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May 31, 2014

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

May 31 001 May 31 002Took out Larry and Mike today. this was Mike’s first time to ever bass fish. Mike is pictured with the 7 pounder. Larry had fished a little and about a 4 pounder was the biggest bass he had caught. I had to work with Mike on how to cast a baitcast . After about an hour he really got the hang of it. We went a while with not any action to speak of . I tried to watch and see both of them to make sure they knew when they had a bite. We got a few but they did not connect. I had not picked up a rod for 3 hours , so I knew this hump had fish on it , so I pick up a rod and made one cast and caught one. I realized at that point they were not feeling the bite. I made a change in what they were throwing and it made all the difference in the world , they started pounding the fish. Now the fish were not monsters, but they had a blast catching 2 to 3 pounders . They ended up with about twenty today and Mike now is hooked on bass fishing. Sometimes a guide trip does not have to have a 40 pound sack to be great. This was great for them and I really enjoyed their excitement when they got one on and in the boat. Did they loose some fish well , yes they did.

May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

May 29 001 May 29 002 May 29 003 May 29 004 May 29 007 May 29 008 May 29 009 May 29 010 May 29 011 May 29 012 May 29 013 May 29 014 May 29 021 May 29 022 May 29 023 May 29 024 May 29 025 May 29 026 May 29 027 May 29 028 May 29 029 May 29 030 May 29 031 May 29 032May 29 016 May 29 019I just got back from four days on Sugar Lake. The first three days were with John from Colo. , and the last day was Francisco and Fabricio from Mexico. John and I had to grind it out all three days and scraped up an even 50 fish for our three days. Today with Francisco and Fabricio it was not that much of a grind , and we quit at 2 pm today as the had to head back not to0 be to late on the roads in Mexico. Not only did I have the pleasure of the trips with some great clients , I got to hang out with Jimmy Houston and Toby Keith. Both of these guys as great to be around and a lot of fun. I have invited them both to come fish with me sometime and I hope that will do that. I am off tomorrow and plan on getting ready for three straight days on Falcon. I still have some good days open to fish Falcon or Sugar in June , you better come get you some Sugar I promise you will love that lake. As always the food and stay were great.

May 25, 2014

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

May 25 013May 25 012May 25 011May 25 010May 25 009May 25 008May 25 006May 25 005May 25 004May 25 003May 25 002May 25 001Just back from Sugar Lake with my long time clients Robert and Kathleen. This was their 6th year with me and it was just time for a little Sugar. We were not treated very well by mother nature. The wind just kicked our butts both day. I was a tough windy grind these two days. We boated 25 fish over our two days and felt damn proud of that . We as you can tell still caught a few quality fish. I will back down their in the morning , for a four day stay. I have two different clients and will post both of their results when I get back Thursday night. I can not remember such a long stretch of had wind down here. I am sure ready for a break . Kathleen had the biggest as always. This gal can fish with the best of them and she just loves it. Kathleen reminds me of my daughter Morgan , she loves to fish as well and also is a red head. Kathleen’s best catch of the day was my rod and reel I had pulled overboard last week. She caught it with a crank bait. and no the damn fish was not still on.

May 23, 2014

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

I was off Thur and Today . I will be back on Sugar Lake come Sat. The forecast looks to be about the same . WIND WIND WIND. and a little rain mixed in. This year has really been a challenge with the weather Mother Nature is dealing us. It is what it is and we will deal with it. I have had eight trips to Sugar lake for either 2 or 3 day trips and I have yet to have one to where we have had good conditions for the trip . I have had about 20 days total on sugar , and I think that just 2 out of the twenty the wind has been less than 20 either out of the North or the South. Last Friday when We arrived at Sugar to put in to fish the air temp was 51 degrees and the water temp was 73.6 . That was May the 9th. Give me a break. the water temp had dropped from Tuesday the 6th when Tom and I were blown off the water with a North front that hit Monday night . The water temp was 82 to 84 when we were on the water Monday. All of that said , surely this weather is going to settle in and get hot and stay that way. When it does LOOK for both Sugar and Falcon to get way better. I have had Three great days open up in June for a Trip on Falcon or Sugar Lake. June 10, 11, 12 . This is prime time and I would think it would be hot by then. Also I want to let you know that my Peacock Bass Fishing Trip to Brazil is nearly getting full, but I do have a few spots left to fill. Please do not wait any longer if you want to go. It will be the best and most wonderfull trip you will ever take. Contact me and lets get you set up.

May 21, 2014

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

May 21 001 May 21 002 May 21 003 May 21 004 May 21 005 May 21 006 May 21 007 May 21 008 May 21 009 May 21 010Well back from sugar Lake and ,man what a brutal two days of wind ,that we had to deal with. It blew 20 to 30 both days. We were only able to boat 32 fish over the two day trip, but we still caught a few nice ones. We lost several fish both day, well I know we lost at least 20 . It was so windy by the time we knew we had a bite it was to late. I fished Jimmy and Robert . Robert the first day hit a fish and the fish jerked his rod overboard and for some reason his rod floated just long enough for us to get it and the fish, was still on and he landed it , just a 5 pounder. Today Jimmy got his big fish on the crank bait and I reeled in right quick to get the net and I put my rod on the deck with the bait hanging a little in the water and when Jimmy got his fish up to the boat a fish grabbed my bait and jerked my rod and reel overboard and we never got that one back. We still had a great trip despite the brutal wind and we were thankful for what we did catch. Like allways the stay and the food was great.

