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Jan 31, 2016

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

IMG_1820IMG_1817IMG_1810IMG_1807IMG_1816IMG_1822IMG_04921IMG_1813IMG_1805Wow I can not believe how time flies. These are just a few pictures of my last trip I had on Sugar lake in mid December. We had good and bad weather , but we still stroked the big fish and caught a ton of numbers as well. I had Christmas and then my Peacock Trips where I took two trips to the Amazon. I returned just Tuesday of this week to find a bunch of work that had to be done on the estate. Thanks Tony for taking care of my clients for me as I could not get back to Zapata in time. Well I am ready to start guiding on Falcon and Sugar Lake , a lot more. So if you want to go lets get it booked. Sugar is still a little better than Falcon on the Quality , but Falcon is damn good if we get the water temp and the weather this time of year. Just to let you know I have worked out a really great package for the ones that want to bring a group of people. These Trips will not start till April and run Thru Sept on Sugar Lake and Falcon. I can take as small of 2 or up to 8 in one group. they are all inclusive from the time you step off the plane in Laredo or drive to Zapata. The all inclusive trips are 3 day or 5 day. I have three other great guides besides me that will for sure make your trip the best. One very important thing, The Guides WILL NOT FISH , unless you ask us to. This is very very important to assure you have the first and best chance at a lifetime fish. If you do a trips with us we will do what ever it takes as a team effort to make sure that happens for you. Every guide will have the same baits and same equipment for all the group, and we will perform guaranteed. I have over 40 year experience on both Sugar and Falcon and a proven track record of being able to put clients on Big fish time and time again. These trips will be no different, as we will all share and work together on every trip each day, to make sure that happens. I have done guided trips full time now for 11 year and I know there is always special needs when it comes to your trip. Please call me and that can and will always happen to meet you special time and needs. I still do my regular guided trips and I get $50o per day on Falcon and $600 per day on Sugar / All equipment furnished if needed at no charge. The all inclusive trips are different . All you bring if you and your personal items/ fly in, drive in , however . We will take it from there. I have several incentive / outfitter programs in place as well, and will work with booking agents from coast to coast . My phone number is 325-439-6045. Sugar Lake in Mexico and Falcon Lake in Texas and Mexico are the best and least expensive Big Bass Lake to go to in Mexico . Please Call , Email or Text me with any questions you might have. Thanks Tommy 325-439-6045

Jan 29, 2016

Friday, January 29th, 2016

20160113_095947 20160114_092319 20160114_131339 20160114_134140 20160115_062519_resized 20160117_125024_resized 20160118_051412_resized 20160118_113350_resized 20160119_111348_resized 20160120_071634_resized DSCN0071 DSCN0091 DSCN0097 DSCN0108 DSCN0118 DSCN0128 DSCN0137 IMG_1234Well as I have been saying I am taking my guide business to a different level and even though I still do not have all the pictures and video from my two week two trip stay in the Amazon, I am so excited about what Charlie, Marc and I have put together for next year starting in Jan 2017 thru Feb 2017. Yes we have been able to lock in both months for next year and we have a ton of options for our efforts. The reason I do not have all the videos and pictures of the two weeks as, Marc stayed in Brazil to work out next year and he has the PC with all the downloads. These pictures are just what Charlie and I had on our phones, but I think you can get an idea of what we do and what we have to offer. This has been a three year , 6 week in the Brazil on the Amazon to finally get all that we wanted and needed to be able to pull this off. Now we have and we are ready to introduce you to the best there is when it come to catching a lot of big Peacocks and have a great adventure on the Rio Negro in the Amazon in Brazil. Our trips will range from 4800 to 5995 depending on what you want to do. We have several options and I know that we have one for you. We have the world class lodge trip, the big ship with 22 people , med ship with 18 people , small ship with 16 people , smaller boat with 12 people and an elite trip with 6 to 8 people. Not only do we have that we have all our own equipment and the right baits to catch and land these monsters that swim in the Amazon. We also have the very best ,selected guides to make sure you will always be on fish, they all have been tested by Charlie , Marc and I to assure that, they are really indeed the best. We have the best captions as well. Charlie , Marc or I will be with every trip to make sure all we say will happen. Most of the time all three of us will be there , but all the time at least 2 of us will unless it is on of my elite small groups , that it will just be me and the caption and the guides I select for that, this trip is going to be off the charts to where it can go and what we will catch. I can not wait till next year. Also just a note to outfitters and guides that have a good client base . I am offering a package to you if you want to put a group together and bring your clients that have this on their bucket list. I can get your own trip and you can host it and be assured that they will be taken care of and you will be awarded for doing that . You will have to contact me personally as every trip varies and depending on how many and what trip will matter on what I can do for you as a Host. my number is 325-439-6045 call or text me , You will like what we have to offer you. I will post the complete 2 week trip when Marc get back to the states next week.

