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Jan 31, 2014

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Jan 31 001 Jan 31 002 Jan 31 003 Jan 31 004 Jan 31 005 Jan 31 006 Jan 31 007 Jan 31 008 Jan 31 009 Jan 31 010 Jan 31 011Took Steve and his son Olie out today. It was a little cool early and the water temp was 54 starting out. I just felt like it was too cold to fish shallow today, so we started out with the deep crank and , well that was the right decision. These two were pretty good with the crank so we stayed with it all day. Olie got us started very early on his 3rd cast with an impressive 8 lb 11 oz beauty . Steve was not far behind with an 8 lb of his own. Now we did not catch all that many fish, but when we did it was very good quality . We had had 12 fish on today and they boated 8 of them . We had a five pounder as or smallest fish in the five fish stringer and we had 3 fish on that we all saw that would have really helped our stringer , Olie had another good fish on that we did not get a look at. I really enjoyed not having to go shallow and throw a spinnerbait today. Every fish we had and had on was on the deep cranks , but that is all they threw today. I did not fish again today so I had zero. They had a great double today and our best five went about 34 pounds

Jan 30, 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Jan 27 002Jan 23 008Jan 22, 2014 004Jan 22, 2014 001This is not a fishing report . I have upgraded the way I post so this is a trial post just to see how it works before I have to do a real fishing report. I plan on putting more and more details on my reports so that you that view will get a real factual report so you can make up your own mind as to how Falcon is fishing. I will have pictures, numbers of fish caught and weight of the best five just like I always do. Thanks to everyone that view my reports. I promise you one thing . I will tell you like it is . This is just a few fish that were caught out of my boat The past few days.

Jan 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Well I was to go out today, but we decided to take a weather day off. It is cold and the forecast is that it is going to warm up but not until it is about time to get off the water. I probably should have went out as I am on a few pre spawn fish and although it is a grind , when you get bit it usually is a big fish. After today we will start to warm up a little and we need to to get this water temp up where we need it this time of year. I do have this Thurs and Friday open due to a cancelation if anyone is interested . I have a trip Sat and do not have another day open until Sat Feb 15th . The next day open after that is the 21st of Feb . As you can see I am pretty booked up and I only have a few days open in March. The best is still to come on Falcon as the water temp get higher, so do not miss out on what is to come.

Jan 27, 2014

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Took out Bill and Dan today. We started out with the Crank today and Bill put a nice 8 lb 14 oz pig in the boat early. Than Dan got ahold of a big fish as well but see got the best of him and he lost her . I did get a look at her and she looked about the same size as Bill’s fish. We decided to leave the area early and go to some more fish I had located , before the wind got up as I did not think we could fish it when it did. We made it to the spot and got a couple of hours on It and they were biting pretty good for a little while as we caught 8 fish in there. The wind held off today better than I expected, but when it hit our day came to an end. I was to take them out again tomorrow , but we decided that we will not go out .

Jan 26, 2014

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Took out andy again today. We mixed it up early as I checked the shallow bite , where I caught them good a couple days ago or before the front and it was dead, so I went out deeper and started cranking. We found a few as Andy caught two 3 pounder right off the bat. I picked up the crank and made a few cast and man I got ahold of one that felt like I was pulling a tire around. I knew she was big by how slow and heavy she felt. Sure enough she started coming up and I had already told andy to get the net. She came up about 30 feet from the boat and my God she was big. I am still sick over it. About 10 cast later I get another one and this ones is about 8 pounds and although it was a good fish , it was so disappointing. Well Andy got his first crank bait fish today at the same spot. After that we cranked a few more places and went back shallow . I found Andy a nice fish on the bed and he caught her , the other fish we saw spooked and would not bite . After a while of site fishing we went back to the spinner bait and Andy caught a few more doing that. We boated 9 fish today and proud of it.

Jan 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Took out Andy today. I met him at the state park and we put in down there today. It was 28 degrees when we put in. He is from Alaska , but I am not and it was cold as heck to me. We had to stay on the Texas side so we work some of the pockets toward the Tigers. We had 8 fish on and put 5 of them in the boat, so as you can see we had a very tough day. We tried deep and mid range and the only place we could get a bite was real shallow, go figure. I have him again tomorrow so we will give them heck again tomorrow.

