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June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27th, 2014

June 27 001 June 27 002I fished Wayne and Lugo today. It was another windy day on Falcon. We started off with a bang catching 7 fish and loosing 3 more on the crank bait. After that little flurry we started our daily grind it out with the Texas Rig. We really had a lot of action today and landed about 30 fish today with most of them 2 to 3 pounds . We did have four or five fish in the 4 pound range and one pushing five pounds. Other than the crank bait fish Lugo is pictured with that is the only fish that made the picture show. Falcon really has a bunch of small fish in it right now . this is a really good thing , because we had a heck of a spawn this year and also had 400,000 fingerlings stocked as well. This water we are getting is just going to add to it as well. We are stacking up to be really good over the next few years. Do I think we will see another 2011 type year? If we fill up this year I think so in a few years.

June 27, 2014

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Just a note for today. I will post a fishing report later after I get off the water. I had a last min cancelation on a two day Sugar Lake trip. So I have Sun and Monday open to anyone that wants to go. Sugar Lake is really fishing good and the quality of fish is even better. As you know you hear a lot of crap about Mexico and yes there is some areas in Mexico that are not to safe , just like in the US. Sugar Lake is not one of those places that there are any problems . I have been taking clients to Sugar since April and there has been absolutely no problems at all. In fact there was a big tournament just held last Sat and Sun and lots of people fished the tournament . The hotel that we stay at is nice and the food is even better. So plan a trip with me to Sugar as this lake is really putting out the quality fish. Also I have introduced Facebook and Tweeter to my site , please check it out and I will be doing updates while I am on the water. You can hit the link on my Fishing Report Page , top left. Give it a try. Thanks

June 26, 2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

June 26 001 June 26 002Today I had the pleasure of taking out Dave and his dad John. Dave when he booked the trip told me that his dad had had a stroke and basically was not able to walk or stand up. I told him to come on that we would make sure he was comfortable and hopefully get him to catch a fish. Well it worked out great as John caught the biggest out of a 6 person 3 guide boat trip. He did catch two more small fish as well. It took a lot of tries to get a fish like this in the boat . the bite was really light and we had a stout wind , and this made it very hard for them to know when they had a bite, so we missed a lot of fish. That was ok because the one that John did land made all the difference in the trip. My other two boat did very well today on numbers. But big John took big fish bragging rights. Good job John.

June 25, 2014

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

June 25 001 June 25 002Out with Darrell and Sherrie again today. I decided to fish north today. Man there is a lot of muddy water on this end. I went into several pockets and found most of the pockets very off color. We got some bites in them but no connections. Finally I headed South to some cleaner water and we finally caught a few. Our big fish of the day came on the crank bait. If you plan on fishing Falcon in the next few days . Do not waste any time north. This water has to clean up for it to be any good North.

June 24, 2014

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

June 24 003 June 24 004 June 24 005 June 24 006Back to work today, after my tournament. I was a little tired to say the least. Sheretta and I hit the road at 8 am yesterday and did not get to Zapata until 11 pm. Rain and traffic in the Dallas area held us up for 4 hours of that. I took out Darrell and Sherrie today for their first ever visit to Falcon Lake. We put in at the State Park and we were the only boat that went out of there today. We found the fish biting right away and Darrell put a nice one in the boat on a rig. Sherrie was getting the most bites on the Tex Rig and got a few close to the boat but they came off. The wind was off and on today, but really not a factor all day. Sherrie got her personal best today a nice 7 pounder. This fish was very long to only weigh 7 pounds , but she was on the skinny side. We caught several more fish but no picture takers. We found the bite to be funny today as we would just bow the rod over on a fish get a turn or two on her and she would come off. This happened several time today and I had two really good fish on for a few seconds and the came off. I will have them again tomorrow so I plan on fishing out of the county ramp and see if I can find some clean water on the north end. Looks like the mud line is all the way to the mouth of the Tigers.

