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Nov 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Well I have been gone from Zapata a week now and the weather up here in Abilene has been just a little cold and a lot wet. We spent a few days in Sherman for Thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids and that was very enjoyable to say the least, but it rained the whole time up there and in fact, it flooded in the area. I have been checking the weather in Zapata every day and from the looks of it , this nasty weather has finally made it south. I have trips booked on Sugar starting the 8th of Dec and I sure do hope this weather clears up and warms up before than. So far , other than being here to collect rent , I have not been able to get any work or golf in this trip, no golf really sucks lol. From the looks of it Falcon is starting to fish pretty good as I have noticed Matt Reed is down at Falcon now and kicking out some quality fish and from the looks of it most of them on a Jig. As of now I still have the 10th and 11th  and 16th and 17th of Dec open for Sugar or Falcon so give me a call or email or text. If the weather is good the fishing will be good as well.  I am just about a month away from my Peacock fishing trip to Brazil , I am taking 41 of my clients this year. 22 on the first week starting on the 8th of Jan and 19 starting on the 15th of Jan. Marc , my tour guide for the trips has been down there twice already , in fact he has been there this past week and the river is low and the fishing is great, with lots of big peacocks being caught. This is a trip of a lifetime . Even though we are full this year , we still have some options on some other trips that you could go on. If you would like to go, get in touch with me and I can get you hooked up.

Nov 20, 2015

Friday, November 20th, 2015

20151119_140222_resized 20151119_140228_resized 20151120_091658_resized 20151120_091704_resized 20151120_094841_resized 20151120_094847_resized 20151120_101054_resized 20151120_101101_resized 20151120_103958_resized 20151120_104004_resized 20151120_123305_resized 20151120_123318_resized 20151120_130116_resized (1) 20151120_130116_resized 20151120_130121_resized 20151120_130917_resized 20151120_130924_resized 20151120_135347_resized 20151120_135356_resized 20151120_135612_resized 20151120_135617_resized 20151120_143818_resized 20151120_143822_resizedJust back from Sugar lake . I had Luis and Luis today, yes both were the same name. Man it is hard to explain how Sugar Lake was the last two day. We smoked the fish both days , but today was just a very special day. I figure something out late yesterday on a bigger bite and we put the hammer on the quality fish today . They boated 134 fish today give or take 10. I lost count after we hit 100 and we caught a lot more after that, I got busy with net and camera. You got to know I caught some big ones as well but no time for my picture. We had so many doubles and triples I will not guess to the number. I was to be back down there tomorrow , but due to the weather I canceled and am headed to Abilene tomorrow. I will be back on the water at Sugar Dec 8 and 9th weather permitting and I have the 12 , 13 ,14 ,and 15th booked as well so that means I have the 10th 11th and 16th and 17th open if you want to come. I am off to Brazil in Jan so I will not have any days until Feb. to book. If you want a fishing trip that is great you need to come.

Nov 18, 2015

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

20151118_143129_resized 20151118_143139_resizedI had two of my special clients on Sugar lake today. Jimmy has been fishing with me for several years and now had made four trips to Sugar with me . What was special today this is the first time he brought Kathy. I had the pleasure of introducing Kathy to Bass fishing several years ago, and to see how much see loves it and has improved from the first day for her to fish. The weather did not let us go yesterday so we just had today to go as I am booked with Luis tomorrow and Friday. Well today the weather was great and calm. It was a little cold early , but we were shucking cloths pretty fast. the fish just went on a rampage after lunch. We caught 50 fish the first 6 hours and 57 fish the last three for a total of 107. Kathy is holding a nice fish and we had several that size. most were 2 to 3 pounds today, but really that was the call to order for the trip, to catch a butt load of fish. I never , not one time today fish my big fish patters as numbers is what was ordered and Sugar Lake sure delivered that. Luis and I will fish for the big bite Thursday and Friday. Thanks Jimmy and Kathy for a very special fun day.