Jan 23, 2014

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Took out Tracy and his son Payton today. We put on the water very early and thought we had to to get a few hours in before the weather hit. Well we got all day in before the weather hit and we had a very good day considering what has been going on on Falcon. Tracy got us on the board on his third cast and did not let up. In fact it was 5 for Tracy and 1 for Payton. I made a change in Payton’s set up and changed the skirt out on his spinnerbait. It did not take him long to catch up to his dad, and than the competition between Father and Son was on big time. They stayed neck and neck and as soon as Payton would tie his dan , Tracy would catch another one. I was just a spectator at this point as I did not pick up a rod and make a cast today until our last stop and I did this just to put a fish in the boat for me and she was a nice 5 pounder. Tracy and Payton did a great job landing fish today, but Payton did get it handed to him twice today. One we nearly had but I could not get my hand on her . We could see her and see was an 8 plus pound fish. She finally pulled off . He lost another 6 or 7 pounder a little later in the same area. I was a little worried about the weather hitting so I came back north to a spot to be our last place for the day. As we were getting back in the pocket , Payton saw a big fish and a buck on a bed. We spooked them and cast a few times at them , but no luck. We fished our way back and both of them caught a fish so they were still tied at 9 each. Well on the way out I had remembered what bush Payton had see the big fish by and so I got the boat where he could make a cast and Bam she bit it and he put her in the boat a pretty 7 lb 3 oz pig. We called it a day and Payton once again had bragging rights with the most and the biggest. We boated 20 fish today counting my fish. Payton 10, Tracy 9 and Me 1 . I really had fun with these two today and hope to have them back some day.

Jan 22, 2014

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Took out Steve today. Steve is a regular client of mine and gave me a call Tuesday and wanted to go out today. He knew how tough Falcon has been , but wanted to come fish anyhow, my kinda guy. We hit the water early even though it was really cold. We fished our butts off and all we had for our effort was three fish by noon, one went about 4 pounds the other two were small. About 2 pm I decided to go ahead and pushed up the lake in the wind and try some different water. We got on a big flatt and started chuncking the blade . I hit a pretty good fish and than Steve hit the one he is pictured with. We made a circle and realized that we had found a little high spot in this massive flat off the river. We went through it again and Steve and I got another fish. Than Steve catches a 5 pounder and I catch one that I am pictured with. We ended up catching 6 fish there and added to the 3 we had before lunch. for a total of 9 fish in the boat. We had a fair stringer as well. Just a note about my fishing reports. I do thank the ones of you that take the time to read my reports. I for one will tell you like its is , every time I go out , good ,bad or ugly. I believe that everyone wants a daily fishing report and respects a guide that is on the water almost every day and when he gets off , lets everone know how that day goes. Is this not how it should be . A credible fishing report with all the details about the day . Well enough said , that is how it will be with me and my report so keep on checking with me . Thanks Again for all that view .

Jan 20, 2014

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Took out Ryan and Ron again today. I really expected us to get more fish today as it was another warm day and we had 16 fish on yesterday. We started out deep again and today not a bite deep. We went shallow after a couple of hours and found this bite slower than yesterday. We finally hit a few after lunch and Ron lost a really nice fish on a shallow road bed. I bet this 7 pounder came 4 foot out of the water to throw his spinnerbait. We made a late move north to some fish I had found Wed and I went straight to the spot where we had caught three fish in a role there last week. Ron threw his spinner bait and a big fish rolled at it and I caught a glimps at her and she looked good. he made another cast and caught a buck , but this is not the fish I saw. We moved on down the bank and fished for about 20 min and I returned to the spot and Ryan took the his turn at it and he got her a 6 lb 13 oz best of the day. This spinnerbait stuff is starting to grind on me and I am ready for some deep action. I will find it sooner or later.

Jan 19, 2014

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Took out Ryan and Ron today. It was sure nice to get back to work and what a pretty day to do so. We started cranking deep and after a few hours of that with just on fish on and lost , we hit the shallow stuff with the blades . We covered a ton of water and had our chances . We had 16 fish connected and a few more bites and only put 9 of them in the boat. Both Ryan and Ron had a good one on and although we did not see Ryans before it tore loose we did however see Ron’s and folks it was a heartbreak to get her so close to the boat and not get her in. We will be at it again tomorrow and I will start deep again and if that does not work I will move to the shallow stuff .