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June 30, 2016

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

20160622_074102_resized 20160622_085929_resized 20160622_085938_resized 20160622_092308_resized 20160622_092313_resized 20160622_152043_resized 20160622_152048_resized 20160623_075430_resized 20160623_075438_resized 20160623_085904_resized 20160623_085911_resized 20160623_124751_resized 20160623_124755_resized 20160623_125809_resized 20160623_125820_resized 20160628_095708_resized 20160628_095715_resized 20160628_105208_resized 20160628_105218_resized 20160628_105707_resized 20160628_105715_resized 20160628_133139_resized 20160628_133147_resized 20160628_135155_resized 20160628_135211_resizedWell I am in Abilene and finally have good internet service. TWC never fixed my problem in Zapata over the 7 weeks I was there , so I told them to just forget it. I am posting my last 4 days on Sugar . I had Wally for two days. It did not start out well as I blew a lower unit going to my first spot. The picture is a Mexican netter hauling us back to the ramp. Wally and I had to go get another lower unit, thanks to Carlos he had one and we got it put on and hit the water for about 2 hours in the eve the first day. Even though we had trouble we were able to catch some monster fish. Day two was just as good and we got to fish all day. The next trip was with two of my favorite clients Jimmy and Kathy. Man did we have a good time and catch a lot of big fish as shone by the pictures . I forgot my phone the first day or there would have been more pictures. I did get Jimmy to take a picture or two and email them to me. I will be in Abilene the whole month of July so I will not be taking trips. I do however got someone there to take you out if you want to go. Get in touch with me and I will hook you up. It was a fun May and June guiding down on Falcon and Sugar , Now it is time for a little work on the estate and some golf with good friends.

June 29, 2016

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

I am still without internet. I have had two great trips to report  about on Sugar. I guide today on Falcon. I will make a combined report today or thur. I have some great pictures  of some big fish to share.

June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20th, 2016

20160615_074042_resized 20160615_074051_resized 20160616_100331_resized 20160616_100338_resized 20160617_095916_resized 20160617_095922_resized 20160617_103226_resized 20160617_103235_resizedHere are the pictures from my last Sugar Trip. I also threw in one of me here on Falcon. I went out on Falcon for a couple of hours yesterday, to do a little scouting and got of the water to watch dustin J. win the open. Arron and Kurt had one really windy day on Sugar and one really nice day . We did catch a bunch of fish both days . I forgot my phone the first day or I would have taken a lot more pictures of some good fish, not monsters this trip 8 lb was the best caught by Kurt, the amazing thing is he used spinning gear the whole time on this trip and was able to land this pig. It also cost him a fish or two as well. I will be at Sugar Wed and Thur. I still do not have my service fixed at the house so I do not have internet , maybe they will fix it this time around , It has been three weeks, only in Zapata.

June 18, 2016

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Im back from Sugar. I had Arron and Captain Kurt.  We had one really windsy day on thur and a great day on Friday.  We caught some really  nice fish both days. I have  several great pictires. My damn internet is stll out so i will post them later  doing that  by phone service is to slow. I stll have some days  open if you would like to fish Falcon or Sugar they both are doing well

June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13th, 2016

20160611_151014_resized 20160611_151024_resized 20160611_161527_resized 20160611_161540_resized 20160611_162150_resized 20160611_162151_resized 20160611_162159_resized 20160612_075627_resized 20160612_090707_resized 20160612_090717_resized 20160612_105349_resized 20160612_105357_resized 20160612_130844_resized 20160612_130850_resized 20160612_145429_resized 20160612_145435_resized 20160613_095224_resized 20160613_095239_resizedWell I am back from Sugar where I had Scott again from a few weeks back. Scott brought down David . David had never bass fished  before and of course had never caught one or see one. What a place to start his fishing . David had to stay with a open face real and rod as he did not know how to use a baitcaster. It was a treat watching him get his butt kicked a few times. He really whacked some nice fish on day one and about 11 am he was pooped and I had to take him to the room. Scott and I went out and did a little damage to say the least on some nice fish . We only fished a little more than a half day today . Scott has been on a quest for a while to break the 7 lb mark and today he smashed it with his personal best a 9 lb 10 oz beast that was 25 in long and 18 in around. this will be his first bass mount to go with all the other trophies in his home. I am very very happy with him. Scott called his wife and is bring her back on the 30th this month. My kind of client. The other pictures of Cody in the yellow shirt was from Falcon Sat with him and Chance. We had to work but we did get on some Quality late in the day. Falcon is really fishing very well as I have done pretty good when I have had the chance to get on her. As to the number of fish that were caught , I really did not keep count , expecially on Sugar . It was a ton to say the least, but I only want picture, picture and more pictures of my clients with big fish and even a bigger smile or Like Scott with his picture with his personal best LOL. Thanks Chance , Cody , Scott and David for the trips.

June 11, 2016

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Well my internet is still  out at my house. I took out Chance  and Cody on Falcon today. It was windy and old Falcon was rough.  We strugled  early but finally figured them out a little. I have some pictures  of Codys fish . Chances  fish were  camera  shy. I will update this post when i get my internet fixed. Off to Sugar in the morning for 2 days  with Scott.

June 9, 2016

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

20160605_084153_resized_120160606_095954_resized20160606_100017_resized20160606_110132_resized_120160606_110144_resized_120160606_141826_resized_120160607_064152_resized_120160530_112840_resized 20160530_112850_resized 20160601_092339_resized 20160601_092356(0)_resized 20160602_145640_resized 20160602_145645_resized 20160604_065033_resized 20160604_065041_resized 20160604_124550_resized 20160604_124600_resized 20160604_133850_resized 20160604_133900_resized 20160605_084208_resized 20160606_095954_resized 20160606_100017_resized 20160607_084702_resized 20160607_084710_resized 20160607_113536_resized 20160607_113548_resized 20160607_114904_resized 20160607_124542_resized 20160607_124551_resized 20160608_082312_resized 20160608_082321_resized 20160608_083604_resized20160606_142310_resized_1 20160606_142321_resized_1Well I finally made it back from Sugar Lake. I had 8 straight days on Sugar with 3 different groups. I had Daniel and Tom day one two and three , Dale and Kenny for day 4 ,5, and 6 and Richard and Stephanie for day 7 and 8. The weather was really bad on Sat and Sun for Dale and Kenny, but we caught a fishable day for their third and final day with me Monday. Kenny caught the big fish of the trip a 10 lb 12 oz brute . We all caught a ton of fish and by the pictures we caught a fair mount of big fish. I took a lot more pictures than I wanted to post , but posted enough so that you could see that anytime you go to Sugar You are going to catch some good fish. Sugar came up about 2 feet the last 10 or so days and the fish have moved around a little , but you can still catch them and and big numbers. My worst day on numbers came on a 25 MPH north wind and we still had over 50 fish. Some days out of the 8 My boat was around 100 per day. Being said that Sugar is fishing well I am going to stay down the rest of June and take trips . I have the 14 thru the 26 open now . I was to be gone to Abilene during that time . My wife will not be happy but I am staying here LOL. If you want to go , get in touch with me.