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July 31, 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

20150728_083102_resized 20150730_101248_resized 20150730_101328_resized 20150730_110028_resizedWell here I am in Abilene , just having a great time. I had to do a full eviction with writ of possession . as you can see from the pictures , we had to move a lot of crap. This was just one person living in the house and thanks to our system , it took me two months to get her out. She lived in the house for 15 months and had not paid anything when I took the estate over in Jan. I got her to pay a whopping $290 since then. The eviction cost me over $1000 so far just to get her out where I can repair the house. Our law about renter , protects the wrong person. I have to abide to strict guidelines and they do not have to abide about anything. they can even stand there and watch you do all the work and take anything they want and leave you with all the shit to have to pay to be hauled off. Something is wrong with this picture . I have one more of these to do next week and I am hoping they get there own stuff out. The picture of the tires were ate the eviction as well and I will have to pay $4 each to dispose of them as well . I NEED TO GO FISHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

July 27, 2015

Monday, July 27th, 2015

I am in Abilene working on the rent houses again. I did have a trip on Falcon Friday before I left. My trusty computer crashed on me , so I had to buy me another one and just got it loaded with all my old data . Luis and I had a windy tough day on Falcon. We boated about twenty fish , but all were small. Big fish for the day was a 4.5 pounder. There is a great number of dinks in Falcon right now and the future looks very good, but it is going to be a while. I plan on trying to do most all of my trips on Sugar , as it is a far more better choice and it is so easy to get to that there is not any reason to not fish Sugar right now. I spent the last couple of weeks guiding on Sugar and the numbers are just great. We did catch mostly 1 to 3 pounders , but the wind was just really bad. We did however were able to catch some good ones as well and when I can fish Sugar without the wind that number of big fish will go way up. I will be back to fishing on Aug 10th and It will be on Falcon. I have Falcon the 10th, 11th, and 12th and then it is Sugar for the rest of the month. You will get to see first had the difference between Falcon and Sugar.





July 23, 2015

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

July 23 001 July 23 002 July 23 003 July 23 004 July 23 005 July 23 006 July 23 007 July 23 008Just got back from a three day trip with Tate and Melissa. The wind was just brutal all three days. It did not keep us from catching fish as we boated 157 fish for our efforts. What it did do is keep us from fishing my offshore stuff. I have not been able to fish my favorite most productive spots this trip or the last two trips before that. We did catch a few good fish and a 9 lb was our big fish, but hell you would think with a 157 fish that we would have had more. We did loose a few big ones but that is going to happen when your up on the bank with a lot of brush. Sooner or late the wind is going to stop and Sugar will be back to producing 30 to 50 big fish in a day like it did last year. But I will say one thing for sure Sugar is very very very well stocked with 1 to 3 pounders . They are everywhere.

July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19th, 2015

July 19 001 July 19 002 July 19 004 July 19 005 July 19 006 July 19 007 July 19 008 July 19 009 July 19 010 July 19 011 July 19 012 July 19 013 July 19 014 July 19 015 July 19 016 July 19 017Well here it is and let me tell you Dave and I are severely wind blown. The damn wind was just horrible this trip. We had no problem catching fish. We probable boated close to 100 fish on this trip , but the size when we had to stay against shore was small. I felt that I knew where the big girls were , but it was so hard to try to stay out there. We finally braved it out there today as the wind was less today than the first two days. The problem is the bite out does not really get good until after lunch and by than the wind was just howling. Dave and I both got are ass handed to us today deep . I did not see mine , but Dave got his to the boat and than see made a dive and broke him off. I will be back at it on Sugar come Tuesday with Tate and Melissa , this will be their first Sugar trip and I hope the wind will settle as I have some big girls located if we can fish them.

