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Mar 31, 2016

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Here it is the last day of March. As stated in one of my post I am going to be in Abilene the whole month of April. This will get me done on the estate and free up my May and June for guide trips on Sugar lake. These two months are my favorite to be on Sugar lake and Falcon. Sugar will be my focus , but I will do trips on Falcon as well. Speaking about fishing I am going to take a break from the slum lord business this weekend I have a championship tournament on Lake LBJ. Kenith and I qualified for this tournament back in Sept on Falcon . I have not been on LBJ but Kenith has and knows it well. Lets talk a little about Peacock Bass Fishing. If it is on your bucket list , now is the time to go. I have an unbelievable trip slated for Jan 14th thru the 21st of 2017 that will be the best of the best. It is at the rate of $4395 per person , that is just about a $1000 less than an other outfitter in Brazil. I have been on this boat 3 times and it is first class to say the least. We also have our own tackle on this trip , that is far better than the rest of the boats. I will only take 14 on this boat and I already have 8 booked to go. I also have other weeks slated , but this one is the special priced one. Please get in touch with me if you are thinking about going, and have any questions about the trip. Peacock Bass fishing is something everyone needs to experience , at least once in there lifetime. It is just that special.

Mar 25 2016

Friday, March 25th, 2016

20160114_13133920160114_092319Wow did I ever make a deal with my Brazil Contact on a great boat. I have made a deal on a medium size boat , that I have been on twice. This is a great boat because it is not to small and not to big. I am offering a great deal on this trip , but you have to respond very quickly. I am only booking 14 people on this boat slated for Jan 14th thru the 21st 2017. The price for this trip is only $4395 per person , all inclusive with the exception of air fair to Brazil. Like said I have been on this boat twice and it is just a great boat. I still have the Jan 28th thru Feb 4th Elite trip that I am offering . It will have 10 spots and they are $5295 each. Please call , text or email me if you have any questions. Time to plan you Peacock trip of a lifetime.

Mar 24, 2016

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

20160318_142000_resized20160221_133846_resizedIMG_04921IMG_1819IMG_1818IMG_180920151114_075148_resized20150921_090540_resizedOk let me try to clear the air . I have had several emails from clients about me not guiding anymore. I do not know where the hell this rumor has started, but it is not at all the truth. I as most of you know had to take the estate over here in Abilene when my mother passed away in Aug. Yes it has taken a lot of my time off the water to say the least, but I still have managed to guide most every month on Falcon and Sugar. I have got about 90 % of the work complete. I have decided to take the month of April off from guiding so that I can finally complete the last 10 % of the work that has to be done. This will open me up to the upcoming May thru Sept to be on Falcon and Sugar for the best of the best time of year. For the ones that know me , I love to guide year around , but May thru Sept is my favorite and the fish are so much more settled into a predictable pattern. To make it up to the ones that I had to put off this last year , due to my schedule. I am going to offer a deal , that you need to jump on. This is for Sugar ONLY . I will do trips for the month of May for $2000 for three days and they will be room and meals included, for two people. My plan is to book every day in May as this is a great month to be on Sugar. With the monster fish showing up already this year . It will be the best you have seen yet on Sugar. Get your dates in the books . I know I am ready are you.

Mar 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Well I am back in Abilene. I am going to take April off from Guiding as I need to get finished with my last remodels . This back and forth between Zapata and Abilene is not getting it done. This however will let me get finished and will open up to where I can guide the whole month of May. May thru Sept is my prime time to be on Sugar and Falcon. Both lake will be really good this year and Sugar , well it will be off the charts. It is time to get your days booked as I plan on filling up very quickly. Also I want to let you know that the planning for the Peacock trips to Brazil are in full swing and I already have an elite group full on the week of Jan 21st thru the 28th. I am working on another week now. Call me or email me if you have any questions. I have two types of trips this year and they range for 4995 to 5295 per person all inclusive except airfare.

Mar 19, 2016

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

20160316_095426_resized 20160316_095435_resized 20160318_081811_resized 20160318_081816_resized 20160318_083524_resized 20160318_083530_resized 20160318_101657_resized 20160318_101705_resized 20160318_123042_resized 20160318_123048_resized 20160318_142000_resized 20160318_142007_resizedBack from Sugar from a three day trip with Charlie. We were going to fish a half day today, but I blew a lower unit in my boat the morning of our second day and the weather is a little rough today, anyway. Our hands needed to take a break anyway, as Charlie and I put 278 fish in the boat on the three day trip. We had a 10 lb 10 oz for our biggest , but damn did we catch some quality fish on this trip even without my boat for two days. Thanks to Ray and Tim for the use of their boat to get me by this trip. Let me tell you , find a lake that you can catch the fish in numbers and quality in the world , because I want to go. I personally do not believe there is a lake in the county that can stand up to Sugar Lake. If you want to go let me know. Just to let everyone know I have been working to get several trip options on Sugar lake , as Sugar is the best lake in the country to get that fish of a lifetime . I have not had a trip this year that just was not just a great trip and most everyone has caught a DD or had a chance to. I have an all exclusive package for the ones that want to fly in and bring nothing and I still offer my regular trip at $600 per day. I now have the guides to handle up to 10 people at a time. Sugar is a blast and it is a great place to bring a group and have a good time and catch a butt load of big fish. Contact me for the details and book your trip. I promise it will be the best fishing trip that you been on. The all inclusive trips are 3 day min and this package will be 3 full days of fishing with 4 night stay 2 in Zapata and 2 at Sugar Inn. All meals included , all tackle furnished , Pick up and Return to Laredo airport, and beverage. Bring your cloths and personal items and we will take care of the rest. we can handle 2 or up to 10 people. All prices are based on two per room and boat. Call or email or text me for all the details. If you do not want all inclusive the $600 per day trips are there as well for two. 2 person = $600 , 4 person=$1200 , 6 person=$1800, etc and we will still furnish equipment at no charge. Rooms , Food , Drinks and baits are on you.

