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July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

July 31 001 July 31 002 July 31 003 July 31 004 July 31 005 July 31 006 July 31 007 July 31 008 July 31 009 July 31 010 July 31 011 July 31 012 July 31 013 July 31 014 July 31 015 July 31 016 July 31 017 July 31 018 July 31 019 July 31 020 July 31 021 July 31 022 July 31 023 July 31 024 July 31 025 July 31 026I am just back from another great trip on Sugar Lake. I took Steve down for his first time. Steve fished Falcon with me a few weeks ago and we caught alot of fish , we just had no size to speek of. I told him that he should let me take him to Sugar Lake . Well he was very satisified as the two of us boated 62 fish on the two day trip. The weather was great , light wind and hot. We caught a bunch of fish on the crank bait this trip, and most of the big ones came after lunch when it was smoking hot. We had over 40 pounds both days in our best five. a 10 lb 1 oz was biggest but we had three more over 9. I will be on break for 10 days . I have some things to do and an Amistad turnament next weel. I still have some days in August for some great Sugar Trips so get in touch with me.

July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

July 29 001 July 29 002 July 29 003 July 29 004 July 29 005 July 29 006 July 29 007 July 29 008 July 29 009 July 29 010 July 29 011 July 29 012 July 29 013 July 29 014 July 29 015 July 29 016 July 29 017 July 29 018 July 29 019 July 29 020 July 29 021 July 29 022 July 29 027 July 29 030 July 29 031 July 29 032 July 29 033 July 29 034 July 29 036 July 29 037 July 29 038 July 29 039 July 29 040 July 29 041 July 29 042 July 29 043 July 29 044 July 29 045 July 29 046 July 29 047Well back from Sugar Lake and another great trip. I took Craig and Doug for their first Sugar trip and as you can see by the pictures Sugar did not dissapoint. The Wind blew both days , but we still managed to fish the main lake. We caught 74  fish on both the crank bait and tex rig. Doug got his personal best a 9 lb 8 oz pig. These Sugar lake fish are so fat and healthy. I head back in the morning for another two day trip and when I get home Thursday I will post another report. I will be off Aug 1st thru the 10th for a little break and a tournament on Anistad. Sugar lake is a great lake and now is the time to think about a trip .

July 26, 2014

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

I am off this weekend. I was to be at Sugar Lake , but we decided to not go due to the wind forcast for Sat and Sun. Justin had already been to Sugar with me a couple of months back and we whacked them even with the bad weather we had. We decided to go at another date. I will be back down to Sugar come Monday thru Thursday and after my last couple of trips , I can not wait to get back . Sugar is really fishing great right now as it usually does this time of year when it gets hot. The hotter it gets the better the fishing gets. Alot of you know that this year the weather has really been tough with cold fronts and wind. I have guided on Sugar a bunch this year starting in April and have only had a few days that the weather was nice. I look foward to getting to fish it without 25 to 30 MPH winds. This time of the year is normally not to bad on wind, but we will see. I start my summer break Aug 1st and will be fishing a tournament on Amistad Aug 9th and 10th . After that I will have some days left in Aug if you are interested to come down and fish Falcon or Sugar with me. Aug is hot and so is the fishing. I will post a Sugar report Tues eve , when I come back to switch clients for Wed and Thursday.

July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

July 23 001 July 23 002 July 23 004 July 23 005 July 23 006 July 23 007 July 23 009 July 23 010 July 23 011 July 23 012 July 23 013 July 23 014 July 23 015 July 23 016 July 23 017 July 23 018 July 23 019 July 23 022 July 23 023Back from Sugar and yet another great trip. It was really hot and Jimbo and I did not mind a bit. The first day it was 112 but we had a little breeze . Today it was 107 and not a breath of wind. I do not know what was going on the first day we lost alot more fish than we caught . We put 21 in the boat , but good God we lost a ton of fish. At one time between us we lost 7 fish in a roll. Today we did not get as many fish on but we put 29 fish in the boat. So we boated 50 fish for the two of us on this two day trip. We had over 34 pound five fish stringers both days. 9 lb 3 oz was big fish for the trip. We cranked some and texas rigged most. We caught most of our Fish right in the hottest part of the day . Jimbo started his Sugar trip with a nice 6 lb 11 oz on his very first cast on the first day.

