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Feb 28, 2016

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

UPDATE ON PEACOCK TRIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted yesterday about the Peacock trips I have got for next year. The Jan 21 trip is full . I am working on the next elite trip now. If you want to go on the small elite trip you need to act now. These trips are the best and are going fast.

Feb 27, 2016

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Jan Brazil 00620160119_111348_resized20160114_131339Jan 18 166Well I know that we just came off a great trip to Brazil in Jan. I have been in contact with my guy on the trips for next year. Looks like this coming year , that their is a lot of interest for the boats for next year. I had to go ahead and commit for some dates starting in mid Jan or we were not going to be assured to have a boat for next year. This being said , I am having to send the Brazil boat owner a deposit for the trips next year in two weeks. I have put together two different trips for next year and the one that I am the most excited about is the small elite boat trip. I am only taking 10 people on this elite trip. I will cost a little more , but is well worth it as we will be able to get to more unfished water and travel a lot farther. I also have the big trips with 16 to 20 people as well. The big trips will start Jan 7th and Jan 14th. My first elite trip is scheduled for the 21st of Jan . If you want to go on the big boat the price is $4995 per person. The elite trip is $5295 a person. The timeline on the big boat is not that critical , but if you want the elite trip , YOU NEED TO act NOW. I will fill this trip on a first come first deposit paid . I have to have your commitment and deposit over the next two weeks. I will have another elite trip on Jan 28th and possible another on the 4th of Feb. The small boat for the elite trip is a special boat with a special caption and you will not want to miss out on this deal. It will be off the charts great.

Feb 25, 2016

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

Oct 21 016Oct 26 017Well I am back at my second home in Abilene. I did not make it back down to Sugar ,so I threw in a couple of pictures of this beautiful place anyway. I have a little work to finish up here and also I am going to the Bass Master Classic as well. I am going to finish my work in Abilene this trip , so I can spend all my time on Sugar and Falcon Come March thru Sept. I have been on Sugar lake a lot the last couple of years and I know what is in that lake and what to expect this year. We are already getting the signs as Sugar has spit out some huge fish already. Just wait till May thru Sept. What people do not understand is that both Sugar and Falcon fish the best during this time. The weather is better and the spawn is over and these big fish stack out on their summer pattern and stay there for months . Unlike the spawn , they are all over , scattered and ,you can get a giant here and there, but during the summer you can catch several in a days time. I know a few of you have heard the talk about my guide service, that I am slowing down. Let me set the record straight. I am a full time guide and will be as long as I am healthy and able to fish.  This estate kicked my ASS for a year and I had to attend to it. , but I have kicked it in the butt, and this year will be a lot more on the water for me . I also have made some great deals with the Peacock fishing trips and I am all ready starting to fill the boats, so if you even have a slight itch to go , you better get in touch with me and see what I have got to offer on next years trips. It is going to be the best ever, I can assure you it will be the best.

Feb 21, 2016

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

20160221_095945_resized 20160221_095952_resized 20160221_110301_resized 20160221_110307_resized (1) 20160221_133837_resized (1) 20160221_133846_resized 20160221_134840_resized 20160221_134845_resized 20160221_142452_resized 20160221_142500_resized20160221_090200_resized 20160221_090208_resizedTook out Kirby, Jerime  and Steve to Sugar lake today. These guys caught a great day to be on the water and Sugar lived up to there expectations. We really caught a ton of great quality fish today and some really big ones as well. The best was caught by Kirby a new personal best for him 11lb 11 oz . She put a big time whipping on him , but he finally got her in the boat. This was their first time on Sugar and we just about turned around and went back after they found out that I was open Monday. We decided to just wait and have them back again in May and June when Sugar is as good as she gets. This lake , bar none is the best lake to get you a DD in the world in my opinion. I do not like to talk about the ones that got away, but I will say we had our chances. We boated 66 fish today and caught them anyway that we wanted to. This lake has fish in every stage you want to fish. I am off tomorrow , but I might be back at Sugar , I will let you know.

Feb 19 2016

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

2016-02-20 05.20.17I am getting better at posting with my phone. I took out Sherman and Hal on Falcon. Today started out great as we caught 5 good fish in our first 10 min. Than we went 2 hrs without a bite. I made a big move and it paid off big time as we hit the mother load. Hal got his personal best 8 lb 7 oz on his first cast. Second cast a 6 lb. It was crasy good. We started really whacking some good fish and then the fish started kicking our butt. At one time we lost 11 fish in a role. Well that is Falcon jungle for u. I will be back after them tomorrow

Feb 18 2016

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Got back from Sugar . Forgot we had the internent turned off at the house so i am trying this post using my phone. Day one i had Kenny and Jan. We boated 27 fish lots of 3 pounders and 4 or 5 that went 5 pounds or so. We had a few chances at some others not knowing how big they were. Day two i had Luis and we just fished 4 hours . We had 16 . Again 5 pounds was the biggest. Water temp was a little down as it was 66 to 67 yesterday when we got off at 11. Would have been better as the day warmed up

