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Oct 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Oct 30 003 Oct 30 006 Oct 30 007 Oct 30 008 Oct 30 009 Oct 30 010Just got back from Sugar Lake. This trip was to take Jay down to Sugar Lake to get him introduced to My Private Lake. Well nearly, sometimes there is a boat or two. Out goal was to take a look at a lot of lake and that is what we did. The picture of the overflow was neat as we pulled the boat right up to it to take a look. Man Sugar is catching alot of water. The fishing when we did some was a little tough . We did grind out 30 or so fish over the two days. The mask man did catch a nice one going 9 lb 7 oz , but he broke off a monster the day before , and there is now dought how big she was as she came up beside the boat trying to throw the crank. If you want to know Jay pitched another one of his fits. As everone I have taken to Sugar Lake this year Jay fell in Love . If you go you will to . this lake is just as sweet as it’s name. I guide here on Falcon tomorrow and back to Sugar Sat and Sunday.

Oct 28, 2014

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Oct 28 001 Oct 28 002 Oct 28 003 Oct 28 004 Oct 28 005 Oct 28 006 Oct 28 007 Oct 28 008Well I had a trip on Falcon today for a change. I still love guideing on this lake even though Sugar has been my ticket this year. I took out Eugeen and Matt today. It was a really pretty day and the fish were biting . We spent the first 5 hours catching fish and the last couple chasing a big bite. Matt was fairly new to fishing and figured it out today and started putting some fish in the boat. They boated about 20 or so today before I decided to try to get them a big fish. We had a good bite or two but did not get any big fish . I head to Sugar tomorrow and will be back Thurs eve with a fishing report.

Oct 26, 2014

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Oct 26 001 Oct 26 002 Oct 26 003 Oct 26 004 Oct 26 005 Oct 26 006 Oct 26 007 Oct 26 008 Oct 26 011 Oct 26 012 Oct 26 013 Oct 26 014 Oct 26 015 Oct 26 016 Oct 26 017 Oct 26 021 Oct 26 022 Oct 26 023 Oct 26 024 Oct 26 025 Oct 26 026 Oct 26 027 Oct 26 028 Oct 26 029 Oct 26 030 Oct 26 031 Oct 26 032 Oct 26 033 Oct 26 034 Oct 26 035 Oct 26 036 Oct 26 037 Oct 26 038 Oct 26 039I just got Back from Sugar I have been down there since Wed with two groups. First was Dale and Kenny they fished with me Wed , Thurs, Friday and half a day Sat. Carlos and Chuy drove down this morning to fish with me today. That is why there are 4 differant clients in the pictures. Let me just say even though the pictures look good it was a total grind this week on Sugar. They started dumping tons and tons of water into Sugar Lake. I came up another 3 plus feet in the last 5 days. The fish on this big rise were all over the chart. I had to cover alot of water and fish a butt load of spots to catch what we did catch Day one we only boated 30 . Day two we boated 43 . Day three we boated 35. Day four a half day we boated 23 and Today we only boated 33. Big fish of the trip was a 9 lb 7 oz by Dale but he and I lost one each that was alot bigger than that. We did catch some good quality all four and a half days. I wish that Dale and Kenny could have fished all day Sat as we really caught several guality fish and most all of them came the last hour we could fish . I really had a blast with these two groups , but my butts is draging and I a sure glad I have the day off tomorrow . I work again Tues and I will guide here on Falcon and return to Sugar Lake on Wed.

Oct 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Oct 21 001 Oct 21 002 Oct 21 003 Oct 21 004 Oct 21 005 Oct 21 006 Oct 21 007 Oct 21 008 Oct 21 009 Oct 21 010 Oct 21 016 Oct 21 017 Oct 21 018 Oct 21 019 Oct 21 020 Oct 21 021Back from Sugar Lake tonight to reload with more clients for tomorrow . I had Jim Bob and Larry on Sugar Monday and today. The weather was a little iffy both days today was on the border of being nasty. We still boated 81 fish over the two days of north wind and rain. The first day all three of us had a bad day of putting big fish in the boat two over 8 pounds were lost at the boat and another 4 were broke off. I lost an absolute monster of a fish . Same place I had the 12 lb 7 oz on a few days ago. We had a great bag both days , but could have been much better. We ran out of the good baits yesterday. No fear I reloaded at the tackle store today when I got back. I will be on Sugar again tomorrow and will not return until Sunday night so I will not be able to put up a report till then. Talk to you Sunday.

Oct 19, 2014

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

I got a call from Andrew a Sugar veteran he seen I was off Sun and want to go out and fish Falcon for a change. It was a little breezy and cloudy but we did find a few willing to bite. We boated about 20 today with a 4.5 lb being the biggest. We did not fish the small baits and almost all the fish we caught were about 3 pounders in other word we did not catch any dinks today. We caught fish in 12 to 22 foot of water did not fish any shallower than 12 feet. Andrew and I fished till about 2 pm and put it on the trailer so we would have plenty of time to eat and watch the Cowboys. I always enjoy fishing Falcon as I have not got to very much since April. I head to Sugar in the morning and will be there all week. I will return Tuesday eve to exchange clients so I will post a report Tuesday eve.

