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June 19, 2017

Monday, June 19th, 2017

I know it has been a while since my last post. I have been making some changes in my site and it got a little screwed up and I am just now able to post. I did not get to post my last couple of days on Falcon with Tate and Melissa and their twin boys . I did take some good pictures of them but I’m am yet to recover them on my computer. Hope I can get them up on this site soon. I hade them for two days and even though it was windy the twins caught a ton of fish 183 to be exact in the two days they fished. 7 lb was the biggest but they had a 27 lb stringer in 5 the second day and that was very good for Falcon at this time and wind. The boys qualified for the youth nationals to be heled this weekend in Tenn. I know they will do good. I will try to recover all the great pictures of them and mom and dad and add them to this report later. I am in Abilene for a while and I have had a trip or two up here and planning to do some more . Other than wind ,wind , wind the fishing has been good. I did get my pond completely finished and have it stocked well with bluegill and crawfish and minnows and it is already about half full. It turned out really good and covers about 4 acers. I have about 30 2 to 3 pound bass in it and some of them have spawned . I should have a great fishing hole for me and all the grandkids very soon.