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June 8, 2018

Friday, June 8th, 2018

First of all I am sorry about the picture load up. The ones that are sideways were taken on Wally’s phone and is not the correct format for my site. I just spent Monday thru , Thursday on Falcon with Kenneth and Wally. It was a very hot week with temp 103 to 107 every day. Just what I like on Falcon. Monday we found our fish or should I say our quality fish in 10 to 12 foot of water and the week went along these fish started to adjust to the heat and move deeper and deeper each day. We had to keep adjusting as the day and the week got longer . We weighted every fish that is pictured and they were 7 tp 8 lb 14 oz , our biggest. We did not weigh or take a picture of anything that was under 7 lb. We did catch quite a few 4 to 6 pound fish every day with the exception of Tuesday and that is when we had to adjust our approach to stay on a quality bite. We caught all but one of our big fish on deep diving cranks. the last day , Thursday we had to go deeper than 16 feet to get a quality bite. We fished the main lake , humps , ledges and points and they had to have gravel or rock. We did not check or do any flipping so I can not vogue for that bite. Falcon is really getting low and is dropping at a rate of about 3 inch a day witch is a foot every four days. This with the water color is making Falcon fish very very small. All out fishing was done in the tigers and south as the water is very dirty from there north. I you want to catch some really nice fish stay in the clean water and fish any thing that has rock or gravel on it . If you can contact if with a crank than use it as this was the very best for us on Big fish. If it is deeper like 16 to 24 feet use a jig or big soft plastics with 1/2 oz weight so you can fill and stay in contact with the rock. I had a blessing when I got home today as my pond caught 4 to 5 feet of water last night as I was really worried about the level and a fish kill. thank God for the fain, it came just in time.