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April 28, 2018

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

I just got back from a 5 day fishing trip to Falcon. Wally and I hit the water Monday and man was it one of them days . We were on fish and Really Big Ones. the problem was we did not put some of them in the boat. The good new is that we got to at least see them. We did manage a few with the best just a little under 9 lbs . Tuesday was not as good as Monday for big fish but we still caught some nice ones. Jimbo  joined us Thur, and Friday. As always he brought his clicker. our best day on the clicker was 59 and our worst day was 41. We had a good 5 fish stringer all 5 days with a fish over 8 lbs 4 out of the five days . Tuesday was the only day we did not land a big fish . We did have a couple of chances. Wally will be at Falcon for a few months and I will be back down in a few weeks . Kenneth my Tournament partner is going to join us and try to help us put some of these monster in the boat. It was still fun just to get them on and battle them. Water level has dropped quit a bit since I was down in Feb. I think about 10 feet. Sorry about the pictures being out of whack, they were shot on different phones and my format is set for just mine. I’m to tired from the drive to redo this post. But I think you can get the picture. All of out better fish came offshore on deep structure. There is a million 2 pounders shallow.