Nov 16, 2015

Monday, November 16th, 2015

20151115_145133_resized20151115_145124_resized20151115_114129_resized20151115_114118_resizedBack from Sugar Lake . I had Bob and Franco for the past two days . One day one we caught a great weather day and caught a ton of fish 87 to be exact. We did not have but a couple of big fish but we caught several 4 and 5 pounders as well and the rest were mostly mean 2 to 3 pounders. Today started out a little slower than yesterday and the wind just started really blowing hard about 11 or so. We only boated 41 today and had three fish in the six pound range and a couple of 4 and 5 pounders the rest were 3 pounds and under. Them little guys are everywhere in the lake. I was to guide Jimmy and Kathy tomorrow and wed , but due to the upcoming front packing some still north winds we are going to stay at home tomorrow and just go wed . I will finish out the week thur and Friday with Luis. I will have a report wed eve so check back it to see how Jimmy and Kathy do, I had Jimmy’s son and daughter-in-law a few weeks back and they boated 209 fish in two day, so I know that Jimmy and Kathy are looking forward to Sugar lake. Jimmy has been there with me on sugar several times , but this is Kathy’s first time.

Nov 14, 2015

Saturday, November 14th, 2015

20151112_093056_resized 20151112_093105_resized 20151112_103801_resized 20151112_103809_resized 20151112_155509_resized 20151112_155522_resized 20151112_160846_resized 20151112_160853_resized 20151113_081648_resized 20151113_081702_resized 20151114_075121_resized 20151114_075148_resized 20151114_111813_resized 20151114_111820_resized 20151114_113741_resized 20151114_113749_resized 20151114_122619_resized 20151114_122627_resizedJust back from Sugar Lake . I had Bob and Jerry for the past three days and they hit some really rough water . The wind was hard our of the north all three days and it rained on us most of the time. Day two was the worst weather of the three days and we did not make it all day on the water that day we were wet and cold. The first day the wind was brutal and today was ok and we could manage what north wind we did have. Our numbers for the three days was 31 day one 34 day two and 78 day three. Our biggest for the trip was a 10 lb 1 oz and backed that up with a 9 lb 8 oz We also had a couple of 8 pounders and a few 6 and 7 pounders as well. All in All it was a good trip considering the weather we had to deal with. I had one bait that saved our trip as I tried a little of everything and these fish would not eat nothing else. I going to keep that o myself for a while , once I figured that out it was game on.

Nov 11, 2015

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

20151111_094139_resized 20151111_094145_resizedIt sure was good to be on the water again and on Falcon. Luis and I had a short day as he was called into work and we had to get off the water early. Falcon was a little windy today but we braved it from the county ramp south today. We started off a little slow and then we got on something that had some quality on it and did well. Luis had the biggest and the only picture I took but we had another solid 4 to 5 pounder as well. All the rest of our fish were 1 to 3 pounders , but we caught very few that were not at least weighers. I head to Sugar in the morning and am looking forward to seeing what is going on down there. I will be back Sat eve to reload on clients so I will post a full report then.

Nov 10, 2015

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Well I am back in Zapata. I start back on the water here on Falcon tomorrow and then I am on Sugar for 11 straight days. I sure hope the weather holds out as this will be the key, this time of year. The longer we hold off the cold fronts the better it will be. I will have a full fishing report tomorrow after I get off the water,so check back and see how it goes.

Nov 3, 2015

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

20151026_082626_resized 20151028_153238_resized 20151030_100839_resized 20151103_073712_resizedI am still in Abilene. I have been updating my site and I had a few issues with the blog, so I am just blogging a little to what I have been up to. We have got some good rains here in Abilene and my pond at the house has caught some water . I plan to stock it up soon. I built this pound for my dad back in the mid 80’s and at one time you could catch 7 to 8 pounders out of it all the time. He also had a group of big cats that he hand feed every day. With all this water in it I will have it back like it use to be. I have had too much time on my hands this trips so I got the 86 ford all shined up and a new grill put in it. This is my ride while I am in Abilene. Also I have fixed me a indoor golf practice area out of the swimming pool room , as it is cold up here during the winter and I will have something to do. I have trips starting on Falcon come Nov 11th and Sugar starting the 12th thru the 20th I still have the 21st and 22nd to offer is anyone wants to come down. Also I have decided to guide a few days in Dec starting Dec 12th thru the 19th If you want to take a shot at Falcon or Sugar give me a call .