April 17, 2014

Friday, October 17th, 2014

April 15 011Oct 16 005Oct 15 020Oct 7 052Oct 7 007Oct 2 022Aug 31 023Aug 31 012Aug 29 027Aug 29 018Aug 29 015May 17 003May 21 001Aug 16 063June 15 018I am off today . I was bored so I just started looking back at the Sugar Lake pictures and Wow . I started my guiding back on Sugar Lake in April of this year. I can remember how the first couple of months the wind and weather was a tough deal, but we still managed to catch some big fish. The pictures I put up are only a fraction of the big fish that My clients and I have caught in the last 7 months. All of the fish pictured are DD and I did not put them all up . Just yesterday I had my biggest fish of the year a 12 lb 7 oz monster of a fish for this time of year. If you want a chance at a DD fish or a fish of you lifetime , than you need to come go with me to Sugar Lake. The odds are better on this lake to do that than any other lake that I know of that is Safe and easy to get to. I have a great place to stay over there and the food is just as good as it gets. Just compare the cost of other trips to Mexican lakes . I get $500 per day for two people ( $250 each ) and the rooms, food , etc is about $150 per day ( $75 ) each and at least on Sugar , You will catch quality fish , not 1 to 3 pounders . So two people can fish 4 days with me on Sugar and the total cost for two would be about  $2500  or ($1250 each ). Now if you want to catch quality fish and a real good chance at a DD you need to give Sugar Lake a try. I know that Sugar Lake gives you a lot bigger BANG for you BUCK NO DOUGHT. Just compare my fishing reports of just MY BOAT to ALL the other fishing reports on the other Mexican Lakes or US lakes .  I will put Sugar Lake up against any other lake in the country , for catching numbers of quality fish. If you are interested or have any questions please get in touch with me. Also If you get a chance you can look back at all my reports starting in April and see for yourself how it has been.

Oct 16, 2014

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Oct 16 001 Oct 16 002 Oct 16 003 Oct 16 004 Oct 16 005 Oct 16 006 Oct 16 007 Oct 16 008 Oct 16 009 Oct 16 010I am back from Sugar . I took Luis and Alberto today for a quick one day trip. As you can see by the pictures we even had lunch. We hit the water about 7:30 and it was 52 degrees . Today was a really slow numbers day. we only boated about 25 fish today. With that said Luis caught a really nice fish on the crank bait a heavy 8 pounder. Alberto also had a good fish as well. I caught my biggest fish of the year today a massive 12 lb 7 oz  monster. I( knew as soon as I hit her she was a monster . We did have a few more fish in the 5 to 6 pound range and I had another not pictured about 7 pounds on the crank bait. Even though it was a very slow day we still had a heck of a stringer with out best five going just about 40 pounds thanks to a 12 lb 7 oz kicker. I have the next few days off and will return to Sugar come Monday. I will be there thru Sat. The cool down and massive amount of water Sugar has caught has scattered the fish. It might take me a day or two but I will get them dialed back in again real soon.

Oct 15, 2014

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Oct 15 020 Oct 15 021 Oct 15 022 Oct 15 023 Oct 15 025 Oct 15 026 Oct 15 027 Oct 15 028 Oct 15 029 Oct 15 030 Oct 15 032 Oct 15 033 Oct 15 034 Oct 15 035 Oct 15 036 Oct 15 037 Oct 15 039 Oct 15 040 Oct 15 041 Oct 15 042 Oct 15 043 Oct 15 045 Oct 15 046 Oct 15 047 Oct 15 048 Oct 15 049 Oct 15 050 Oct 15 051Back from Sugar . I had Mark and his wife Natalie . Sheretta went along with us this time as well, to keep Natalie company. We were to fish three days but ended up trying to fish the first day and got blown off the water by the north wind. Day two and day three the weather was great . We found the front had shut them down a little so it made it a grind out there. We boated 68 fish in the two days and one day one had five for 42 lb 3 oz . Big fish was a 10 lb 3 oz and second to that was a 9 lb 11 oz. As always the food was great . I will be back to Sugar Lake in the morning. I will have my report on how Thursday goes that eve.

Oct 11, 2014

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Oct 11 001 Oct 11 002Wow can you believe I had a trip on Falcon today. Well just a 4 hour half day trip. Mark and his son wanted to get off the water in time to watch Texas and Oklahoma play. We beat it down the lake to the Tigers and Mark had two good fish right off the bat. Luke was not doing as well with the plastic so I switched him to a crank and bam , it did not take him long to join in on the action. Luke had a couple of good fish on , but he reeled them to far in on the rod and they broke him off at the boat. I really enjoyed being on my home lake today and the weather was just great I just wish we could have fished all day as the fish were in the biting mood today. they boated 15 fish today and had a few more on as well. Thanks guys I really enjoyed the trip.

Oct 9, 2014

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Oct 9 001 Oct 9 002 Oct 9 003 Oct 9 004 Oct 9 005 Oct 9 006 Oct 9 007 Oct 9 008 Oct 9 009 Oct 9 010 Oct 9 011 Oct 9 012 Oct 9 013 Oct 9 014Back from Sugar Lake . I had Jerry and Aaron  on a two day trip to Sugar . I had just came back from a great trip with perfect conditions . This trip we did not have perfect conditions . Day one we had a couple of hours before the wind started howling today it was blowing hard from the get go. Jerry and Aaron hung in there and even though it was tough they managed a few big fish. We only boated 27 the first day and 26 today for a total of 53. We lost a bunch of fish as well, due to the conditions, it is really hard to feel the bite with this much wind. I caught a few good fish not pictured to help the cause. But I know this looks good , but for me the way Sugar is Fishing  I was very disappointed. I am off tomorrow and back to work on Falcon come Sat. I will than be at Sugar lake Monday thru Thursday with two different groups. I have got the fish located , the deal is I have to be able to fish them.