Jan 1, 2019

I want to start the year out right , with making a post , and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I can not be more thrilled to have my pond project hear at the house, bream full. We have just had a great amount of rain this fall. I have it well stocked and with all this water and backed up in the shallows I am looking to have a great spawn. The fish picture is of a good solid keeper that I caught on my second cast on Amistad this past Thursday. I was down for a couple of days doing a little pre fishing for the Bass Champs , this month. I also plan on heading back down Thursday to do a little more. The water was not that cold at about 57 to 58 and the fish were pretty responsive as I caught 20 or so good keepers in a day and a half. I expect this week that the temp has dropped as it has been cold and will be cold until Thursday. I plan on this year to do quite a bit more fishing , as I have a friend here in Abilene that has a boat and wants to go. Also  Kenneth and I plan on fishing more tournaments this year as well. so I should have more post on here to look at.

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