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Sept 27, 2013

Friday, September 27th, 2013

I took out Bryan and Jim today. The wind was a little stiff on us today. I had a day from hell today, not only did we not do any good I had trouble with my graphs today. I was on the phone for a while with Lowrance and we tried everything we could do on the water. Finally we gave up and I had to go blind for most of the day. We caught just 9 fish today and nothing to take a picture of or a video of. I really hit some good stuff and really had no other boats on anything I wanted to fish. The fish just did not bite for us today. We saw tons of fish blowing up and chasing shad where we were but very few wanted what we had to offer and we offered them everything I could think off. I did get on the computer at home and upload the new updates and loaded them in my graphs and for now this seemed to cure the problem. I just do not know how we ever fished and caught off shore fish without electronics .

Sept 25, 2013

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Video Click Here   Been off for a few days . Jay and a couple of friends went to Laredo yesterday to play a little golf, and on the way over there Jay and I made plans to go out fishing Today. So we decided that the golf bet was the looser had to furnish the boat for today. Well If you watch the video than you know that I do not fish out of a Ranger. We have never had time to go out together , because of our schedules , but this was the first and will not be the last time we go out and put our heads together on scouting for new good places to fish our clients. Also I wanted to shoot a little practice video and try to get better at it as well. I did have the camera on and caught Jay catching a nice fish on the crank, I also caught a monster on the same video as we had a double . something went wrong with the camera as it made my monster fish look small compared to Jays nice fish . LOL Trick photography . We went to an are that we both had good fish located to shoot more video , but some boats were in the area so we opted not to expose it. We did find some new good water and plan on doing this more often as we both are going to work our butts off for our clients , that and the fact that we both love our jobs and love to fish Falcon Lake , we have in common. We both need the work and I promise you we will always bust our butts to put you on fish .

Sept 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

I took out Richard and Shawn today. These two guys drove 11 hours yesterday to get here and fish with me today and hit the worst weather we have had in months. The wind just howled out of the north today. I fished them till about 4 pm and they had to hit the road again for another 11 hours drive back home. I told them that they need to plan for more days to fish than one. Well to the fishing . We worked our butts off and fished where we could and only boated 12 fish today. We lost a lot of fish today as they just would not stay pegged.  The river is muddy all the way to marker 8 now , so all of that was no good . About all we had was Pierces and Tigers and every boat that put in down here was there. I really felt bad for the guys , but they were better about the day we were dealt than I was. And to rub it in a little more , the weather really got nice about 5 pm . While I was on the water , Sheretta got me a bigger battery for my Go Pro so I will be able to have it on more than two hours a day. So I plan on having some more videos soon. Thanks to all of you for you comments about the videos. I am glad to see that you are enjoying them.

Sept 20, 2013

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Video Link Click This I am off today. If you have been reading my fishing reports lately, then you know that I am trying to put a video with the trip for each day. I also have been doing some playing around with my video maker trying to get some different effects and produce some really very good video for you to enjoy. This video is of a few fish that have been caught the past few days in slow motion. I am just amazed to how awesome these creatures are. Please check it out and email me any comments or help you can give me.

Sept 19, 2013

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Video Link Click Here Well I took out Joe and Jim today. We started off at the Dam and found my early bite a little slow. I picked up a worm and got things started with a nice video to boot. I am going to have to get a bigger battery, because I ran out of power very early the last two day. Joe and Jim learned first had that 15 pound line is not big enough for these mean Falcon giants. They broke off three big fish today. I broke off a big one as well , but it was with a crank bait and see took me for a ride in the rocks. I included a video in this report that was from the 18th with Keith and the 19th with Joe and Jim. We had a slow day, but we had our chances . Later in the day we came back north and caught some smaller size fish.

Sept 18, 2013

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Sorry about the late post , but I got home late. I took out Keith today and we put in at the county and headed south. We had to dodge the rain today , but we did a great job , until we went to load up and , we got soaked at the ramp. We did manage to catch a few nice ones and I did shoot some good video of Keith catching his best two. I will put the video up later as I did not have the time tonight to get it downloaded.

Sept 15, 2013

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Click this for video link This is a better quality video than I have been posting. I am going to have a lot of these now with my fishing reports. I have had several people email me that they can not get the link up. You have to have, windows media player to see the video. If you have a mac or I phone you can see the video, but you with have to download this file to do so. Once you download this file you can enjoy all my videos in the future. Here is the link you need to go to for the down load.

Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Sept 14, Video Link Took out Carlos today. We put in early and headed south. The place I wanted to start had a boat on it so I went on south to the dam. I was the first boat down there and Carlos gets a big fish on his first cast and se comes off at the boat. Then I get one on and it also is a big fish and damn it comes off . You can see that in the first part of the video I shot. I get another fish on , on the very next cast and I did land this one as a damn boat comes in on us . This fish went 8.56 lbs . I finally had a few words with the other boat that has now got between me and the spot we are fishing. He did apologize and move over to the nest point, and Carlos got to get back in the action catching one that was about 6 pounds. Now I know it is Sat and here comes all the boats , so we pack it up and left. and the fish were biting. I told Carlos I had a couple of spots holding some big fish that I wanted to hit before it got to late. I went to the area and had to wait a little bit , but it finally cleared out and Carlos got a fish on and lost her. I told him to throw back into the same spot and be ready and man did he catch a fish of a lifetime. His new personal best . 11.44 is what she weighted when I weighted her. We put her in the live well , because I wanted to make sure she was ok and he wanted to take measurments for a replica. I videoed him weighing her and measuring her and than we took some good pictures and let her go and she took off like a rocket to be caught another day . We did not catch a bunch of fish today but we still had a hell of a day. Be sure to click on the Sept 14 Video link at the top for a look at the video. The 11.44 pounder is the last two photos. The fish Carlos is holding with the rain suit on is my 8.56 pounder. If you are not able to see the video download this app.

Sept 12, 2013

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Sept 12-Video Link Well , Wally and I went out today , and we had a really good day. Well I did anyway. Wally could not get connected today. Now before you say, The guide caught them all. I was not a guide today. Wally came to visit and to fish with me so I got to put my nose down and catch some fish for a change. Wally and I shot some great video today. Please watch it . To do so click on the video link. I catch two good fish on the crank bait . But what you did not see is the second fish I had on and lost , was a big fish. I was stuck in the rocks and went up to get it and when I got right over it and popped it off the rock , she hit it and I had maybe 5 foot of line out .I did not know how big she was for sure till she jumped off. I did catch a good stringer today , all pictured and all but one one on video, some day I will get all five biggest on video, but right now with the bites coming far apart it is hard to be ready and not run all your batteries down. Just a note. If you are wondering about why I did not post Sept 11. We did go out and fish and we did catch several fish. We had a request from Sheretta, that she had a friend that wanted some fish to eat and if I would get here some I could hunt on their ranch, so we went out and got a limit of small fish (10) and got off the water before lunch and took the rest of the day off.

Sept 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Sept 10 video Well I took Wally out again today. We hit intirely different stuff today as I am locating fish for some upcoming trips. I also shot a little video again today so click on the video link and look at it. I will try to do this a lot more from now on. I was trying to save battery life today and I caught a monster and did not have time to get the camera on, as I did not have it in standby mode. Wally and I got off to a good start catching a 7 lb 5 oz and a 4 lb 11 oz on video. Than we made a move and I had turned the camera off and on the first cast I caught the biggest of the day , pictured . 8 lb 11 oz. She was hooked a long ways off and jumped three or four time , man I was sick that I did not get her on the video. We called it a day early, due to the storms building around. We will be at it agin tomorrow.