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Aug 31, 2014

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Aug 31 001 Aug 31 002 Aug 31 003 Aug 31 004 Aug 31 005 Aug 31 006 Aug 31 007 Aug 31 008 Aug 31 009 Aug 31 010 Aug 31 011 Aug 31 012 Aug 31 013 Aug 31 014 Aug 31 015 Aug 31 016 Aug 31 017 Aug 31 018 Aug 31 019 Aug 31 020 Aug 31 022 Aug 31 023 Aug 31 025 Aug 31 026 Aug 31 027 Aug 31 028 Aug 31 029 Aug 31 030 Aug 31 031 Aug 31 032 Aug 31 033 Aug 31 034 Aug 31 035Just back from Sugar Lake. I had a full week this last week of Aug. I had three different trips and they all were great. I took Darrell and Andrew this Sat and Sun to wrap the week up . This is Darrell third trip and Andrew’s second trip with me to Sugar this year. The weather the first day was great , but today we had a little wind to deal with . We caught 50 fish the first day and 28 fish today. We had such a great first day , we decided to hog hunt a little deeper today for the first 2 or 3 hours and well it did not take long as Andrew caught his personal best a 10 lb 2 oz brute of a fish. It was before 7 am and I had to put it in the livewell for 15 to 20 min so it would be light enough to take a good picture. What a way to start the day. This fish was Andrew’s second personal best on Sugar Lake . He caught a 10 lb even on his last trip. We had a best five 40 pound bag both days , but today Andrew had one by himself. Andrew and his dad had a little bet today, well I will just say the Darrell is a little light in the back pocket after today. Aug had come and gone and what a month it has been. Folks it just does not get much better than the way Sugar is fishing right now. The bad thing is I have no trips booked down there for the next two weeks, so I guess I will just go whack them by myself. Somebody had got to do it.

Aug 29, 2014

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Aug 29 002 Aug 29 003 Aug 29 004 Aug 29 005 Aug 29 006 Aug 29 007 Aug 29 008 Aug 29 009 Aug 29 010 Aug 29 011 Aug 29 012 Aug 29 013 Aug 29 014 Aug 29 015 Aug 29 016 Aug 29 017 Aug 29 018 Aug 29 019 Aug 29 020 Aug 29 021 Aug 29 022 Aug 29 023 Aug 29 024 Aug 29 025 Aug 29 026 Aug 29 027 Aug 29 028 Aug 29 029 Aug 29 030 Aug 29 031 Aug 29 032 Aug 29 033 Aug 29 034 Aug 29 035 Aug 29 036 Aug 29 037 Aug 29 038 Aug 29 039 Aug 29 040Well I just got back from Sugar Lake . I took Ron and Dustin down for a two day trip. We could not have had better weather HOT and CALM. Just what you want when fishing Sugar Lake. We really smacked the big fish on this trip. On day one we boated 34 fish and our best five went 44 lbs anchored bay a 10 lb 7 oz brute. On day two we boated 40 fish our best five was 41 lbs anchored by a 10 lb 3 oz. Most of our fish were 5 pounds and up. I tried to keep count and I think we had 20 fish over 7 pounds. Our big 5 for the two day trip I do know we had 2 over 10 pounds and 3 over 9 pounds. I want to say something to some of my regular clients that have fished with me in the past . I am open damn near the whole month of Sept and with the fish that I am on right now and have been on for a while I can not believe  that I am not full for Sept. This time of year is as good as it gets, I need some trips . I have made a ton of trips to Sugar Lake since April and have had absolutely no trouble. So get in touch with me and lets go have fun like the ones that have been. I leave again in the morning with clients and this will be their third trip to Sugar  with me this year. Again I am sorry about all the pictures , but I culled all I could.

