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May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30th, 2016

20160528_092330_resized 20160528_092344_resized 20160529_091629_resized 20160529_091636_resized 20160529_091645_resized 20160529_095302_resized 20160529_105750_resized 20160529_105805_resized 20160530_071444_resized 20160530_071454_resized 20160530_080446_resized 20160530_080456_resized 20160530_081626_resized 20160530_081636_resized 20160530_111544_resized 20160530_111552_resizedBack from sugar lake . I had Tim and Bryan for a three day trip. Day one and two was a grind as the wind was really stiff both days. Today it was a lot better. We caught a bunch of fish all three days, but today was very special. Our best five fish today was 10 lb 6 oz, 10 lb 3 oz, 9 lb 1 oz , 7 lb 13 oz and 7 lb 9  for an exact 45 lb stringer best five . Did we loose some big fish , that some is an understatement. I do not even want to go there as it became funny getting our ass kicked . We did kick back but I would chalk this day up to the fish won. I was telling Tim that not vary many people in the world has even caught a DD and even less than that have caught one flipping. He is now for sure in the elite group that has ever done that. Tim had the 10 lb 6 oz and I had the 10 lb 3 oz that is not pictured. Bryan had the 7 lb 13 oz for his biggest. I really had a great time with these two and I know that we will be back in the boat again very soon. I am off tomorrow and will be back at Sugar come Wed . I have two back to back three day trips so I will just stay down and fish them both, so I will not be able to post a report until I get back to reload on clients and gas next Tuesday. So I will talk to you in about a week.

May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Well I had posted in my previous post that I had three days on Falcon starting Sat and then 13 days on Sugar. That changed, I will be headed down to Sugar Sat morning and I will do 16 days on Sugar with this Tuesday my only day off until June 14th. I will be back and forth changing clients , so I will write a fishing report between trips. The fishing has been great on both lakes and I am looking forward to the 16 out of 17 days of fishing. First report will be up Monday eve.

May 25, 2016

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

20160525_094257_resized 20160525_094304_resized 20160525_112546_resized 20160525_112554_resized 20160525_114738(0)_resized 20160525_114757_resizedTook out Rob today on Falcon. It was a little windy today but we did manage it ok. I found the bite a little tougher than yesterday , but we did manage to catch some nice fish. We only fished till 2 pm as Rob had to get back early. Falcon is really on the comeback as I am seeing with my three days I have been on her . We have boated a lot of quality fish in the three days. I am off tomorrow and Friday as I try to get ready for 16 straight days . three on Falcon and then 13 days on Sugar. I look forward to the work , but that is a bunch for this old man. Thanks Rob for the trip I hope your brother can make it next time.

May 24, 2016

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

20160524_075610_resized 20160524_075616_resized 20160524_083833_resized 20160524_083838_resized 20160524_084028_resized 20160524_084032_resized 20160524_085829_resized 20160524_085920_resized 20160524_131201_resized 20160524_131208_resized 20160524_132904_resized 20160524_132913_resized 20160524_135804_resized 20160524_135820_resizedI have some trips on Falcon coming up and since I have not been on the lake but once since and that was a guide trip Wed the 11th I thought I would go out and do a little scouting. I called a friend of mine ( Wally) and he was ready to go. This makes only two time I have been on Falcon in months and both time , this lake has really excited me. Wally and I just hammered the big fish today and the good thing is we did not hammer them at all on one spot. We would go to a spot to check it and only stay there till we both caught one and we would leave, as I need these areas starting tomorrow. Falcon is for sure back. We caught 23 fish over 5 pounds and about an 8 pounder was our biggest , we did not weigh any of them , but that is a close guess. The good thing is that I have a bigger bite figured out and we did not catch but a few fish under 5 pounds. I hope this holds up as I have 4 days on Falcon before I have 12 days on Sugar.

May 22, 2016

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

20160519_084314_resized 20160519_121811_resized 20160519_122139_resized 20160519_133712_resized 20160520_071508_resized 20160520_080124_resized 20160520_093923_resized 20160520_093927_resized 20160520_125333_resized 20160520_130036_resized 20160520_130048_resized 20160521_101529_resized 20160521_101540_resized 20160521_103541_resized 20160521_121855_resized 20160522_085532_resized 20160522_134917_resized 20160522_141452_resizedJust got back from Sugar Lake. I had Ron and Dustin for day one and two and I had Jackson and Nick for day three and four. This was a very fun trip as they all knew each other and had a little tournament going on. the deal was who had the biggest five fish stringer when they fished with me. I did not fish a lick and that was just ok with me. My fish would have not counted and so I did not want to get in the way of this massive bet. It was close and very close and came right down to the wire. Ron and Dustin ended up with five that went 38 lb 3 oz , a pretty good stringer as most of you know. Well Jackson and Nick pull it of in the last hour to get a 38 lb 9 oz stringer . All the fish were weighed on my scale and no fibbing was allowed . To make it hard , Dustin caught a fish that was 6 and a half pounds that we took a picture of and he let here go before I had weighted her and there smallest fish in their five fish bag was a 5 lb 15 oz fish , they would have had 8 to 12 more ounces for their stringer had that had not happened and would have won the huge and I mean huge prize. I took a lot more pictures of a bunch of quality 6 to 7 pounders , but I put up enough for you to get the idea on how sweet Sugar is. We caught 100’s  of fish. These guys were great and we had a great time.

