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Dec 29, 2016

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

img_1987 img_1988 img_1989 img_1990Well I tried to load up a video on my site , feeding my fish, but I could not get it to load . I guess it was too large for my server. Anyway I did take a few pictures of them waiting on their minnows. These fish are really growing very fast as I feed them most every day and the pond is loaded with bait. I will be headed to Zapata next week to start my trips I have on the books for Jan. I still have a few days left . Jan 5th and 6th and Jan 16th and 17th is all I have left. Get in touch with me if you want to come down.

Dec 23, 2016

Friday, December 23rd, 2016

Well I was to be in Zapata thru Christmas and until the 17th of Jan guiding , but due to an ear problem I had to return to Abilene to get that taken care of. I will be returning on the 3rd of Jan to start up trips again. I have the 4th and 5th, 8th , 14th,15th, 16th and 17th open if you are interested. I am making a great deal on a three day book . Get in touch with me for the details. Also I am going to be guiding most of the month of Feb and as you know this is a great month to be on Falcon or Sugar. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas as I will be spending it with family and the grandkids. Update:  on Trips I just booked the 8th , 14th and 15th of Jan so I only have open the 4th , 5th ,16th and 17th . Still have plenty of days open in Feb.

Dec 17, 2016

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

img_1974 img_1975 img_1976 img_1977 img_1978 img_1979Just back from Sugar. I had Tim and Jake from Vt. They were on there first Bass adventure and on a great lake to start. We had three days of not real bad weather but for the most it was not comfortable it was cool and misty all three days until after lunch the last day it got nice but still no sunshine. We did good considering the 63 water temp we had to deal with. We caught about 130 fish in three days and a heavy 8 pounder was the best. We did however catch some nice quality mixed in with a bunch of 2 to 3 pounders. I will be here thru Christmas If you want to come fishing get in touch with me I have some days left in Dec and Jan .

Dec 8, 2016

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

20151114_075148_resizedIt is cold as heck in Abilene I am sure excited about heading back down South come Sunday. I will be in Zapata Monday the 12th and will stay until the 22nd . December is a great month to get a fish of a lifetime. The weather is a factor and will effect the numbers when it is a north influence but you still have a real shot a some monster fish as they are in a pre spawn stage and they when you find them are big and fat. This fish pictured was just a sample of that when the weather was cold and nasty. We caught several more big fish on this trip last Dec. The thing about Falcon and Sugar is the water temp usually is still pretty good even if the air temp is cold. Fronts hit , but do not last very long usually only a day maybe two on a real bad one. But all said it is still a lot warmer they than where you probably live. I have the 14,15,16 booked with two guys from VT I know they will think it is summer time on Sugar next week. We all three are excited to get on Sugar for the three day hog hunt. I have offered a little discount on the days I have left in Dec because I am going to fish with or without you during this trip back down. Call me or Text or email me I will do a hell of a deal on a three day booking right now , I just want to get you down here and on the water. I have all the tackle so all you have to do is come. I will also be open for trips right after Christmas as I plan on being back to Zapata Jan 4th thru the 15th. I leave to Brazil on the 19th and will return the 30th and plan on being open for trips on Falcon and Sugar all of Feb as well. Both Falcon and Sugar will really be good this coming year and I plan on being there for most of it. I have this estate I have been working on now for two years done and I am for sure ready to get back to what I love to do. Fish my butt off every day if I can.

Dec 6, 2016

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

It is cold here in Abilene and I am ready to head South to get into a much warmer area. It get cool in Zapata, but it usually does not take it but a day or two to get back in the mid to high 7o’s . The water temp down there is still around 70 and very seldom fall below 6o. I still have a few days in Dec that I want to fill and now is the time to get out of the cold and head south. I am booked up thru the 16th but I have the 17th thru the 22nd open if you want to come . Also I am going to throw in a little incentive to get you to come for bookings on the 17th thru the 22nd I will do Falcon Trips for $400 and Sugar trips for $500 a day . if you book a three day tip I will do better than that depending where you want Falcon or Sugar. As most of you know Sugar is fishing better than Falcon , but both are still good. Let me know if you are interested.