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Mar 31, 2014

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Mar 6 002Mar 6 004Mar 7 001Mar 8 002Mar 8 006Mar 11 127Mar 13 002Mar 14 00220140314_154527_resized20140318_093458_resizedMar 20 001Mar 20 005Mar 20 008Mar 21 001Mar 22 002Mar 25 001Mar 25 003Mar 30 002Mar 30 004Mar 30 007Mar 30 010I did not have a trip today as I have today and tomorrow off for some much needed , boat service. As I did last month I am posting a few of the better fish that were caught in March. Falcon is fishing tough, but where else can you get this quality and this number of good fish in Just 16 days on the water. Falcon is going to be good now that we have just about got this spawn over with and the water temp starts to climb. We are not even to the best months on Falcon. Mid April thru the summer are the best months for me . The fish have been so scattered and so shallow , making Falcon seem a little tough. Now grant you that we are not probably going to see it like it was in 2011 and 2012 , but Falcon will still be the best bet to get that monster fish. I can speek for a lot of Guides here and I know they are looking forward to the upcoming summer pattern. I will have my boat out of the shop Tuesday and plan on hitting the water Wed.

Mar 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Mar 30 001 Mar 30 002 Mar 30 003 Mar 30 004 Mar 30 005 Mar 30 006 Mar 30 007 Mar 30 008 Mar 30 009 Mar 30 010After sucking yesterday and only catching a few dinks with Kellon and Riley I took out Eric and Russell today the other part of the same group. We had a agenda today to grind it out deep today and we were not blessed with nice weather today. The wind just kicked butt today sometimes blowing over 30 MPH. We tucked in for a while to get out of it and caught a few fish but the bank just gave us some dinks. I told them that we were going right out in the big waves and wind and fish , and they were game for it. Thank God I own a trolling motor that will hold you in 30 plus wind. That is what it took to get a good bag today. We only caught a couple of small fish out deep and the rest were quality. The Watermelon Red Hammerhead caught the best fish today. The others were on plastics.

Mar 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Mar 27 002Mar 27 001Took out Jeff and Page today. For some reason I have gone blank on Jeff’s friend that fished with us today. I have them again tomorrow so they can refresh my memory. Well it was tough as hell out there today. We boated 7 fish today and Jeff is pictured with the biggest . I have not caught very many fish this last few weeks , but I have at least got a big one almost every time. One reason I am fishing a lot of off shore stuff and the few bites that  We are getting are really good quality. Today we had several more bites than the 7 we put in the boat, but to our knowledge not a big bite all day. We will fish the  north end tomorrow as we have a short day.

Mar 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Mar 25 003 Mar 25 004Took out Rodney and Cody again today. We headed way south to fish some water that we did not get to yesterday. The bite out deep was a little slow early so after a couple of hours and a few bites , we went to check a couple of shallow spots . Rodney tied on a new prototype spinner bait , by Chad Sims and it did not take but a couple of cast and he lands this monster fish that only weighted 9 lb 7 oz and should have been a 11 pounder. this fish was post spawn to the max. She was completely spawned out . Her head was bigger than Rodney’s . After a couple of shallow fish , we moved back out and tried our deep bite again. We called it a day early as they wanted to hit the road back home. I really enjoyed these two and we had a pretty slow go of it for the past two days, But at least they both caught a good fish.


Mar 24, 2014

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Mar 25 002Mar 25 001Took out Rodney and Cody today. We started out on a main lake point and I had Cody throwing a Crank and Rodney a Jig. Rodney got on the action real quick. The only problem he did not land either of the two fish he had on. One of the came off at the boat as I was getting the net deployed . Than it was Cod’s turn . he had one take him for a ride and hung him up on the bottom and we loose this fish as well. Man it has been tough , but we got the bites on our first stop , we just did not get them in the boat. We move to our next spot and Cody puts our first fish in the boat. For the most part we fish deep all day and Cody stayed with the crank. Rodney was going to stay with the Jig, but for some reason I did not have anymore in the boat. I for sure will have the right jig tomorrow. We move on Up the lake to continue our deep quest as we are getting the bites . Cody finally puts one of these quality fish in the boat after we had lost a couple of more. Late in the day I join in and damn if I don’t break a good fish off as well. Bottom line the enough bites are out there . We had a fair day , but should have had a good day.

Mar 22, 2014

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Mar 22 001 Mar 22 002Took out Ron and Rayul today. We were really looking forward to get on the water today knowing the weather was going to be good. Well the weather was good , but it did not get hot like they said it was going to be. We decided before we got on the water today that we were going to stay deep no matter what today. Well it really did not pay off . Rayul caught a nice fish with a 10 xd  crank bait. We had several good bites today , but the fish were just moving the bait and not eating it for us. I had two bone jarring bites on the jig today and nothing there. Same thing on the mag fluke. Bottom line Falcon kicked my butt today. I am off tomorrow , but I will be back at it Monday.