May 17, 2016

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

20160516_112916_resized 20160516_112922_resized 20160517_102746_resized 20160517_102759_resized 20160517_113757_resized 20160517_113801_resizedJust back from Sugar Lake. Wally and I went down for a day and a half , so that I could do a little scouting . I have a bunch of trips starting Thursday and wanted to be a little more prepaired. Well , mission accomplished . I made myself fish most everything I did not already know was holding fish. This was the only way to find new and better things. If you go and do the same thing over and over again, you never learn. The first day we really struggled to get a big bite , catching only three fish over 6 pounds. Today it was a little different. We had a big sack and caught a bunch of big fish. I had several not pictured and Wally had a few more . Now I can catch 100 fish a day on Sugar , if that is what you want as a guide trip, but I am not geared that way. I want and will target big fish unless you want something less than that. I know it is different strokes for many folks. If you want to fish and catch a few big ones than give me a call. I have done my homework on Falcon and on Sugar and I am pretty sure I can get that done for you. I have been fishing these two lakes for over 40 years and I am still learning more and more about them every time I am on the water , that is still why I love to fish and put clients on fish. I will be at Sugar come Thursday for a four day gig. See you when I get back.

May 13, 2016

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

20160512_092438_resized_1 20160512_092446_resized_1 20160512_135945_resized_1 20160512_135955_resized_1 20160512_150636_resized_1 20160512_150641_resized_1 20160513_112003_resized_1 20160513_112014_resized_1 20160513_134748_resized_1 20160513_134754_resized_1 20160513_135357_resized_1 20160513_135407_resized_1 20160513_144244_resized_1 20160513_144254_resized_1Just got back from two days on Sugar. I had just Scott the first day and Dal came down and fished the second day with us. These two guys just love to fish and are a blast to fish with. We caught a ton of fish both days. Sugar right now is just crazy on the numbers . There are a ton of big fish in the lake but there are billions and billions of small fish in there now . Right now it is about 20 little ones per big fish. However I did get a little more dialed in and on day two we caught a lot better quality fish. These two are really fired up about Sugar and have made plans to be back in June and July. I really look forward to adding them to my client list. I was to guide here on Falcon Sat but Luis is ill and had to reschedule . I did not mind as I need to give my nasty boat a detail. After have over 500 fish put thru it in Five days it is very nasty . I will return to Sugar come Monday and I can not wait.

May 11, 2016

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

20160511_074708_resized 20160511_074717_resized 20160511_104559_resized 20160511_104607_resized 20160511_105729_resized 20160511_105734_resized 20160511_113352_resized 20160511_113403_resized 20160511_121425_resized 20160511_121436_resized 20160511_122041_resized 20160511_122042_resized 20160511_122048_resized 20160511_123158_resized 20160511_123205_resized 20160511_141021_resized 20160511_141027_resized 20160511_141745_resized 20160511_141749_resizedWow is all I can say. Nelson and I just hammered them today on Falcon. Nelson was my first trip on Falcon in several months. We just caught a ton of big quality fish. We did catch a few small ones early while I was looking a the lake trying to figure the new level out. I got out of the little fish and from about 10 am till we quit , we caught mostly fish 4 to 8 pounds . I lost one about 10 right at the boat after I had her whipped and was leading her to the net . Right now form what I have seen Falcon is really fishing great. We boated about 85 fish today and had a 34 pound stringer that should have been a lot bigger. We should have culled one of our 6 pounders with a 10 and . Our biggest today was a 8 lb 3 , but I think we had 35 fish out of the 85 over 5 pounds and a lot of 3 to 4 pounders. I will be at Sugar in the morning for thur and Friday and back on Falcon come Sat.

May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

20160509_073637_resized 20160509_073657_resized 20160510_114640_resized (1) 20160510_114647_resized (1) 20160510_143729_resized (1) 20160510_143741_resizedIt is sure great to be posting a fishing report again. It has been a while since my last trip. I had Jared and Ryan the last two days on Sugar. The wind was a little tough on us, but we did manage. I was happy about all the actions as we boated about 200 fish in two days, but I was very disappointed in the over all quality per number of fish. An 8 lb 2 oz was our best fish of the trip and we did catch a few over 6 pounds , but most all of our fish were just fish. Catching 100 fish a day, does not make it a good trip when you are paying me to put you on big fish. I fished about 45 different spots in two days , just to try to get off the 1 pounders , but it did not matter where and how deep we went , the little bastards are everywhere. Like I said we fished about 45 spots and we caught fish on every single ones of them. from 3 foot to 22 foot deep. I did catch some nice fish on a crank bait and they did not really want to throw one. I guide here on Falcon tomorrow and then back to Sugar come Thurs and Friday.

May 5, 2016

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

20160425_104501_resized 20160425_104510_resized 20160504_163237_resized 20160504_163335_resized 20160504_163339_resized 20160504_163731_resizedIt has been a while since I have posted . I have been busy here in Abilene . It is as green as I have seen it in a while around here , due to all the rain we have had the last month. My pond is full and the water is clear as bath tub water as you can see the picture of a bass on a bed. I have managed to put about 30 bass in the pond while I have been here. I did not get to do my dozer work before we got all the rain. I did however did the clean up and brush removal around the pond . When the water goes down this summer I will start on the enlargement project. I plan on doubling the size to about 4 ac. and make it a lot deeper. I am headed back to Zapata in the morning to get back to work. I start my trips on Monday on Sugar Lake and have pretty much a full slate of trips for May and June. I do however have a few dates open and will be happy to take you fishing on Falcon or Sugar . My schedule is up to date on this site if you want to know the open dates. May is the start of my favorite time to fish Falcon and Sugar . Both these lake are going to be good this year . Come get you some.