June 22, 2014

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Well Billy and I are finished with number two tournament that was held on Ray Roberts. This was the first time for us to be on Ray Roberts. All the info that I got about Ray Roberts I figured we would need about 50 lbs to win and 40 to get a check. We had two days of practice so the first day we decided to get in the jungle and see what the shallow bite looked like . This lake does not have any boat lanes so everything in the back of the lake you have to idle unless you live on the lake and of course this was the first day we had even seen Raybob. Anyway we did find some fish but mostley 3 to 4 pounders . Billy did catch one that went about 5 pounds. The second day of practice we decided to drive the whole main lake and graph and see what we could find deep . We spent about 5 to 6 hours driving around looking and marking good looking stuff. We found a bunch of brush piles and humps and very late in the day we went back and fished a few that looked the best to us. Friday was a very hot sunny day and we found some quality fish on a couple of piles. The first day of the tournament we decided to fish deep because , not knowing how the lake was fishing we thought we had to have 20 to 25 pounds and did not think our shallow bite would do that . The first day of the our best place was taken so we had to go to plan B. Also it was a cloudy overcast day. We just could not get the bite out deep and spent to much time trying. After weigh in we realized that the weights were not near what we thought we would need. So we decide to go to our shallow spot and get a solid limit and that go swing for the fence deep. Well we were culling by 9 am and left there at noon with what we ended up with for 16.04 pounds for day two. We did not get a bite deep again today. Bottom line we were on \enough shallow fish to do very very well in this tournament and it cost us thinking we had to have more . 35 pounds won this tournament and 32 lbs was second place . We sure would have taken 16.04 both days for 32.08 lbs. I will be back to Falcon tomorrow and back on the water Tuesday with clients , so I will let you know how Falcon is doing . Looks like we are catching some water. Be sure to start following me on Tweeter and Facebook. Links are on my main page to left.

June 21, 2014

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Well just finished with the first day of the tournament on Ray Roberts. We got our butts kicked . We had found some fish on a pile of brush and had planned to start there. A boat beat us to it , so we had to leave ,not knowing anything else in that area , and go about 10 more miles to another spot. Five boats were already there and three of them were where we wanted to fish. We fish around in the area for a while , I caught one dink. After about two hours we decided to go see if our pile was open and I was. We caught two weighers pretty quick so decided to grind it out for 5 more hours and no more luck on it. We think that the lack of sun hurt us today. We plan on going to the spot where Billy caught a 6 pounder in practice and swing for the fence in there. It is a very very long idle into this spot so we will stay all day. I just added Twitter and Facebook to my site , so please follow me as I will be very active on them both once I get this tournament over with.

June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Well what a brutal windy day on Falcon lake. Today was the last day for Randy and Charles. We put in at the state park and we were the only boat there when we put in and when we got out. I do not blame anyone for not fishing today. We did catch 21 fish today , but none to take a picture of. It was really hard to fish deep today and feel what was going on. We stayed up shallow and that is where were caught all out fish. At least when we got a bite we had a chance of feeling it. I travel to Ray Roberts tomorrow and have four days on it. I have never seen the lake so I will use my two practice days and try to figure it out. I will have my PC with me so I can write a report and stay in contact with you by email if you contact me. I will be back in Zapata Monday eve to get ready for trips starting Tuesday. I have 7 days straight when I get back 5 on Falcon and 2 on Sugar. That leaves me open for some trips starting July 1st thru the 5th is open and then I am booked 5 days on Sugar. July is a super good month to fish Falcon and Sugar so get in touch and lets go.

June 16, 2014

Monday, June 16th, 2014

June 16 001 June 16 002Back on Falcon today with Charles and Randy. The last time they were here was in the spring and we just smacked them on spinner baits. Well No spinner baits this time. The wind as always was a little tough today. We go off to a good start with this 7 lb . We tried to go south but with the wind and their backs , I decided to stay down here and grind it out . We ended up with about 20 fish some 4 pounders but mopst under 3 pounds. We will put in South tomorrow and see what we do.

June 15, 2014

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

June 15 012June 15 011June 15 024June 15 023June 15 022June 15 021June 15 020June 15 019June 15 018June 15 017June 15 016June 15 015June 15 014June 15 013June 15 010June 15 009June 15 008June 15 007June 15 006June 15 005June 15 004June 15 003June 15 002June 15 001Well back from Sugar Lake. We had great weather one day and wind on the second day. All I can say is we smoked the fish catching 63 fish in the two days. We had 43 fish the first day and the second day we went deeper for even a bigger bite and we got it. Brian caught his personal best a 10 lb 3 oz monster on a crank bait. I had a 9 lb even and Darrel had a 8 lb 9 oz for our top three today. This lake is really getting good and now is the time to come . I have some really good quality fish found . I guide here on Falcon Monday and Tuesday and will be headed to fish Ray Roberts come wed. This was Darrel’s second trip with me to Sugar Lake and he lives in Tenn. We put a DD in the boat on Both trips. He is in Love with this lake. If you come you will to.