Feb 14, 2016

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Well it is V day so I hope you told your wife or mate that you Love them. Today is my last day here in Abilene . I head back home to Zapata in the morning. I am getting to paly another round of golf with my good friends here , before I head back. It seems like I have been gone forever, as I left Zapata a few day before Christmas. I am looking forward to getting back on Falcon and Sugar , what I think are the very best lakes in the world. Both lakes are just Full of big bass. Sugar is just a little easier to get to them right now , than Falcon is. The Spawn will be in Full swing all the rest of this month and into next , and I expect to see some Giants caught in the next few weeks, and I plan on a few coming out of my boat. I still have a few days open in Feb and Mar. so if you have the itch , give me a call. Do to the low gas prices I have for now lowered my prices to reflect the lower cost. For the next few months I will be at $400 per day on Falcon and $500 per day on Sugar. Bottom line is that I just want to be on the water and would like to make it a little easier on you to be there as well. As a lot of you know , that I have had to work this last year on my family estate and it has keep me off the water , way more than I like. With most all the hard work done. You will see my butt on the water a lot more in the future. Get in touch with me and lets hit the water, I AM READY.

Feb 10, 2016

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

20160209_100831_resized 20160209_100901_resized 20160209_100921_resized 20160209_100928_resizedWell as you can see I am not on Falcon Lake this week. I moved my trips this week to next week as I had the help to tackle another house that was a disaster to get it ready and on line to rent. The estate and I both tried to give this house away, just to be hauled off. That did not happen , so I was stuck with a complete remodel from outside to inside. Lots of work and money to get this one ready, so I had to stay this week to make sure that happened. I will for sure be returning to Falcon Monday ready to get back on the water for my upcoming trips. It has been since before Christmas since I have been on Falcon and Sugar , that is way to long for me. I have been in daily touch with Tony and Tim and with the water temp still down I really have not missed that much since Christmas. This warm week that we are having , will for sure help the bite for the next days and weeks to come. I did not start back to work last year till around the 12 of Feb and man it was great on numbers and big fish . I expect it to be even better this year on Falcon and Sugar. If you want to come I will be ready. Get in touch with me.

Feb 3, 2016

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Feb 14 014Feb 14 012Feb 14 008Feb 14 004Feb 14 002Feb 13 008Feb 14 007Feb 13 001Feb 13 005Feb 13 003I have been gone from Zapata since the 18th of Dec. It sure seems longer than that. I am returning to the dream land come Monday. I threw up a few pictures from at trip on Falcon last Feb 11, 12,13 or 2015. Looking at the weather and the water temp and level, I plan on smacking some big girls over the next few weeks after I get back. I have heard how slow it has been for big fish, but I am hard headed, to say the least, and I have to just see it for myself. Seems like I heard this same stuff last year. Saying all that I have a few dates open as I have kept them open, with the slate of stuff I had to do to the estate when I got back from Brazil. Looks like I will have most of it done this week and can actually start takeing trips based on my open dates on my schedule. My first love when it comes to work is to be on the lake with clients. I still love to get my clients on a quality fish, that is why I do what I do. My first trip is on the books for the 15th and I will be in Zapata on the 8th . I plan on scouting Falcon the 9th and 10th and will be open for a trip come the 11th . That means that as of now I have the 12,13,14 open. Let me know if you are interested and we will give them big girls a try.

Feb 2, 2016

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Jan Brazil 002 Jan Brazil 005 Jan Brazil 006 Jan Brazil 009 Jan Brazil 011 Jan Brazil 012 Jan Brazil 013 Jan Brazil 014 Jan Brazil 015 Jan Brazil 016 Jan Brazil 017 Jan Brazil 018 Jan Brazil 021 Jan Brazil 022 Jan Brazil 025I forgot I shot some pictures of this years first week when I had Sheretta with me. This was one of the days that I hired a helper to help my guide Pocharo to get to a back Lagoon that was not accessable by the fishing boat we were in. We pulled a small jon boat behind the tracker to get to this back water. It was a lot of work for them , but that is what they do, when you need. to. The river was extremely low and man did they work their butts off to put Sheretta snd I on a few nice Peacocks. Sheretta lost a monster in there . I have been in touch with the contacts for the boats for next year and man it is going to be great with all the added options. Space is limited as I am going to only do for weeks personally , Two big trips with 18 to 20 people and two trips with just 10 people on the small boat. I am setting the weeks as I write and , believe it or not , if you want a spot on the Couples trip, (first trip in Jan) or on one of the other great trips, you need to contact me and get on the list. It is already started and it will be full very quick. All you have to do is contact me and get on the list , NO money will be accepted till April so if you change your mind , no problem. I have more names on the list already to fill more than one trip , just like last year I filled two boats in two weeks. That is why I am doing 4 trips this year . Trips this year will be from 4800 to 5995 depending if you want a big group boat or a small elite group . Call ,Text , Email me and lets talk about it.