Jan 27, 2016

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

IMG_1422 IMG_1448 IMG_1453 IMG_1462 IMG_1468 IMG_1471 IMG_1476 IMG_1478I am still in Abilene getting over my trip to Brazil. I still do not have all the video and pictures put together for my full Peacock Trip , but I have been in contact with my people for the plans for our 2017 trip and with what we are adding I is going to be great. I even have a fishing trip to CUBA yes CUBA in the work for the very near future . More detail to come as I put this great trip together. Lets talk about Falcon and Sugar lake for now. I could not get back to Zapata to take a client out so Tony hooked up with him and took him  to Sugar . Steve and Tony caught some big fish as they did not target the smaller 2 to 4 pound fish and it paid off big time. they did not catch a hundred , but that is not what you go to Sugar lake for . It is all about the big fish and that is what Tony and I target for our clients.  They fished hard and where they needed to to catch the big girls. Steve and I have smoked the big fish on Sugar everytime we have went and Tony can and will do that for you. I am bring online another guide to sugar lake as soon as I get back that can do the same thing for you. In fact I have very different plans when it comes to Sugar lake and guided trips, I will have more details on that as well when they are all work out. Bottom line I am and will be taking my guide busness to another level and I have been planning and working on this longer than most people know. Falcon will be no different. Right now Tony and Tim are smashing the big Crappie and that is a great trip as of now and will be good probably threw Feb. I had a great Feb on Falcon last year as a recap of Feb 2015 post I did a few blogs back. Bottom Line I will assure there is and will not be any bull shit come from me. Tony , Tim and I will back up what we know we can do, and most everytime we do what we say we can. We know how to put you on big fish and teach you how to get them to bite and when you get one on ,  That is a big part of it because we want you to know what she weights , and get a great picture with her. You use one of us and I promise we will make that happen for you. and we all furnish equipment at no charge.  I will have a full Peocock Post up shortly, but I have some details for next year that I am waiting from the Brazil Boat owner to get to me. It is going to be the best every , that I can assure you. So I want you to get on board the ships with us next year.

Jan 25, 2016

Monday, January 25th, 2016

20160113_081124_resized 20160113_095947 20160114_092319 20160114_131339 20160114_134140 20160115_062519_resized 20160117_125024_resized 20160119_111348_resized 20160120_071634_resizedBefore I start this report , let me say that this is only a few pictures that I had on my phone. Pictured is Tony, Tim, Jimbob, Sheretta and me. I had 34 more people over this two weeks and I will have a full report about the trip when I have all the pictures and video , that will be coming me off the downloaded computer Mark will bring back home in a day or two. I just wanted to post as I have not been on my blog for over two weeks. This trip was a hard one for sure. We were dealt with a river that was lower than any of us had seen and to top that off it dropped another 2.5 feet for week number two. This this change our trip , yes it did. We were not even able to take the big boat and travel the miles that we normally travel. Did we adjust , YES We also caught the heck out of some big Peacocks for our extreme efforts. Like stated we will do what ever it takes to get our clients on big fish. I will go into a lot more detail on my full report , I have put all the pictures and video together will all 40 clients. I fished out of the boat the first week and on week number two I got out of the boat and drug Jimbob thru the jungle and we waded thru the water to get to some back lagoons to catch some big fish. More detail to come. Also we have already made our reservations for the trips next year and in the next week or two have all the details about you booking a trip with us next year. We will fill up fast just like we did for this years trip. So be thinking about it so you can get a spot on hold for next year. We are going to have several different options for next years trip and they are going to be great and you will not want to miss out. Be sure to keep checking my site for this years full report.

