Feb 3, 2018

Falcon is alive and doing very well. I have been on the water for 5 days now and have looked at a lot of this great lake. from what I have seen and fished . Falcon is for sure in the upswing of being somewhat as what she is known for. Now do I think she will return to like she was in 2011. I do not think so. I would want it to get full to do that . In my 47 years of fishing Falcon I have seen what has happened after she has been full about 6 times. 1993 and 2011 have been the best I have ever seen it . I still have two more day before off limits and I have been lucky to have great weather to check Falcon out. I sure have brought back some great memories as I have been looking at old files and pictures and reports of the great past years I have enjoyed Falcon. I am going to load up some pictures of old times in the next day or two that you would probably like to see so tune back in and take a look at the past .

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