Feb 13, 2018

I am back in Abilene after spending two week down south in Zapata. I got to fish Falcon about 7 days including the Bass Champs Tournament on Sat. Kenneth and I were very disappointed . We had put our work in and were on a very good pre spawn pattern . We checked our two prime areas of the lake . Friday we checked our North area and put together a 6 pound average ,so we felt that we had a good chance at a 30 lb bag. Sat we checked our South spots and we had 4 down there that were the same pattern. We hit 3 of the 4 and caught 3 fish in the 8 lb range. so we decided to go south for the tournament. A three hour fog delay and a 80 degree plus day our big fish move on up to where we could not find a big bite. We caught 3 pounders till we got sick of catching them due to we were on so much better. We did get a check for finishing 14th but very disappointing for sure. Falcon form what I saw during my practice is really in great shape and a lot of good fish are going to be caught . We fish Amistad next .

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