Jan 7, 2016

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

This is my last post for a couple of weeks as Sheretta and I are headed out to start our trip to Brazil. I will be hosting 41 clients over the next two weeks on a great Peacock Bass fishing trip to Brazil on the Amazon. I am ready to get in that 90 degree everyday weather to say the least. I am ready for shorts and flip flops. I will return to Abilene on the 25th and will report how the trips goes and post some pictures of it as well. Soon as I get back and get a few things done with the estate here in Abilene I will be back on my way to Falcon and Sugar lake to start my guide trips I have lined up. I will not have much service while I am in the jungle, so if you try to contact me I might not get it. I will at times be able to receive text , so if you need to get in touch with me try that. Due to the extreme low water , we are going to scrap the big boat and will be staying at the lodge. This lodge is world class and is located in the prime spot for big peacock bass. I will have 22 clients on the first week and 19 clients for week number two. This trip is a great way to break in the new year and for sure I will be ready to get back into Falcon and Sugar when I get back. As you all know Feb really starts the good things on Falcon and Sugar . I had a great year fishing these two lakes in 2015 and expect it to be even better this year to come. See you in a couple of weeks .

Jan 5, 2016

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

20160105_100413_resized 20160105_112123_resized 20160105_112127_resized 20160105_112131_resizedAnother day Another lake. Today I loaded up and went to Lake Coleman , south east of Abilene. It was a cold 4 hours on the water. Coleman is about 80% full and man does it look good. The thing about Coleman it is stocked well with Fl Bass but it also has some big hybrids in it as well. This will for sure be another lake I will add to my list for future guide trips. I looked at an area that I have always whacked the fish in late March and early April. It really looks good , now all we need is some heat and this will move them fish into the area. I graphed the main lake and it was full of bait with hybrids all under it. I did not pick up a rod as I was short on time and cold as well. Sheretta and I are packing up as we get ready to get on a plane come Friday morning headed to Brazil. It sure is nice that all we packed is shorts and flip flops as I am ready for that 90 degree everyday weather.

Jan 4, 2016

Monday, January 4th, 2016

20160104_144348_resized 20160104_144354_resized 20160104_152011_resized 20160104_152018_resized 20160104_153734_resized 20160104_154811_resizedWell it was sunny and 40 today so I had to hit the water. I say it was 40 well it took a while to get there , it was 28 when I headed out this morning. I went to scout out a little lake north east of Abilene. It is one that has filled to the brim this year. It is also well stocked with Fl Bass. Although the waster looked clean in the picture of the main lake. The creek arms were very muddy as it caught some more water just a week ago. This lake had no maps and you have to know about it to get to it. I plan on using this lake as one of my guide spots the year as I will be doing some trips while I am in Abilene. Like I said I just idled around and marked the lake up with my structure scan and graph. I did pick up a spinner bait when I was in the back of the creeks as I saw a lot of bait and the water temp was warmer that the main lake . water temp was 47 degrees at the warmest part of the lake. That is a little cold for the Fl strain. I plan on trying to get out on my third lake tomorrow and mark it up as well. I have three lake within a hour and a half from my house that I have selected to guide on. When it warms up I will start to fish them a little as of right now it is a good time to graph as I do not think they want to bite much in this cold water.

Jan 2, 2016

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Jan 18 035 Jan 18 038 Jan 18 042 Jan 18 048 Jan 18 053 Jan 18 054 Jan 18 062 Jan 18 064 Jan 18 072 Jan 18 075 Jan 18 099 Jan 18 115 Jan 18 129 Jan 18 133 Jan 18 136 Jan 18 139 Jan 18 147 Jan 18 157 Jan 18 160 Jan 18 162 Jan 18 166To say I am getting excited is an understatement. I am only one week from today going to be fishing for Peacocks in the Amazon. These are a few pictures form last year . This trip in Jan is such a great time to go , if for no other reason , so I can were shorts and flip flops for the next two weeks , while back here you can not hardly get out due to the cold weather. This year is going to be a little different that the last two years , because the river is at a record low and navigating it has become difficult. In fact we have changed our plans and are going to stay at the lodge instead of on a boat. The lodge is world class and is located in the prime area of the Rio Negro river . None of the big boats are able to get up the river to the best fishing ground . We have chartered a big jet boat to take all my clients to the lodge and we will be the only ones there. Also our guides are already there getting everything and locating and making ways to get to the back lagoons , etc to insure our success. We are also going to have the extra gas and the fishing boats will travel extra long trips during each day to insure we will always be on fish. For some that really want to venture out , we are going to offer a sleep in the jungle, so we can even travel farther and farther up the river. Bottom line , our charter is the best as we will adapt to the situation better than anyone else. It is all about having the best when it comes to our trip planner and capt Marc Cobo. This man knows his stuff in the Amazon and there is not anyone close to having the knowledge and know how to pull off a great trip. Start making plans to join us next year in Jan 2017. What a great trip of a lifetime this is.