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Oct 24, 2015

Saturday, October 24th, 2015

Well I was suppose to be on Sugar lake this morning for a two day trip. We had to postpone the trip due to Patricia coming in on us from Mexico. It is already dumping some good rain on us here in Zapata as I write. This ends my Oct trips , so I will be off to Abilene come tomorrow to do some more work on the estate. I will be back to fishing come Nov the 12th and it will be on Sugar again. I already have the 12th thru the 18th booked so I have the 19 thru the 22nd open . If you want to come fish this incredible lake , give me a call or contact me thru this site. Sugar Lake is really fishing great. I have decided to go ahead and open up some days in Dec , the 12th thru the 20th , so if you want to fish in Dec , book your trip now. Also this year for the first time , I have got a deal on some deer hunts, that a fellow guide friend of mine is offering up. So you can come and fish and hunt in the same trip. I have seen some pictures of the deer from their helicopter survey and they are impressive to say the least. If you want more info give me a shout and I will get you hooked up with the guide that is offering this. My number is 325-430-6045 give me a call or text.

Oct 22, 2015

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

20151021_095723_resized 20151021_095736_resized 20151021_095756_resized 20151021_110650_resized 20151021_110659_resized_1 20151021_155715_resized 20151021_155727_resized 20151022_083727_resized 20151022_083745_resized 20151022_092114_resized 20151022_092119_resized 20151022_094223_resized 20151022_094231_resized 20151022_112412_resized 20151022_112422_resized 20151022_132845_resized 20151022_132902_resizedJust back from Sugar lake . I had Don and Gary for two days. They have fished Falcon with me before , but never been to Sugar lake. We did not catch the best weather conditions down there , but we still stroked a bunch of fish. I showed them the deep bite a little on Sugar Lake , but most of the time we stayed in the trees and flipped. We boated around 100 fish for the trip and had a good number of boated big fish and a lot more lost. When you fish the trees and bushes on Sugar you are just going to get your ass handed to you, that is just part of it. I am taking off tomorrow and am booked to be back on Sugar  this Sat and Sun but I will just have to see how the weather is going to be , there is a great big hurricane coming up thru Mex and it just depends on what way she goes. Big fish of the trip was a 10 lb 7 oz brute and I caught it .

Oct 20, 2015

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

20151019_103524_resized 20151019_103529_resized 20151019_110800_resized 20151019_110811_resized 20151019_111247_resized 20151019_111251_resized 20151019_112746_resized 20151019_112751_resized 20151019_121140_resized 20151019_121144(0)_resized 20151020_080445_resized 20151020_080456_resized 20151020_080505_resized 20151020_080545_resized 20151020_112114_resized 20151020_112126_resized 20151020_142700_resized 20151020_142711_resized 20151020_142716_resized 20151020_142739_resized 20151020_142748_resizedJust got back from Sugar Lake with Rodger. It was just him and me on this trip. I asked Rodger if he could flip and his answer was I love to flip. I told him that if he wanted quality that is whet we needed to do. Our numbers were down form my last two trips as we only boated 49 fish the first day and 43 fish today, but the quality was way up per fish count. We really got our butts handed to us on some really big fish, because was flipping with 20 pound floro , and well it did not hold some of the fish we had on. We lost more fish that we liked and so I switched to 80 lb braid today and the fish just would not touch it. Rodger was catching some and breaking some off and I was not getting a bite, so I switched back to floro and the bites started happing. We flipped all day both days and I did not fish any of my offshore structure at all on this trip. We burned thru all the lizzards I had in the boat and I had a bunch of them . I will be back at Sugar in the morning for another 2 day trip so I will report how it goes come Thurs eve. I hope they want to flip LOL.

Oct 18, 2015

Monday, October 19th, 2015

20151017_082828_resized 20151017_082846_resized 20151017_092301_resized 20151017_092314_resized 20151017_131251_resized 20151017_131302_resized 20151017_131303_resized 20151018_093706_resized 20151018_093716_resized_1 20151018_121517_resized 20151018_121519_resized 20151018_121525_resizedBack from Sugar Lake and Nothing has changed . This Lake is fishing great. the numbers are just crazy as we boated 102 the first day and 87 today. We did not catch any monsters ,even though we had several chances, but we caught some damn good fish. Jimbo and Kenny were my clients and I think they were surprised how good Sugar was fishing . I will be back at it tomorrow on Sugar with another 2 day trip with Rodger. I only have a few more open days left in November , you better come get you some Sugar.

