to 30 MPH, but I do not think it got over 20 and it kinda laid about 1:30 so it made the run in better for some. Kenneth and I had to abandon our plan and resort to just go fishing and grind it out in some protected area.  We did not burn $5 worth of gas. We caught plenty of fish the problem all of them were just cookie cutter 4 pounders and we ended up with 19.23 for our best 5. That was good enough for 15th and a check. It took 34 and change to win and congrats to the winners. A good buddy of mine from Abilene got 2nd and big fish with 26 plus and a 10 lber for big bass and he also got the skeeter bonus of $3500. So they took a load of cash back to Abilene with them. There was a 151 teams fished this one and I am already planning to head to Amistad to get ready for the next one. Damn it sure is nice to have a boat again. Sheretta and I plan on staying here in Zapata for a few more days and chase the crappie around a little and maybe a bass or to. I will let you know how we do.

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