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Jan 30, 2015

Friday, January 30th, 2015

It was good to get on the water today. I called Jay and we hit Falcon about 8 am this morning. We went to check out and find some warm water as the main lake seemed a little cold for me at 58 degrees. We found some 65 and so that is where we started. The fish were in there as well , but all were bucks. The big girls will not be to far behind if it continues to warm up. My days are really filling up fast , so if you want to fish with me , get it booked. As most of you know I just got back off my Peacock trip and the dates have been set for next year and both boats are nearly sold out. In fact the first boat is full and I only have 4 spots left on the second boat. We have had a flood of people wanting to go as we have dropped the price to only $3995 a person. That is $1000 cheaper than it has been. We have the two boats chartered for Jan 9th thru the 15th and Jan 15th thru the 23rd which is a good time to be in the Amazon as the water is normally lower that time of year. If you have any questions about booking Falcon , Sugar  or Brazil get in contact with me and I will be happy to talk to you about it.

Jan 28 2015

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Im still in Abilene , the good news is I am finishing up with my family estate today. I will be back home to Falcon tonight or tomorrow eve and will hit the water getting ready for my busy Feb. I am so ready to get back on the water. speaking about Falcon the fish seemed to respond to the warm weather Falcon is getting now. I have stayed in contact with Tony , Jay and Matt and all of them had a good day yesterday for a change. All Falcon and Sugar needed is some warm weather and warmer water temp. I have very very limited days left to guide open on my calendar , so if you want to come down , please get in touch with me. The dates are set for next years Peacock bass trip to Brazil and The first boat will sail Jan 8th thru the 15th and the second boat will sail , Jan 15 thru the 23rd. The first boat is sold out so there is no chance to get on it. The second boat only has 10 spots left , so if you want to go , you need to get in touch with me. This trip will be the best we have ever offered and the price is lower as well. As of now we only have the two trips chartered and we are talking about a possible third, but that is not a done deal. I just do not want you to miss out on the best possible Peacock Bass Trip in Brazil and this for a fact is the best.

Jan 24, 2014

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

My schedule of open dates have been updated on my schedule page on this site thru May. I have done this to let you know if you are planning on coming to fish with me on Falcon or Sugar you really need to get on the books as I have a very limited days left from Feb thru May. As stated in my fishing reports I have been talking about taking care of my mom’s estate since she passed in Aug. This estate is a family business started way back in 1956 by my parents and is still in business today. I have been asked to take charge of this estate and get it back to the thriving business it has been in the past for years. I have agreed to take on the challenge and I will have to spend the next 3 or 4 months doing so. I still will be doing my guide business as it is my first love. All said I will have very limited days that I can do it and the open days are up on my schedule thru May as this is my goal to get the business in order. I will be back home to Falcon Wed or Thursday and I will be guiding the whole month of Feb . As of now I only have 12 days still open in Feb I need to fill. March is nearly full as I only have 8 days open . April is a great month for Falcon and Sugar and I only have 5 days open. May even better as I only have 13 days open. I look forward to this challenge , but as said fishing is my first love so please if you want to fish with me get your dates early . My rates are still the same $400 per day on Falcon and $500 per day on Sugar . If you look and my schedule says Off and you need that time frame you can always contact me or call me and something can be worked out.

Jan 23, 2014

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Just to let you know I still have not made it back to Falcon. I am still here in Abilene dealing with the estate of my mother that passed away in Aug. From the input that I have been receiving about Falcon , I have not missed much. Everyday I dig into my mom’s estate I realize that it is more time I have to spend here in Abilene. Plans are to get back sometime next week as I have a very busy Feb booked on Falcon. I will also have more info on the Peacock trip that I just got back from Monday as well. Also we have the trips planned for next year already started. I am taking names as of now for the next trips scheduled for next Jan. We have done our work and next year will be even better than ever before. I will be happy to talk to anyone that might have any questions about the trips. We have worked very hard to get the best of everything down there and the price will even be lower for everyone that wants to go. I have had some emails and text about my fishing reports , so please bare with me as I get thru this estate for my family.

Jan 18, 2015

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Jan 18 006 Jan 18 010 Jan 18 030 Jan 18 038 Jan 18 042 Jan 18 044 Jan 18 048 Jan 18 054 Jan 18 055 Jan 18 062 Jan 18 064 Jan 18 075 Jan 18 093 Jan 18 094 Jan 18 096 Jan 18 099 Jan 18 115 Jan 18 129 Jan 18 133 Jan 18 136 Jan 18 139 Jan 18 141 Jan 18 147 Jan 18 148 Jan 18 153 Jan 18 157 Jan 18 158 Jan 18 160 Jan 18 161 Jan 18 162 Jan 18 164 Jan 18 166 Jan 18 167I finally got back to the States early this morning. I was lucky enough to spend the last 16 days in Brazil on the Rio Negro in the Amazon. This trip is a trip of a lifetime for anyone. Its is not just the fishing , but all that goes with it . The wildlife and landscape is just out of this world. Being there two week gave me the time to enjoy the rest of the Amazon has to offer other than the best peacock fishing in the world. A good Peacock trip starts with a good outfitter and I 100% believe we have the best there is. There were over 2000 peacock bass caught on this two week trip and the quality was just outstanding with hundreds of these fish over 10 pounds. 22 pounds was the biggest and there was two of them caught on the same day. We had 3 more over twenty as well. I personal caught 28 fish over 10 pounds and I had two 19 pounders and 2 18 pounders for my biggest four. Sheretta caught here biggest a 15 pound speckle peacock and on that day she really put it on me. I had a 10 , 11 and a 16 and she had a 10 , 11, 12 ,14 and a 15. needless to say we had a good day. As always I met some great new people on the two trips and when you are on the boat with them for 7 days and nights you really get to know and enjoy their personalities. I am already putting together the trips for next year as I speek. We are going to offer this trip out starting right now for the first week of Jan. We have the bigger boat in operation as I switched to fish off of it the second week just to check it out and let me tell you it is world class, food and service. It is 30.5 feet longer than the Santana and the rooms are a little bigger witch makes a lot of difference. Our trips are first class and Mark , Charlie and I make sure of that as we take down and have ready , better quality baits and equipment to fish with than the regular equipment the boat has to offer. Our food is different as well as we have more American food that Brazilian food. We want everyone that books and goes with us to have the best trip and the best chance tp0 catch some of the giant Peacocks. and we do have the equipment to make that happen. The first boat out next year only has a few spots left and it will be the boat /Trip with all the couples . I am going to work on the second week starting now and I will do a third and fourth if needed. We do have a great trip with a lot of options now with the two boats . Please give me a call or email if you have any questions . I am working on a video and will have it up soon.