Jan 18, 2019

I just could not wait any longer. I am back . I found a deal on a boat that I could not turn down. It has been over two years since I had my last guide trip . And it was with Tate and Melissa and the twin boys, and what a way to go out. Well I have got most all the work done on the estate and it is time to retire from all of this and go back to my love of fishing and doing a little guiding. I plan on still keeping two places to live. One in Zapata  and one in Abilene. I will at this point being able to spend a lot of time on Falcon again. I am going to also guide some up here and I am real excited that I will also throw Amistad in the mix. At this point in life I do not have to Guide for a living , so I am going to be somewhat selective on who, when and where I guide. I will and I will not take anyone out if I am not really on a good bite on good quality fish. As I said I do not have to do this for my living so the money part of it is not motivating. My motivation will come from my clients have a great fishing and catching experience. If I book a trip with you and we do not hammer them I will not take you money. This is my personal guarantee. The way that I am going to approach it, is I am just getting to have another great day on the water with some great people. For you that know me , you know I will do my homework and will be on the water a ton. The cat pictures are of two days with clients and their catch from two lakes up here around Abilene. And no , not in the Triton , I have a little boat for that. I am not taking any Bass trips until Mar or April as I am spending most of Feb on Falcon getting ready again. call me or email me 325-864-8001

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