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April 25, 2016

Monday, April 25th, 2016

20160420_082545_resized 20160422_195521_resizedMy pond here at the house is running over the spillway. The big rain came before I had time to do the dozer work. It will have to wait till the water goes down . I have really got the pond stocked just in time for the spawn. I have about 10 adult bass and yesterday I did a walk around and seen some on beds. I also stocked the pond yesterday with 6 pounds of live crawfish. Three months ago I stocked it with shinners and they have spawned and there fry are everywhere you look. I plan on having a class fishery right here in my front yard. Once I get all my dozer work done the pond will be about 4 ac . I also am going to make it a lot deeper. Lets talk about my Peacock trips for next year. I have one boat full and working an another boat . I still have some spots open and they are only $4395 per person. That is about $1000 cheaper than all other trips to Brazil. I is also the best you can go on for the bucks. We have a great boat , and crew and the best equipment as well. This trip is slated for the 14th of Jan thru the 21st . Now is the time to make plans. I am returning to Zapata on the 7th of May and plan on being there the rest of the month doing guide trips . I still have a few dates open if you want to smack some big bass get in touch with me.

April 21, 2016

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Sitting here having a cup of coffee and watching it pour down again this morning. I have had 6 inches of rain this week and it is still raining. I had to cancel my dozer work that I had scheduled for Monday as my ponds are full and running over. I have planned out to do about 40 hours of dozer work and build a diversion dam and tie both the upper and lower pond together giving me about a 4 acre pond here at my house. I have stocked the upper pond with 20 Florida strain bass. Three months ago I stocked it with bait and they have spawned and the pond is just full of minnows. The upper pond is clear  and I have seen bass on the beds , so it will not be long till this pond will be very well stocked . I just wish I could have got this dozer work done two weeks ago as with all this rain , the ponds would be tied together and full. But I am sure not going to gripe about the rain as it is very well needed. I took the day off yesterday and went to Coleman Lake again and it has caught 4 to 5 feet of water since last week and is still coming up. Looks like it is going to be full in a few days. I really had a good day , well I only fished 4 hours and caught 8 really nice fish including one that pushed about 6 pounds. I caught most of my fish with the blade , but the two big ones came off of docks flipping a creature bait. The upper end was too muddy to fish so I stayed on the lower end in the clean water . This lake is just full of quality fish and I look forward to spending time on it in the near future. I plan on getting to Hubbard Creek next as it is my favorite lake in this area and is catching some much needed water as I speek. I have another week or so up here in Abilene and then I will be back home to Zapata chasing bass on Falcon and Sugar, all next month. Sugar is on fire right now and I can not wait to get on that special lake . If you want to come , get in touch with me . I have some open dates in May to fill.

April 16, 2016

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

20160412_160813_resized (2) 20160414_091149_resized 20160416_080540_resized 20160416_084527_resizedThe projects just keep on coming here in Abilene. I finished the tree house for the grandkids as promised , then I notice the dock that was built in 1986 was in bad shape so I redid it as well. Today Sheretta got me in the house putting up a window treatment . I got to say it turned out nice. You ask me about fishing , well I did fit a few hours in Thursday, as the weather was so nice , I just had to go. I went and spent 5 hours on one of my old time favorite lakes Coleman. I caught 8 fish and lost 3 more . This lake is really a pretty lake and is full of good fish. I will be spending some time on it while I am up here in Abilene. The weather up here has not been very good and today it is really going to get rough with heavy wind and rain and some hail. Forecast for all next week calls for rain. I have decided to do some work on the old pond , as it needs to be dredged out . I am also going to increase the size as well and make it a whole lot bigger and deeper. I have already started stocking it and plan on having a world class fishing pond out my front door in the very near future. I am booking quit a few trips starting in May , but I do still have a few dates open , if you would like to fish Falcon or Sugar get in touch with me.

April 9, 2016

Saturday, April 9th, 2016

20160407_094620_resized 20160407_170755_resized 20160408_170802_resized 20160408_170803_resizedI am setting here this morning having my coffee , getting ready to go play golf with my friends. I have been hard at it. I have finished another house in the estate and have it rented out to a great couple. Also I have started to work on a tree house for the grand kids. Sheretta and I have been blessed with seven grandkids and , this was a promise to them back in December. Well it was time to get it done. They all have seen the progress over the last two day and they are all very excited. Today and tomorrow is golf days , so I will be back to work on it come Monday. I did take off from work Monday and went to one of my all time favorite lakes Coleman. I found the water temp to still be a little cool at 62 but I did find some fish and caught several. No real big ones yet, but they will be there soon. As most of you know I will be in Abilene till May and plan on taking trips nearly the whole month. If you want to go , get in touch with me as I still have a few dates open. May and June are big months for me and I plan on being on Falcon and Sugar most all the days in May and June. Also I have a few spots left to fill on my Jan 21 thru 28th Peacock trip. At only $4395 , you need to give it a try.

April 4, 2016

Monday, April 4th, 2016

20160401_172040_resized 20160401_184140_resized 20160401_184240_resized 20160402_182815_resizedI back in Abilene after fishing the tournament on LBJ. Kenith and I had a great time and a great place to stay and do a little cooking out as well. Now about the tournament , we are still scratching our heads as to what this lake put out. We going in thought it would take about 35 lbs to win, and we did have about 31 pounds , but Patrick Starns and his partner just kicked everyone’s butt to say the least , with about 53 pounds. Come to find out he was bed fishing and had a bunch of big fish on beds located. Kenith and I caught plenty of fish as we fished a more post spawn pattern and fished deeper points and humps with grass on them as most all the other teams were doing. I did have just a great time as I always do when I get to go fishing. I am back to the grind here in Abilene trying to fishing up where I can spend a lot more time on the water.