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Oct 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Jimmy Johnson Benifit Tournament Did not fish today but I have nine days in a role starting tomorrow. I have attached the Tournament info for the Jimmy Johnson tournament. Jimmy was a regular here on Falcon when a tournament was in town. If you can please make the tournament as it is for a great cause for a great loss of a great man. I will be doing some full fishing reports ,k and hope to get some great video, so keep on checking my reports.

Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

I was off today. Thanks to everyone responding to my reports and the good fishing going on on Falcon right now. I have booked quit a few much needed trips , and I really do appreciate it. I will have my schedule updated , so if you are interested in coming to Falcon you can look and see what is open and make plans. Also I want to remind you that I have a great place that I rent out to anyone that is coming to Falcon. this place has it all , Covered parking , WI FI. Big screen TV, Ice machine, Etc. Set up to sleep  up to 6 people in their own bed. Info on this site under lodging. Also dates are on my Schedule calendar as well. Falcon is pretty good right now , so come on down and have some fun.

Oct 28, 2013

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Well after my post yesterday. I got a call right away and it was Allen wanting to go out and experience the fun. That is just what we did. I knew the wind was going to blow so I picked a place to be , that had some protection and basically we stayed there all day. Now our day was really good , but it should have been incredible. We caught some many fish I lost count as we were catching them sometimes two at a time . To take a good guess on how many fish today I want to say somewhere around 50 and I think that is way short. The day started with Allen catching a nice 3 pounder on his first cast and later , like just two cast later he hooks it to a big fish and gets her up beside the boat and as I am about to lip her she comes off. This fish was 8 plus. Our big fish jinks had just started at that point. Allen gets ahold of another fish about 30 min later and she takes him for a ride headed to deep water and he tried to turn her and she , well she took his spinner bait out to sea. As the wind picked up I figured out a pattern and we just hammered them. I loose a monster on the spinner bait , as she just came unglued at the boat. Damn what is going on. We decide to start flipping , as the spinner bait bite has slowed down . Allen get two more big bites and both of them kick his butt and break him off. Finally I get a big fish on and have her in open water and This time Allen decides to use the net . I get this fish up to the boat and Allen scoped her up in the net , the only problem he scooped her up tail first and , well you guessed it she Jumped out of the net.,This fish is over 9 pounds, All we could do at that point is laugh about it. Really I know that the big ones seem to get away, but this day was just damn funny. We still had a great day and caught as many fish as you could want today.

Oct 27, 2013

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Click for Video Took out Bubba and Gary today. The only word I can think to say about the day is WOW!!!!!! Man did we catch the fish today. I wanted to shoot some more video today with my go pro but the damn battery was dead. I did however shot a little with my regular camera today and I have include just a few of their bigger fish in it. We caught 50 fish by 1 pm today and decided to go and try the deep bite for the last two hours , we caught 5 or 6 more deep but all were small. Most of our fish today were just your typical shallow water spinner bait fish , but we also had our share of nice fish in the 4 pound range as well . Falcon is really putting out the large numbers at the moment , the only problem with that is I do not have a trip scheduled until Nov the 6th . that means I have 10 open days starting tomorrow. I have not had ten unbooked days in a role since I started guiding. What a bummer. I sure would like to share some of this fun with a few more people. Hope you enjoy the video, just click the link.

Oct 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Took out Wayne and Sherman today. We hit the water early as I had in mind a spot I wanted to be the first boat at and get out before the crowd showed up. It worked as we hit them hard and was not seen by anybody else. Wayne and Sherman were on fire and Wayne get a pretty 8 lb 10 oz brute on the blade. We caught about twenty five fish on the blade and than we moved out just a little and caught about 20 on the texas rig . Sherman and Wayne learned the hard way how mean these big Falcon fish are as the got broke off five times between them. Sherman finally landed a nice 6 pounder . Most of our 45 fish were the normal shallow water fish, but man was it fun and we called it a day at 1 pm. I shot a great video and I got 19 fish catches on it . I did not include it in this report because I had some exposed backgrounds I did not want out yet . I will put it up in a few days on my site . It is great video of some guys having a blast and that is what this deal is all about. Time to get your butt down here.

Oct 21, 2013

Monday, October 21st, 2013

Took out Donald and Mike today. They have been to Falcon before , but this is the first time I have had the pleasure to take them out. I have always been booked so I had to put them with another guide. This time they booked me early and man did we have a blast. Today was a lot like yesterday as we were on fire early and then it slacked off later in the day. Now while it was on , we did put a bunch in the boat and some very good shallow water fish. We boated about 20 or so before noon and very few after that. These guys we a lot of fun to be out with . Spinner baits caught most all the fish, but the texas rig caught some as well later.

Oct 20, 2013

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Took out Richard and Fred today. The last time they were here was back in March and they were with another guide . I did not remember them until they told me that they were the guys staying next door to the guys I had the same couple of days . That was The Monday, Tuesday and Wed of the practice days for the Elite tournament held here in March. Well it was a very different bite for me then , then it is right now. I was deep then and now I am shallow , throwing my least favorite bait a spinner bait. We did not just have a stellar day but we had a great morning with a lot of fish and One really nice fish . We were really catching them early and than it started to cool back down , clouded up and our bite slowed down to a crawl. We did make a few adjustments and caught a few more. I think we ended up with about 25 fish today most caught before lunch. Richard had the big fish and Fred kicked him hard on numbers.

Oct 18, 2013

Friday, October 18th, 2013

I was not on the water today, but man was it a very pretty day. Warm and no wind. The lake is starting to slow down on the rise we have had for the last week. We are setting at just about 273 or 28 feet below full pool. What a blessing it is to get this kind of water . We have gained just about 13 feet in the last thirty days. All of this is just going to make the fishing get better and better. It has already got the numbers up just in the past few days. A lot of fish are being caught on moving baits up shallow, in the new clean water , back in the pockets. Jay and I were just at the golf course late hitting on the range and we both have several open dates we would like very much to fill. Either one of us will work our butts off to make sure you have a great time and catch some nice fish. I am off tomorrow due to a cancelation, and this time he gave me notice and is going to reschedule. Unlike the no shows. I understand that things come up and I did appreciate the call . Thanks Judd. I will be back on the water Sunday and will give a full fishing report then. Butt really if you want to have a great time , now is the time .

Oct 17, 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

I took out Jonnie and Jimmy again today and Jay had Bishop Gregory again today. We started where we left off yesterday and found the bite to be off. We had a couple of hits but no takers. Jonnie is a big regular of mine fishing with me up to 30 days a year. This is the first time I have ever fished him shallow. So after an hour , He wanted to go fish deep structure . Hell I did not waste any time , as I wanted to try it as well . We put inabout 2 or 3 hard hours out there deep and no much luck , just a bite or two. I called Jay to check in and They were just smashing them . so we went back shallow and started to catch a few. We finally ended up with 15 or so but Jay and Bishop hit , the mother load. I am off Friday so I guess I will take some more money from Jay on the golf course , although he did get me last time .

Oct 16, 2013

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Took out Jonnie and Jimmy today , Bishop Gregory went with Jay today. We started out good with Jonnie getting a nice fish early on the Chatterbait. We were just setteling in when the north wind hit. We had to go back to the ramp and drive to the house to get some jackets, it was cold . We got back on the water and the north wind was blowing pretty well so we just stayed protected and caught some good fish the better ones are pictured . I will have them again tomorrow and Hope we have a better weather day so we will have more options , expecially the deeper one.