Aug 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Aug 27 001 Aug 27 002 Aug 27 003 Aug 27 004 Aug 27 005 Aug 27 006 Aug 27 007 Aug 27 008 Aug 27 009 Aug 27 010 Aug 27 011 Aug 27 012 Aug 27 014 Aug 27 015 Aug 27 016 Aug 27 017 Aug 27 018 Aug 27 019 Aug 27 020 Aug 27 021 Aug 27 022 Aug 27 023 Aug 27 026 Aug 27 027 Aug 27 028 Aug 27 029 Aug 27 030 Aug 27 031 Aug 27 032 Aug 27 033 Aug 27 034 Aug 27 035 Aug 27 036 Aug 27 037 Aug 27 038 Aug 27 039 Aug 27 040Just got back from a three day trip to Sugar Lake. I took Jerry for his very first time. I do not think he was disappointed. Jerry and I just flat out hammered them . The fun part is that we caught most all of them on cranks. Jerry and I boated 77 fish in three days and the great thing we did not have 10 fish under 5 lbs. Most of them were 6 to 8 lb 11 oz our biggest , but we had three over eight on day two. Jerry had not fished a crank very much, but he learned real fast how to land these mean fish , after he lost some big fish. Cranking is my favorite way to catch them and man was it fun. Since there was only two of us I got to fish quite a bit. Let me tell you if you like to catch quality fish like no where else than you really need to book a trip with me to Sugar Lake. If the weather is good I am going to smack them. This time of year is the best time to come , because it is hot and the wind most of the time is light and that is just what you want on Sugar Lake. I have Sept days wide open , so PLEASE give me a call or get in touch with me off my site. I leave for another two day trip in the morning so I will post another report Friday. Sorry about all the pictures I could not cull any more.

Aug 23, 2014

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Aug 23 001 Aug 23 002Out with Tim and Smitty again today. We hoped for a little less wind today and we finally got that after lunch today. We fished hard for several hours and caught fish , but all on the small size. Finally late in the day after the wind had let up . I pulled up on a main lake point and , BAM they had back to back doubles and Smitty with another personal best. They whack on them for a while catching several. After that slowed down , I hit another point and we caught about 5 more on it. they boated about 20 fish today. I really enjoyed fishing with these two and I always like it when I introduce someone new to the sport. I think Smitty really liked bass fishing.

Aug 22, 2014

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Aug 22 001 Aug 22 002 Aug 22 003 Aug 22 004 Aug 22 005 Aug 22 006Wow I worked on Falcon today for a change. I took out Tim and Smitty today. Tim has been here before , but Smitty had not. In fact Smitty had never caught a bass before. Well it did not take him very long as he was putting up personal best after personal best. The wind was not helping today as it was very brutal out there today. We hung in there and my new batteries got a good test today and they held up , no problem. We boated 18 fish today and lost several more . I have them again tomorrow and hope to get a little breck with this wind.

Aug 19, 2014

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

I spent the day working on My boat . I  pulled out all the batteries and changed over to a lot bigger batteries. I have been running out of batteries the last few times when I have fished out in the wind. This will not happen again. The set up I have on my  boat will allow me to fish out in open water with 30 plus MPH wind no problem. I am now running 5 batteries on my system to assure that I will have the power to stay out all day in the wind. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning up and servicing my boat. Looking at my schedule , I am full for the rest of Aug , but Sept is wide open. Sugar or Falcon is fishing good . Sugar is better on the bigger fish average. This is a great time to come fish either lake. Usually it is hot and not to much wind ,unlike what I just dealt with the last couple of days. Give me a call or contact me on this site and lets go fishing, while it is hot and good.

Aug 18, 2014

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Aug 18 001 Aug 18 002 Aug 18 003 Aug 18 004 Aug 18 005 Aug 18 006Took out Brett and Ryan the last two days . We quit early today and blew off tomorrow due to the wind. We braved it on day one and boated only 14 fish for our efforts. Today we braved it out there again and had 22 today . I had no trolling motor by 1 pm both days. We caught a few good ones . The wind forecast for the next few days looks bad , so I think I will stay ashore and do some boat service and honey do’s . I felt bad for these two to hit such crappy conditions . We will make up for it next time.