July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

July 15 003 July 15 004 July 15 005 July 15 006 July 15 007 July 15 008 July 15 009 July 15 010Well as promised my next post would finally be a fishing report. So here it is. I just had Steve for the last two days on Sugar. It was hot and I liked that , what I did not like is all the wind we had to deal with this trip. We found plenty of fish /right off the get go the only problem they were all 1 to 3 pounders. It took till after lunch till we finally got on some good quality and even then we still were catching a lot of small fish. We ended day one with 50 fish and only 10 of these were over 5 pounds. Before I forget it , the day did not start out so great as we had a double blow out on the boat trailer going to Sugar and were very late getting on the water after having to get two new tires . We did finally get to fishing and I fished till about 5 pm to make up for the lost time. Today did not start out any better as I got up at 4 am to make coffee and the coffee pot did not work in my room. I thought that would be ok because we had breakfast ordered at 6 am so I would just wait for that. Well the Wahn over slept so that did not happen , and we had nothing to eat or no lunch for the to eat on the boat. So we hit the water with the intention to stay out till we got hungry and call it a day. We ended today at 2 pm as Steve and I were tired and very hungry . Today we boated 40 fish and had no fish over 5 pounds. I really think that the big bite is deep on sugar as we caught all the big ones deep the first day form 1 ot 4 pm when it was very hot and we could stay out and fish due to the wind. Today there was far more wind and so I did not fish much open water. But let me tell you , if you just want to catch the heck out of the fish just get on a point that has gravel or rock and the 1 to 3 pounders are there almost every cast. I will be back to Sugar come Friday for a three day gig. So I will report Sunday when I get back.

Friday, July 10th, 2015

20150709_114812_resized20150626_164251_resized20150707_172221_resized20150625_070959_resizedWow it has been 47 days since I have been on the water, but that is going to change very quick. A lot has happened this past month and a half. The house pictured above was the fifth and final remodel that Joe and I have completed in the time I have been here in Abilene. I still have work to do, but most of it is behind me . Joe and I did not work on Sat or Sun but we did put in 54 to 61 hours in a 5 day work week. Most every day we worked from 7 am till 6 pm every day. A lot of time and money was spent on this estate , but it will pay off in the long run. The good news is that I have all the homes rented and almost everyone paying on time. I will be honest with you , this estate was a mess, both physical and financial. I knew it was bad , but until I got started on the evictions and repairs I did not know it was this bad. That is why I had to reschedule my June trips and stay here . What happened during this 47 day temporary  venture away from ,my real Job Some people and other guides have made or tried to make people believe that I have quit guiding and am full time with another business venture. Go figure , what gossip gets started , from the misinformed . I still have managed to do more guided trips than the rest, even with all of this up here. The reason I stay busy is that I have a great client base and I do want to thank the ones that stuck with me through this. My next week starts on Sugar lake and My next report will be a fishing report. I promise .

July 8, 2015

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

20150707_172212_resized 20150707_172221_resized 20150707_172244_resized 20150707_172255_resizedWell it is hump day here today and in just three more days I get to head back to Falcon and Sugar lake to do a little fishing. Abilene set an all time record rain here yesterday  with 8.23 inches of rain in a day and it all came in about 4 hours. Pictured above is the house I took pictures of when we started in my previous post. This one took us 7 working days to complete , but we turned a disaster into another doll house. Joe and I did 5 complete remodels in 32 working day . I have two more evictions pending and will have both of them out this week, but the work will have to wait until my next trip back up here. The worst is behind me now , and so I will be able to be on the water a lot more. A few of my Fows have tried to make people think that I have quit guiding and have taken on a new job. Well to set the record straight ,other than June , which is the month all hell broke loose up here and I had to cancel 10 days I had booked to focus my time where I had to. I still have guided and have booked more than 10 days each month that I have had to be up here in Abilene to take care of this estate. The master plan is to get this estate under control and under management so it will free me up more. and that is starting to come together real quick. I want to thank the ones that have stuck with me through this and have rebooked for a later date. Guiding is my life and I damn sure am not ready to give that up. Just want to make that very very clear .