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Dec 31, 2015

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

20151229_171717_resizedWell this will be my last post for the year of 2015. 2016 brings a new and exciting chapter in my life. As most of you know already , I have taken over the family estate here in Abilene, Texas. There has been a ton of work done this year to get the estate business back up to speed and although most of the work has been done , there is still and always will be more to do. Being said, this is one of my jobs , but this is not my passion. I love what I have been doing the past ten years, and that is to be a fishing guide. Falcon is still considered home for me and as long as I am healthy and able it will remain that way. I do however plan to expand on my guide business and offer more and more options to my clients . I have been very blessed to have met some really great people over the past ten year of guiding and have become very close friends with a lot of them. I am still going to give Falcon and Sugar lake most of my focus this coming year, but I also have plans to open up a few more options up here in the Abilene area. I also have started Peacock bass trips to Brazil and this year is my first year to charter my own trip. I have 41 clients going this year . I have two one week trips this Jan and next year plan on three one week trips with 60 clients. I promise you it is not too early to start making plans on this trip. I brought my boat with me to Abilene this trip for the purpose of scouting some of my home lakes . Due to the weather I have got to be on the water 1 day and that was Hubbard Creek , north east of Abilene. And from looks at the forecast I might get back on the water a few days next week. It has been a nasty , cold , wet week here in Abilene.   My guys back in Zapata are griping about 60 degrees , hell I just want to see the sun and get above 40 and I will be on the water. Pictured above is my little pond at my house. Well it is not that little anymore. Due to all the rain and snow , it has filled to the brim. I stacked it yesterday with Golden Shinner minnows . I built this pond for my Mom and Dad back in 1986 give or take a year. At one time I have it full of big bass and the biggest bluegill you have ever seen. I plan on getting this pond back like it used to be . I have lots of grandkids and for sure this will put a smile on my old face. I want to thank everyone I had the pleasure to be in the boat with this year and hope that I will get the chance this coming year. Happy New Year to All.

Dec 29, 2015

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Feb 15 002 Feb 16 002 Feb 16 004 Feb 16 006 Feb 16 008 Feb 10 002 Feb 10 005 Feb 11 001 Feb 11 005 Feb 11 012 Feb 11 014 Feb 13 001 Feb 13 003 Feb 13 005 Feb 13 008 Feb 14 002 Feb 14 004 Feb 14 007 Feb 14 008 Feb 14 011 Feb 14 012 Feb 14 014 Feb 18 001 Feb 18 004As you know I am stuck here in Abilene , buying time till I head to Brazil. I wanted to do a recap on Falcon just for Feb 2015. Now before you judge I was only on the water 7 days in Feb 2015 and these pictures are of what my clients caught on Falcon Lake in Feb 2015 form 7 days of guiding. I am recapping Feb as it was one of the only months that I only guided on Falcon and not Sugar. This Feb will be no different as Falcon will and always puts out some quality fish that month. I have several open dates for Feb 2016 to fill . Sugar lake will be great as well as it is a lot more settled this year , last year it was still pouring over the spillway, this year it is stable. If I have time I will post some more months on Falcon and Sugar for 2015 . I want to add something. If you want to know about any month of the year , please go to my archieves listed on the left side of the fishing reports. You can look at any month and any year thru November of 2009 and see how it was. There is no bullshit in my reports and the pictures speak a thousand words. Do your homework before you make a decision on when and where and who you go out with, enough said.

Dec, 26 2015

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

This year has just about seen its days. Christmas is over and now I have time to get the boat on the water up here in central Texas. The only problem the weather is not going to be good. I have a lot of work to do on several of my old home lakes . For the ones that follow me , know that I have taken on an obligation here in Abilene , that causes me to have to be here about two weeks every month. I have been working on the estate just about a year now and have it in good shape, but there is still work to be done. My first love is to fish clients and I have had very limited time do to the estate. I am going to expand my Guide business so I can still do more of what I love to do. My main focus for guiding will still be Falcon and Sugar, but I want to open up another door. Abilene is right in the middle of some of the best lakes around for quality fish and they all have been blessed with water this year. Texas Parks and Wildlife also have stocked them well with the right kind of  bass. Lets take Hubbard Creek for example. It caught 17 feet of water and is now only 16 feet low. when full Hubbard Creek is a 17,000 ac lake and reminds me of Falcon. Texas Parks and Wildlife has stocked just about a million Fl Largemouth in it since 2007. It is going to be great. That is just one out of 4 lakes I will spend the time on while I am here so I can offer you a different choice . In just a few days I will be taking 41 clients with me to Brazil , Peacock bass fishing. This is my first year to put it all together for my own trip, with the help of two really knowledgeable guys Marc Cobos and Charlie Burda. After I return from Brazil I will be back to Falcon to do some guiding there and on Sugar. I have dates open as early as Feb 8th for either lake. So if you want to go fishing get in touch with me. I know that some of you might want to go to Falcon or Sugar before than. I have two guides that can take care of you , so please let me know and I will get you hooked up.

