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June 28, 2013

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Took out Micah and Max for their last day of three. It has been a real grind as far as the big fish are concerned , As you can see I had a big fish , I caught this fish on a crank bait , throwing out in open water , while they were fishing a hump , go figure. Micah did have his chance, but , the fish got the best of him and snapped him off in open water. He broke off another one earlier on the rocks , but I think this fish cut him off on the rocks. The one in the open , was a heart breaker, for sure. These big bites are coming , not very often right now and when they do you have to put them in the boat. It sure make for a better day. As usual I am taking the weekend off. I might rest and get the new Triton cleaned up but I plan on hitting the water and figuring these fish out. We are starting to drop in water level again and it will not be long at this rate to loose what we had gained earlier in the month. What and the hell are they doing with all the water.

June 27, 2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Took out Micha and Max again today. I decided to stay up north as the water has started clearing up and there has been no pressure on this end of the lake. We started off ok as Micha and Max both had nice fish early. The good news is that we caught a ton of fish today. the bad news is we did not catch any big ones. Folks this lake is full of two pounders. With all the bait we have , and the numbers of small fish we have our future really looks good. Tomorrow is their last day and looks like it is going to be a nice one. I will be all over this lake looking for a big bit for these two. They deserve it as they have fished their butts off , with no complaint. I have been stumped on the big bite the last few times out and I will be on a mission tomorrow.

June 26, 2013

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Well I took out Micah and Max today. All that I can say about today is that it really sucked out there today and it was hot. We caught some fish but about 3pounds or so was the biggest we put in the boat. Well I did set the hook and a monster fish with the Hammerhead Jig and I did land it , but it was a 12 pound blue cat. Damn I sure thought that I had a big bass for about 10 seconds of so. The good new is that I have these guys for two more day and the wind looks like it might lay if not Thursday than Friday. Also the water is settling down on the color just a little as well. We will be out there giving them heck tomorrow .

June 24, 2013

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Well I was off today . This was the day I was suppose to go and get my new boat , but Cliff from Texas Boat World was nice enough to meet me half way Friday and save me the trip. I also have tomorrow off as well and with the wind we have had and the forecast I do not mind. Sheretta and I took the boat out for a few hours anyway today, just so I can get educated on my new trolling motor and graphs. I have the new 12 inch touch screen in the dash and the 9 inch touch screen in the front. We did however wet a hook for a few min, while we were out and caught some fish to boot. We put in at the county as I wanted to also see what the water looked like on the north end. With this new water and wind it is still very colored up., but man is it going to be good when it clears up and we have the wind let up where we can fish it. I will be back on the water working Wed and hope the wind will let up. The new equipment that I put on this boat will for sure make me better at what I do. The graphs are off the chart as to what they can do and show me, and with this new trolling motor , will allow me to put my clients in the front and hold them on the sweet spots as well. This boat is the same hull I had, but they have really tweaked it to perfection. I am also back with the Mercury as well and the boat will fly. Sheretta and I were out in some big water today and we went up and down the lake no problem and did not get a drop on us. I still have a few days open in July and several in Aug so please book a trip with me and let’s go get after them. I believe that I have the best equipment they offer to help us catch the big ones.

June 22, 2013

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Took out Judd and Tim today. They were the first to fish out of my new boat. I knew it was going to be windy and it was Sat so I knew everyone would be around the dam and south end , so I just joined the crowd . at one time I counted 17 boat just at the Dam. There were several more scattered out down the rip rap toward the Mexican side. We did ok on our first spot , with all of us catching a good fish, Judd having the best. Judd and I both lost a good fish on that place as well. We did not venture very far after that and found State Park cove crowded as well with about 10 boats in there. My new boat preformed flawlessly and I want to thank Cliff from Texas Boat World for really taking care of me. If you need a boat I promise you he will take care of you, just tell him you heard it from me and he will take extra care of you . Judd and Tim were just in the area taking care of a deer lease nearby and wanted to see a little about the wonderful Falcon they have heard about. We did not see it at its best that is for sure, The wind and the stained up water is not doing us to well right now, but it is going to get better real soon. They plan on coming back when they are back down in the fall and we are going to do this again, hopefully with calmer and cleaner conditions. We still had fun and caught some fish and they were sure great to fish with. We were off the water by 1 pm , that give me plenty of time to load my stuff up in my boat and figure out my new touch screen depth finders . As I got home late last night and did not have time to before I picked them up at 6 am. It took me awhile but I did get all my waypoints loaded and Nav Chips loaded up. I am good to go now.