Mar 21, 2014

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Mar 21 001 Mar 21 002Took out John and Cindy today. Glad I have a Triton with the extra seat space in the front. This worked out well today as Cindy is in a wheel chair do to some foot surgery over the past couple of years. I put the sit down seat up front with me so I could cast for her and let her fish the bait in. this started out really well as she got a fish of a lifetime right off the bat. this monster went exactly 9 lbs . We had a few more bites after that , but that was the only fish we were to put in the boat. The wind got up and for what we were having to do, this made for a slow day for us. But on the other hand if we were only to land one , this fish was the one that we wanted. I really admire Cindy for have the drive to get out there and give them hell today. What a nice lady.

Mar 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Mar 20 001 Mar 20 002 Mar 20 003 Mar 20 004 Mar 20 005 Mar 20 006 Mar 20 007 Mar 20 008Took out Gary and Ron again today. We put in at the state park and fished south all day. We spent the first 4 or 5 hours shallow and I will not do that again. We caught a couple of small fish shallow. We did not catch very many deep , but when we did it was quality. The bite was tuff as nails today and we really had to grind out every bite we had . We never caught more than one fish on a spot, and we really fished every spot for a while. Like I have been saying , a few are out there and they are quality, if you have the patience to grind all day for a few big bites. Let me talk about the right equipment for fishing here on Falcon. I see this in a lot of cases with my clients. Falcon Lake is a different animal when it comes to bass fishing. It is a must to have the right equipment. If you do not , you will not have a good day. Here is what you need. Texas Rig. Rod no shorter than 7′ 6″ and it needs to be Heavy. I use 7’9″ and 7’11 ” , but 7′ 6″ will do. good open bait casting reel spooled with 20 or 25 lb fluorocarbon. Crank bait rod : no less than 7′ 6″ Med or Med Heavy action . 7′ 11″ is much better . Making very long cast is a must. Bait casting 5.1 retrieve spool with 12 or 15 lb fluorocarbon . Spinner bait 7′ to 7′ 6″ . I use a 7′ 3″ Med heavy . I spool reel with 20 or 25 floro and another with 50 lb braid. depends how thick the cover is that I am fishing. If you do not have this kind off equipment , you will not have a good experience here on Falcon. Leave the 6 foot and 6′ 6″ rods at the house. do not bring them I will not let them in my boat LOL. I have plenty of the right equipment , so if you have a trip with me and do not have or do not want to get the right equipment , You can use mine . I do not charge for the use of the right equipment , because I want you to succeed , and the right equipment will help you do that. I have lots and lots of experience here on Falcon and I have used every brand of high quality rods, and for the money the RPM rods that I use are the best hands down. I will put this rod up against any other rod on the market. They are the best for the money , that you can buy. If you want what I have found to be the best call me or email me and I will give you a code that will deliver you the best rod or rods you can buy for the money. This special I will be running for about 30 days . . …

Mar 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

20140318_093458_resizedTook out Alan and Nancy today. Alan has fished with me twice already this year and we had good days both times. this time he brings his wife and the wind is just brutal today. We tried it all today and the only bites we could get were deep. Look at the Hammerhead Jig hanging out of the fish that Nancy is holding . I have Alan again in April and I hope he will bring Nancy again and the weather is nice. The wind was just too hard to fish the water we wanted too .

Mar 17, 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Well I will be back on the water today after a few days off. It is in the 40’s as I write and will be interesting to see if it affects the shallow bite. The fish had pulled up shallow again with the full moon and warm weather we have had before yesterdays front. It was a windy son of a gun yesterday , but I got a call from Jay and he and his clients Doc and Vaughn wanted to hit the golf course after they got blown off the water. The game was on and James from FLT joined us as well. We had a hell of a time playing as they were a hoot to play with. They knew how to drink a little beer as well. They will be out there with Jay today as well so good luck to them. Just a reminder about the Peacock Bass Trip in Jan. If you want to go you need to get in touch with me . We want to have it all set by the end of this month. There are some good deals right now on the flights . As it looks right now I only have 6 spots left . Will let you know for sure once the deposits are in. I will give an update on the fishing after I get off the water today. UPDATE: I took out Gary and Ashley today. Ashley told me that she got this trip for Gary for V day. What a deal. Well it was a little cool going out today , but got very nice later in the day. I did manage to get Ashley bit today and we even got to see both fish , we just did not get them in the boat. Gary put the only fish in the boat today . We got several bites , it was just one of them days , that we just did not connect. I really enjoyed fishing these two and hope to have them back .