Aug 16, 2014

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Aug 16 002 Aug 16 003 Aug 16 004 Aug 16 005 Aug 16 006 Aug 16 007 Aug 16 008 Aug 16 009 Aug 16 010 Aug 16 011 Aug 16 012 Aug 16 013 Aug 16 014 Aug 16 015 Aug 16 016 Aug 16 017 Aug 16 018 Aug 16 019 Aug 16 020 Aug 16 021 Aug 16 022 Aug 16 023 Aug 16 024 Aug 16 025 Aug 16 026 Aug 16 027 Aug 16 028 Aug 16 029 Aug 16 030 Aug 16 031 Aug 16 032 Aug 16 033 Aug 16 034 Aug 16 035 Aug 16 036 Aug 16 037 Aug 16 039 Aug 16 040 Aug 16 041 Aug 16 042 Aug 16 043 Aug 16 044 Aug 16 045 Aug 16 046 Aug 16 047 Aug 16 048 Aug 16 049 Aug 16 050 Aug 16 051 Aug 16 052 Aug 16 053 Aug 16 054 Aug 16 055 Aug 16 056 Aug 16 057 Aug 16 058 Aug 16 059 Aug 16 060 Aug 16 061 Aug 16 062 Aug 16 063 Aug 16 064 Aug 16 065 Aug 16 066 Aug 16 068 Aug 16 069Back from Sugar lake . I took Tony and Tim down to Sugar for a Two and a half day trip . Sugar is just getting better and better. Sorry about all the pictures, but I could not cull down any more. Tony had been to Sugar about 10 or so years ago ,but Tim had never been. Tim had a heck of the day on day one catching a 42 lb best five by himself and he lost the biggest two. He still got two personal best a 8 lb 10 oz and a 9 lb 3 oz on day one. Tony kicked in on the second day catching a 43 lb best five for himself . We had a heck of two days catching 99 fish  in two days . Tim had his mind on catching a DD so today we decided to go out and fish till 10 am and I told him we were going to hit a bunch of spots I have caught some 10 to 11 pounders on. Well guess what Tim got him a DD on our third spot . This is now his third personal best on this trip His fish was 26.5″ by 17 ” and weighted 10 lb 1 oz He will have a replica made of her. We caught 10 more in the 6 to 7 pound range and headed home a 10 am. I am booked up the rest of Aug , but September is wide open. I tell you if you want a treat you need to come. I head that way again in the morning for another 3 day trip. I can not wait.

Aug 12, 2014

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Aug 12 001 Aug 12 002Took out Eric and Kipp today. We got off to a late start as I wanted them to crank a little early. Kipp got his personal best a 6 lb 8 oz . But after that only a couple of little ones . Eric did catch one a little over 3 pounds on the crank. We hit the texas rig next and it was on as they had a double on our first stop. Now this was only a 4 hour trip and I felt a little rushed but we did the run and gun thing all the way from the dam to the tigers and back. They caught about 15 fish and lost about that many more. Typical Falcon Trip n, bunch of rats and one or two nice fish. I here Sugar Lake calling my name. I will be off tomorrow and to Sugar Thursday.

Aug 11, 2014

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Glad to finally get back home. It has been a trying ten days off. Billy and I just flat out got our butts kicked on Amistad. We had a very good practice day Thursday . We located several groups of fish on Thursday, even though they were small , at least we thought we could get a limit of small fish. A limit of small ones would go a long way in this tournament. Friday we practice all day deep and had no luck at all. I boated one fish on Friday and pulled the hook away from another . This was all I think I had all day. Billy might have had a couple of bites as well. So the first day of the tournament we decided to go to our shallow small fish and get a limit. Billy got back to back bites and I loose a weigher at the boat. after that first 5 min on our starting spot we did not get another bite. We move around too all the spots where we caught them Thursday and we got a few bites but nothing like it was Thursday. Billy finally put two weighers in the boat and that would be the only fish we weighed in in the tournament. I had not been on Amistad in several years and I have never seen it this low. It is really sad to say the least that this lake is in this kinda shape and the fishing is so tough. Ray Hanselman won the tournament blowing everyone away. He has guided on Amistad for a bunch of years and had it figured out I thinks he won by over 12 pounds . Other than him , it was a struggle for most of us. When it rains It pours . I rush back last night because I was to have a trip Monday, Tuesday, and Wed on Falcon. Guess what , NO SHOW . People just do not understand or care.