June 21, 2013

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Well I did fish for a few hours . I took out Brent and his two kids Courtney and Collen . With a windy and muddy lake if was going to be a little tough on the two that had never fished before. Funny thing I set up on my first spot and Threw out a line for Collen and walked back up front to throw our Courtney and looked back and Collen had a fish on, and it was big. He battled it and it jumped and than it got under the boat and out the other side and than it went to the front and nearly got in the trolling motor and than it went back under the boat and to the back and nearly got in the motor. and back under again and finally came up and out from under the boat and than the damn thing came off it had to be 8 pounders or better. It just would have been great to get a picture of his first fish ever on his first cast ever and his first fishing trip ever. Well we got a bunch more bites after that but they could not get hooked up . Collen did final get one in the boat about 2 pounds. We called it a day about 11 am . I got my new ride as you can see in the pictures. Same colors different motor. Cliff really took care of me and we meet half way in San Antonio . I loaded this one up with a 12 and 9 inch touch screen and that new trolling motor I have been using. I will be on the water in it tomorrow as I have a trip.

June 20, 2013

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Took out John today. We were met with some brute force winds today. John is a regular of mine and today he wanted me to show him some main lake off shore stuff today. Well we did not get the day to do much of that. We did try and we did catch some fish including a nice 7 pounder I caught on a tex rig. The lake was really off color , most everywhere except right at the dam and in state park cove. We did not make it to the Tigers as he already knows it well. But the water is off , pretty much the rest of the lake as far as we went could tell all the way north from marker 2. We have quit coming up and if we can get the wind to lay a little , the water should clear back up in a few days..

June 18, 2013

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Took out Sid today. We loaded up and went to the state park and put in. I used the concrete ramp there today so it is fine. Sid caught a fish on his first cast today and it was down hill from there. We headed north just to find that the mud line had invaded all the way to marker four. That is a 2 miles south of the Tigers. We boated only 12 fish today , but had a really nice one and a couple of more good fish.The lake is really shooting up right now and we will take what ever we can get. The whole north end is basically none fish able , for the dirty water or debris . We got off early as I had an  eye doctor appointment and My eyes are dilated so if I messed up , forgive me ,because I can not see. I am taking a day off tomorrow but will be back on the water Thursday.

June 17, 2013

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Well I have been off for a few days. I did fish Friday and just flat out forgot to do a report. I fished Brian and Garret , sons of a regular client of mine. We hit the water early and found out how windy it was. Also the API tournament started that day as well and there were a lot of boats out, and everybody was on the Texas side trying to stay out of the wind. We had a slow morning and finally late in the day we got on a few fish. Brian got his heart broke as well as his line by a monster fish in the 9 to 10 pound range right at the side of the boat. Well at least we got to see the brute. He also broke one off earlier that we did not get the chance to see. These boys were a lot of fun to fish with and hope I get another chance to get them on big fish and in the boat. The lake is really coming up as we got a heavy rain upstream. We are at 264 now and still coming up. The ramp at the state park can be used now and with the wind forecast the next few day I will be using it. I am back on the water Tuesday . For now I am getting some needed stuff done around the house. My new boat is being shipped today and I should have it real soon. Texas Boat World is my new dealer . check their link that I added to the bottom of my main page.

June 11, 2013

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

I got busy and forgot to post last night. I did take out Phillip and Dex again . We hit the main lake area early and not much was going on with that . Dex did catch a nice heavy 4 pounder on his first cast , and than not much after that. I moved to an area that has done really well for me and the fish just would not bite. Knowing I had a short day with them . I decided if we were going to catch a fair number of fish than we had to go flip the trees. We made the move and it was on. Now they were not big just solid three to four pounders, but Dex did get 65 pound braid broke by one at the boat. They had to get Phillip to a plane so we were off the water by 1 pm. It was such a pretty day that I went back out and fished till 6:30 pm in search for some deeper fish. I did get bit but know much on the hook up. That is ok because I need the time by myself on the water to get dialed in on some big fish that I can depend on. I have the next couple of days off , so I plan on getting on the water Thursday and find some more fish. I have things to do around the house today. I just looked at my schedule and noticed I have some open days next week . Give me a call or contact and lets go out.