Oct 16, 2015

Saturday, October 17th, 2015

I picked up a trip today on Falcon. I did not take any pictures, but we had a great day catching 47 fish on a short day. We had several in the 3 to 4 pound range and a bunch of little ones as well. Only one big fish bite and it broke Ken off. Since my last Sugar trip my phone has rang off the hook. I booked everything I had open to go to Sugar , so I will be on Sugar for the next nine days . I will be back to change clients , between trips so I will have a report up after each trip. Also I have booked 5 days in November as well so it is filling up fast. If you want to come at all this year , you need to get in touch with me as my days for fishing a very limited as I am not booking any trips in Dec or Jan do to Abilene work, Christmas and my Peacock Trips, Etc.

Oct 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

20151014_095856_resized 20151014_095901_resized 20151014_124813_resized 20151014_124817_resized 20151014_145004_resized 20151014_145011_resizedTook out a regular client of mine today on Falcon. We really had a good day on the water catching a bunch of fish and some really good quality as well. Luis did not want me to put his pictures up , so that is why it is just me on the post. Luis really had three nice fish today a 7 pounder and a couple of 5 pounders as well. Update on my open days on Sugar the 19th and 20th . Rodger  from Oklahoma scooped them up after reading my post. I have some work to do on my boat so I am off for the next few days.

Oct 13, 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

20151012_115915_resized 20151012_115935_resized 20151013_075838_resized 20151013_075846_resized 20151013_093500_resized 20151013_093523_resized 20151013_110846_resized 20151013_110856_resized 20151013_111418_resized 20151013_111424_resized 20151013_131449_resized 20151013_131454_resized 20151013_134755_resized 20151013_134802_resized 20151013_141702_resized 20151013_141708_resizedJust got back from Sugar Lake . I had Scottie and Kassie for two days. It was hot and calm, just how I like it on sugar. We just flat our smoked the fish. We boated 82 the first day and a whopping 127 fish today for a total of 209 for the trip, and some really good quality. Both Scottie and Kassie got one over 8 pounds today and I even fish today and I had one that I did not weight , but she was close to 9 pounds. The first day they caught all of the 82 fish except 5 that I caught as I did not fish hardly at all. Today they really wanted me to fish and I did mostly after lunch. We spent the first 4 hours of today with me teaching them how to flip. They did pretty good as they had boated 32 fish by noon, and Kassie had a 8 lb 7 oz flipping . When we moved out to open water and started fishing deep I picked up a rod and believe me there was plenty of fish . I do not know how may time we all three had fish at the same time. It was just flat out crazy. I did not matter where I went , it seemed like they were loaded up everywhere. Kassie was keeping count for us and at one time she told us that we caught 32 fish in thirty min. Sugar is just crazy good right now and when you get the two great hot calm days on Sugar , it is insane. I still have Oct 19 and 20 open at this time , you need to come.

Oct 9, 2015

Friday, October 9th, 2015

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have really been busy in Abilene working on the estate and collecting the rent. I am headed back to Zapata, as I have trips starting on Monday the 12th on Sugar Lake and I am ready to get back on the water. I had two days that just came up that I need to book Oct 15,16 A regular client of mine had it booked but just let me know that he could not make it. Oct is a very good time to be on the water on Sugar. The weather is usually just great and the fish are real active. I also have Oct 19 and 20 open as well and the rest of Oct is full. All of my trips will be on Sugar Lake except one on Oct 14th with a regular Falcon client. I am wide open in November if that interest you as well. November will be the last month this year that I will book any trips as Dec and Jan are full with other obligations like my Peacock trip to Brazil, Christmas , etc. I will have a full fishing report on Sugar Lake early next week so tune in and see how it is on Sugar and make plans to come down and enjoy this time of year on Falcon or Sugar.