Mar 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

20160315_083642_resized 20160315_083706_resized 20160315_121446_resized 20160315_121502_resizedWell it is always a treat to be on Falcon with good clients of mine. I took out Allan and Nancy today for what was a great day to be on Falcon. Nancy was on fire and got us to a really big start with a big fish in the first 10 min of our trip. She continued to pound them left and right. Allan got off to a slower start and then he started kicking in. We boated about 30 fish early and then I took them to an area that I found some quality fish in Sat. The fish were there , the only problem was getting them in the boat. I decided it was just not for Nancy as she is way better in open water. I told her not to take it hard , that hell not many people that I know can really get them out of the brush most of the time. She did nave a couple of big ones , just rip her. We finished up the day back on open water catching some 1 to 2 pounders. I will be at Sugar starting tomorrow thru Sat and they liked the day so much they wanted to go out again tomorrow so I hooked them up with Andrew and I will post how they did when I post about my Sugar trip. Andrew is a great guy and will be helping me a bunch in the future both here on Falcon and Sugar. So if you want to go and I can not take you , remember I have Tim and Andrew for both Sugar and Falcon Now.

Mar 14, 2016

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Just got back from Sugar lake . I had Ron and Jackson and we had a heck of a good trip. Ron is a regular and has fished both Falcon and Sugar with me for years. He brought Jackson with him this time to experience Sugar for the first time . Jackson booked two more days with me in May before the first day was over, if that will tell you what he thinks about Sugar. We started or two day trip on Sunday with the Mexican tournament going on. there was about 60 boats on the water Sunday. I knowing that , went to an area that I knew would not have many if any boats in it. We stayed in that area all day and only seen three boats. As you probably noticed I did not post any pictures. did we catch some quality fish yes we did . We boated 81 fish in two days and our biggest in the boat was an 8 lb 7 oz and I landed it. We caught a lot of fish in the 5 to 6 pound range and even had a few that pushed 7 pounds . But really that to us was discussed and were not picture worthy.  Jackson book more days to come to Sugar because of what he seen and had on the first day . He got abused , that is the best word I can describe. I was laughing at the looks on his face and I got paid back as I loses a 9 or 10 trying to swing her in the boat and break and freek of nature off . It became just as fun as it gets. We caught all our fish in the trees and when you fish the trees , there is no hook or line that is big enough for these monster fish. I fish here on Falcon tomorrow and then back to Sugar Wed thru Sat. See you then

March 12, 2016

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Sorry for the late report I had an issue with my site. I had two days here on Falcon , Friday was just a really bad weather day, today was just straight up steller. I had Randon and Josh Friday and Jessie today. Jessie got the better end of this two day trip. Friday we were wet and windblown, but we still managed ok and caught some fish. About a 5 pounder was our biggest and we did not catch but 11 all day long. Today was a different story these fish went on a rampage and we caught a bunch of these mean little shits. Jessie lost a really big fish today on his very first cast. We stayed in the bushes all day long and most of the time out a little deeper than most that we seen today fishing. We slowed our bite down a little the the quality was better out deeper for us today. We did not have a fish over 5 pounds today but we did have over a 20 lbs stringer , lots of 4 plus fish. and tons of 2 to 3 pounders . I do not think we caught a short fish all day. We stayed with the bigger plastic trying to target the bigger fish. Bottom line I am glad these guys at least got one pretty day. That is the problem in the spring here , you are taking a chance when it comes to weather. I am off to Sugar for two days and back for one day here on Falcon again. than I am back at Sugar for four straight days. I will do a report Tuesday eve when I come back to reload on Clients. Talk to you then.

Mar 11, 2016

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Well I made it back home here in Zapata and it looks like I brought the bad weather with me. I have a trip today and at 5:30 am as I am writing this it is raining and the wind is howling. It is also cold. We still plan on going out as these guys drove a long way. I think we will start a little later as it is suppose to get a little better later in the day. They also have me tomorrow and at least it looks good weather for Sat. This time of the year down here is just a gamble when it comes to the weather, you never know what you are going to get and the cold usually affects the Falcon bite drastically. Sunday I am headed to Sugar and from the looks of things , the weather is going to be nice. I guide on Sugar every day next week except Tuesday as I will be here on Falcon for that one days and back to Sugar. I will write a full fishing report later today so check back and see how we survive in the brutal weather.

Mar 10, 2016

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Sheretta and I had a one day weather delay on heading back to Zapata. She really did not want to travel in the rain. We are packed up and headed that way this morning as I start to work on Friday. I will spend two days on Falcon and then I head to Sugar for several days on the best lake in the world , I can not wait to get back on the water. Update on the peacock trips for next year. Boat one is full and we have started on the second boat. I just letting you know that this coming year , will be the best there is to offer , when it comes to fishing for big Peacocks on the Amazon. I you are thinking about going please get in touch with me as ,it looks like we will fill up fast The small elite trip I am working on is slated for Jan 28 th thru Feb 4th. The trip on Jan 21 thru the 28th is full. I am still going to do the big boat trips and they start on Jan  7th thru 14th and 14th thru 21st. All my trips will be on boats this coming year. So Please get ahold of me and reserve you spot.