May 19, 2014

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Off Today. I will spend the day getting ready for my Sugar Lake trips starting tomorrow. I was to be on Sugar for the next 10 straight days. Saying that I had 2 days open up due to a reschedule . The two days are open if you want to fish Sugar Lake. Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd. I will already be there and I have someone that will pick you up and bring you to me at the lake. Sugar is fishing pretty darn good right now and will just get better and better as it get hotter and the fish settle in on their summer pattern. If you are interested get ahold of me today or tonight as I will be heading out early Tuesday morning. Call , Text ,or email me . You will love the trip it is really a good one. Food , Stay and Fishing is great.

May 18, 2014

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

I was back on Falcon today with Ron and Roland today. This wind is just not going to give us a break , it looks like. The good new about today is we caught about 10 fish today and had 3 really big bites, the bad new is we only got the small ones in the boat. Ron lost a really big fish early on the crank bait and I lost two later in the day on back to back cast. Falcon kicked our tails today and the wind did not help any as well. I am off tomorrow and back to Sugar Tuesday. I will let you know how it goes.

May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

IMG_20140516_074618_291 IMG_20140516_081914_900 IMG_20140516_081923_217 IMG_20140516_100030_991 IMG_20140516_100036_676 IMG_20140516_124742_710 IMG_20140516_125030_141 IMG_20140516_132411_028 IMG_20140516_144429_148 IMG_20140516_144434_805 May 17 001 May 17 002 May 17 003 May 17 004 IMG_20140517_114905_234 IMG_20140517_121923_137 IMG_20140517_121933_988 May 17 005 May 17 006 May 17 007 May 17 008 May 17 009 May 17 010 IMG_20140517_141921_173 IMG_20140517_145858_615Well just got back from Sugar . I took Andrew and his dad Darrell for their first time. The wind was just a beast both days, but like I have said I can handle a South wind on Sugar just not a north. We caught 62 fish on our two day trip. If you are wondering about the pictures I forgot my camera on the first day and Andrew had his phone with him and took the pictures on the first day. Due to the way my program downloads they are mixed up a little , or they are not all in order. Anyway I think you will; get the idea that Sugar is fishing pretty good and I am looking forward to catching a nice weather day on Sugar. It has been a grind every trip with weather ,North and South Hard winds. Andrew and Darrell , both had on monster fish early this morning and both got there hearts broke as well as their line in open water , They found out just how mean these fish are. They also will not show up with 17 lb test line again, for texas rigging. Andrew got some revenge as he caught his personal best a 10 lb on the nose. This fish was on her down hill side as she was a little poor. This made him wonder all the rest of the day about the fish that took him for a ride and he had her on for a long time and she just kept on going . I guide here on Falcon tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing what is happing here. These guys were great and wanted me to fish and that is why I have some pictures in the mix.

May 14, 2014

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

May 14 001 May 14 002 May 14 003 May 14 004 May 14 005 May 14 006 May 14 007 May 14 008 May 14 009 May 14 010 May 14 011Well I just came from another Sugar Lake trip . I took Tom one of my regular clients to Sugar for his first time. We were to fish 3 full days and due to some real nasty weather we only got to fish one day and 3 hours. I dealt with the hard South winds the first day and we caught 24 fish . It was the second day and we were whacking them early, boating 14 fish, and than all hell broke loose with a hard and I mean hard north wind. It got windy , wet and rough and we had to get off the water at 10 or so. We never got to put the boat back on the water and came home early today.  Tom lost an absolute monster fish on a crankbait. This fish took the bait and ripped out a mile of drag and he tried and tried to get her turned , but she just eat his lunch and than some. The good thing about this trip , we did not have to flip , all our fish came deep on cranks the first day and Tex rig deep the second day. As always the food was great and one of these days I will have a Sugar trip without and north wind. This is Mid May isn’t it. I am off tomorrow and Back to Sugar on Friday and Sat. Unless they change the forecast the weather looks good.

May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

May 10 001 May 10 002 May 10 003 May 10 004 May 10 005 May 10 006 May 10 007 May 10 008 May 10 009 May 10 010 May 10 011 May 10 012 May 10 013 May 10 014 May 10 015 May 10 016Well back from a Sugar Lake trip. I took Justin and Ryan down to Sugar Lake for their first time . Our first day started out with back to back fish over eight pounds . We had not been on the lake more than 10 min. I had to ask them , well what do you think about Sugar. As the trip before , the deep bite slowed down , so we hit the bushes and started flipping. Our first day was a grind as we ended up with 21 fish, fighting the wind all day. Day two started out good , although Bryan and I lost two really big fish on the crankbait to start the day. Both of our fish went airborne and threw the crank. Bryan did connect soon after that on a real nice fish on the crank. Again the deep bite slowed and so we decided to go for more action and flip trees again. We ended up with 32 fish today and the weather was great all but the last couple of hours when the wind kicked up. Most of our fish were very good quality , lots of four and 5 pounders, Our best five both days were in the 35 or so pound mark. I am off tomorrow and will be back to Sugar come Monday.