Nov 19, 2016

IMG_1944I had a little trouble with my site but this is a post from my trip Thursday on Falcon. Jason and I did not catch a good day on Falcon as the wind was just brutal. I did catch a nice fish early and once the wind hit us we had to abandon the open water deep bite. Jason did catch a nice heavy 4 pounder . After we got off the open water deep bite , our size went down. I was to be on Sugar Lake Friday, Sat, and Sunday , but a non caring client did not call or show up. What he does not understand that this is my livelihood and he for sure screwed with that. I drove 450 miles one way to take him out and he did not have the dignity to at least to give me a call . So with that said I will spread his name to all the other guides , so at least it will not happen to someone else , because I will not take his booking again. I had this guy not to long ago and we smacked the fish down at Sugar , that is why he rebooked with me. Well lets move on to another subject. As all of you know I had to deal with my parents estate after my Mom passed Aug of 2014. It has been a brutal job, but now the work has been for the most part complete and this frees me up to do more and more guiding. Guiding on Falcon and Sugar is what I want to do first , being a slumlord comes in 2nd now, thank God. So I will be able to start booking trips like I want too. I am off till after Thanksgiving , but open in Dec and the first two weeks in Jan. and all of Feb . March, April etc are ready for your trips. Thanks for all of you that have stuck with me during this trying time and good luck to the ones that had to move on. I know this job up here in Abilene has cost me , but it had to be done . Thank you for all of your support, I am so grateful for that as I have had great support for a few people. I hope to have the chance to be on the water with everyone again.

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