Nov 27, 2016

img_1962 img_1963 img_1964 img_1966Even though we stayed at home for Thanksgiving and it was just Sheretta and I. She cooked a hell of a feast. We are still full form it and the left overs for the next few days. I had planned on Fishing, Hunting or Golfing today, but with 30 to 35 MPH winds I did not do any of the above. So I built me a chipping range today. It is marked off with 10, 20 and 30 yard markers and has two target buckets at 15 and 25 yards. I can just see the money that is going to be won and lost when I have my friends over to do a little gambling game of chipping. I still have some days in Dec starting on the 10th if you want to do a little fishing. I hope everyone had as good a Thanksgiving as Sheretta and I did. Sometimes it is good just to be alone and at home on Thanksgiving.

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