Oct 22, 2015

20151021_095723_resized 20151021_095736_resized 20151021_095756_resized 20151021_110650_resized 20151021_110659_resized_1 20151021_155715_resized 20151021_155727_resized 20151022_083727_resized 20151022_083745_resized 20151022_092114_resized 20151022_092119_resized 20151022_094223_resized 20151022_094231_resized 20151022_112412_resized 20151022_112422_resized 20151022_132845_resized 20151022_132902_resizedJust back from Sugar lake . I had Don and Gary for two days. They have fished Falcon with me before , but never been to Sugar lake. We did not catch the best weather conditions down there , but we still stroked a bunch of fish. I showed them the deep bite a little on Sugar Lake , but most of the time we stayed in the trees and flipped. We boated around 100 fish for the trip and had a good number of boated big fish and a lot more lost. When you fish the trees and bushes on Sugar you are just going to get your ass handed to you, that is just part of it. I am taking off tomorrow and am booked to be back on Sugar  this Sat and Sun but I will just have to see how the weather is going to be , there is a great big hurricane coming up thru Mex and it just depends on what way she goes. Big fish of the trip was a 10 lb 7 oz brute and I caught it .

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