July 21, 2014

Monday, July 21st, 2014

July 21 001 July 21 002 July 21 003Took out Nick and John today. They were down here on business and wanted to go out for a few hours today. Nick not pictured had fished before , but John pictured had not. It was just a few min of instruction that John could cast a baitcaster. Then we worked on feeling the bite and setting the hook. Now we did not catch any monsters, but you can see by the look on John’s face that did not matter much. It was fun to see the excitement. I am headed back to Sugar this eve, to start a two day trip Tues and Wed. I will post how it goes Wed eve.

July 20, 2014

Sunday, July 20th, 2014

July 20 001 July 20 002 July 20 003 July 20 004 July 20 005 July 20 006 July 20 007 July 20 008 July 20 009 July 20 010 July 20 011 July 20 012 July 20 013 July 20 014 July 20 015 July 20 016 July 20 017 July 20 018 July 20 019 July 20 020 July 20 021 July 20 022 July 20 023 July 20 024 July 20 025 July 20 026 July 20 027 July 20 028 July 20 029 July 20 030 July 20 031 July 20 032 July 20 033 July 20 034 July 20 035 July 20 036 July 20 037 July 20 038 July 20 039 July 20 040 July 20 041Well as promised , Here is the post from my two day Sugar Lake Trip with Jake and Cody. I finally got my wish for light wind and hot. It was a hot son of a gun down there . We had a blast and caught a bunch of big fish. I stayed out deep the whole trip and it paid off big time for us. We only caught 50 fish in the two days but we had very few that were under 5 pounds . We had over a 40 pound bag both days . 9 lb 10 oz was big fish . 9 lb 1 oz was next. We had a slew of 8 pounders. At one time Cody had three over 8 pounds in three cast. We also lost a few big fish , but that is going to happen on Sugar. We caught most of our fish on plastics , but we ended the trip today with two over 8 pounds on the crank bait. I will work here on Falcon tomorrow and will be back to Sugar Tues and Wed. I do still have a few days left in July before my Summer break comming Aug 1st. If you want to catch some real fish , come on down and lets got to Sugar. This lake is awsome.

July 19, 2014

Saturday, July 19th, 2014

Just fixing to pull out and head to Sugar Lake. I have a trip today and Sunday. Looks like the wind might give me a break down there this trip, we will see. I will post a full report come Sun eve.

July 18, 2014

Friday, July 18th, 2014

KODAK Digital Still Camera KODAK Digital Still CameraUpdate on my Peacock fishing trips. I just got off the phone with Mark , my contact for the Peacock Bass Trips. We still have 3 spots open in the first Trip Jan 2 thru 9th . The Second Trip is Full. The good news is that right now we have a deal on the airfare , but you need to act fast. This trip I know alot of you have thought about. I promise you it is every thing you could want on a fishing trip. The action of the top water bite is just out of this world. We have a great group of people going and several couples . If you want more info , contact me or click on their site at the bottom of my main page. I have a trip at Sugar Sat and Sun, so I will not have a fishing report till I get back Sun eve.

July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

July 14 001 July 14 002Ok I fished Steve and Russ Sat and again Today. We caught a bunch of fish both days . We fished the South end Sat catching 30 and the north end catching 20. We did not have but one picture fish and Russ caught it. Russ really lost a big one today, but other than that we did not have a big bite. All our fish both days came on plastics. I am off for two days and it is much need to do some boat service. I will be back at it Sat and Sunday on Sugar lake.

July 14, 2014

Monday, July 14th, 2014

July 14 003 July 14 004 July 14 005 July 14 006Fished Sunday and Today with Paul and Trey. Paul is the son of a friend of mine in Abilene. They wanted to come down and do a little Jug fishing for catfish. Learn how to fish for Bass and We are going to go play golf tomorrow. So this was a little different from your ordinary Guide Trip. Paul had fished with me a couple of time over the years , but Trey had never in his life fished for Bass. Well after messing with the Jugs the first morning we went on a little bass fishing trip. It did not take Trey long than he was on the board. We caught about 25 like pictured and kept a few and I cooked them up a little fried fish for supper. Today we messed with the jugs again for a while and than tried the bass for a little while. We caught about 20 today but quit at noon, to get rested up for the golf trip to the Max tomorrow. By the way we caught a few cats on the jugs , but no big ones. I did have a trip Sat, but I have the same two Wed so I will put their pictures up and their report Wed eve. We did catch the heck out of the Sat.