Dec 22, 2015

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

20151222_132139_resizedWell Christmas is just around the corner and I am in Abilene. I brought my boat this time, because I knew I would have some time to do some scouting on my old home lakes up here around the Abilene area. I caught a good enough day to go to Hubbard Creek today and graph the lake as it has been over 10 years since I have been on it. Hubbard Creek has caught 17 foot of water just lately and is now only 16 to 17 foot low. I have a really good friend that lives there and he has not been on the lake in over a year. His son Bryan (pictured) is a special young man that I just have a love for, as I have know him since he was born. Bryan loves to be in the boat and loves to fish, so I called Ronnie and told him I was going to be there today and if they wanted to they could go out with me. Ronnie understood that I did not plan to fish as much as I wanted to graph and mark the lake up for future guide trips that I plan on doing this spring and summer coming up. This lake has it all and I very shortly when it warms up a little will show clients what she has to offer. It is well stocked with Fl largemouth bass and has a good population of whites. Right know it has a ton of offshore structure and a ton of shoreline cover . It really is a little Falcon to say the least. At 17, 000 Ac it is still plenty big and I have lots to learn over again as I did not really have the knowledge and electronics I have now. I still have 3 more lakes in my area that are really good and I will be on them all weather and time permitting. After we scouted for a while and the wind just started howling I did not want Bryan to come in without trying to catch a fish so I put him on a school of white and bam , he was just as excited as if it was his first fish of a lifetime. that there is why I love what I do.

Dec 17, 2015

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

20151217_122141_resizedWell folks I a little change in plans . I was to leave to Abilene , but Tony a really great friend of mine just got here yesterday and I stayed over to take him or go with him out on Falcon. I say that because I have been guiding down at Sugar most of the time this last two year but I have been able to get on Falcon enough to get a good fish or two. My past knowledge helps me to the degree that a lot do not understand. I was up at 4 am just to get ready for just this day , as Tony will be guiding on Falcon just a soon as he get some trips lined up and his people are kinda wait and see. Let me tell you , after today he will fill up fast . Tony will be on the phone with his life long regulars soon and tell them to get their butt down here . He will be guiding on Sugar as well and I have had Tony down there as well last year . I also have Tim here on Falcon as well and he will be good for you on Falcon, as he will not go to Sugar as of yet. I am telling you this as I am not going to take anyone out as I am booked with Christmas , New years and my Jan trip to Brazil to smoke a bunch of Peacocks. I will how ever be able to take you starting up again in Feb. So get in touch with me I can be reach any day except between the date of Jan 7 until Jan 23. as I will be in Brazil.

Dec 15, 2015

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

IMG_1803 IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1818 IMG_1819 IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_04921 Jan 7 016Well first of all I am sorry I have not posted in a while. I took my computer with me to Sugar lake so I could post from down there. Well I did not have any service it was down and also I could not facebook as well. I am trying a new system on my new computer so I have not got the pictures as I need them as you can see they are a little different as the two cameras are different and I do no have them shooting the same size , but you can see I guided several different guys this last 6 days . I went down on Tuesday and I just got tonight. Before you see a picture of my lake record here on Falcon I downloaded all the pictures in to a folder and uploaded that folder into my report and it was in the folder, and did not want to do it all over again. But it is a really good fish to compare with body shape these Sugar fish are in. I took Dale, Kenny, Luke, Ryan, Bryn, Keith, T. J. and Justin. I guided these guys 6 full days and got to scout some new water for 2 days as well. There was a lot going on at Sugar and she really fished different to say the least . My big three fish for the week with these guys was a 9 lb 10 oz , 10 lb 3 oz and 10 lb 11 oz. the 10 lb 3 oz , Dale was in his boat . The numbers were down a little as , we had two cold fronts during these 8 days and  at one point water temp was a low 62 and got back to 71 and then back down to 66 and today finally at about 2 pm got back up to around 70. These fish are scattered all over the chart. My numbers were , starting from day one 61, 63,80, 31, 48, 29. some of this depended on what we did as much as the water temp changes during the week. I scouted Thursday and it was on one of the best temp day , go figure. My fish do not count. I am off now till mid Feb as I have Christmas and them my Peacock trip. I also have a lot of work to get done on my estate in Abilene.