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May 31, 2013

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Well here it is the last day of May. I hope June is a little less windy than May was. I took out Charles and his uncle Gordon today. We put in south , because like every day it was windy. We fished our butts off today covering a ton of spots and only had 20 small fish for our efforts. I do not think we had a big bite today. We had a bunch of bites ,but they would not eat the bait. Gordan is pictured with his best fish. Gordan loves to fish and will turn 80 in Aug. He would have stayed till dark if I would have wanted too. Bass Champs is in town and looks like they might get a break with the wind. It is going to be interesting on what is going on right now and if someone can figure it out. After the last few days I really suspect the big bite has moved deep. I know that is what I will be doing come Monday. It is hot enough and the water temp is finally over 80 and climbing. All of this and the time of year smells deep to me.

May 30, 2013

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Took out Tim and dancing Claudia today. Claudia got started on about her first cast with a nice 8 lb 14 oz pig on a crank bait , a personal best on the crank bait, if you remember she got a 9 pounder the first day with me for her personal best. We caught 23 fish today a little better than yesterday, but man we had our chance . Claudia and I both lost monster fish today. Tim I do not think he had a big one on all day. I put a picture of him in the post with a little fish just to not leave him out. We had a lot of bites today and did not get hooked up. I will be out there tomorrow with another group , Tim and Claudia will be out in their own boat as they have done when not fishing with me. They have done pretty good on what I have shown them . They did it right and came for 10 days , fished with me three of them and stayed at the best place to stay when visiting Falcon Lake , The Bass Shack. We still have some open dates , so if planning a trip to Falcon , give our place a try.

May 29, 2013

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Took out Tim and Claudia today. If your read my reports, you know that I took them out Friday the 24th . The wind was just brutal today, but we braved it anyway and did ok for the day we were dealt. We boated 23 fish most were small , but we did get a nice picture fish. I have them again tomorrow and hope we can get the wind to let up just a little. We did fish mostly protected today and I want to go main lake if I can tomorrow. We caught a few fish on the crank bait early , but most of our fish came on the tex rig. I want Caludia to catch another fish so she can do her Big Fish Dance if you did not see it go look on my earlier post. May 25

May 27, 2013

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Well looks like I am off today and tomorrow. I had a no show. Another one of these guys that ,has no consideration. The fishing has been great too. Just a phone call would have been nice. I have people that would love to come down and fish , but with no notice and no time I could not get them here in time. For those of you that follow my fishing report , know that we lost Buster two months ago. We had him cremated and now he is ready, so Sheretta and I will go get the little guy and bring him home today. Like I always do I will give the name of the no show to all the guides I deal with so this will not happen to them .

May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

IMG_1119 I just had to post this . I did not see her do this . Tim her husband videoed this and sent it to me . Very cool to see someone get so excited. Just click on the IMG and enjoy the video.

May 24, 2013

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Took out Tim and Claudia today. We started out the day like gang busters. Claudia was on Fire . She caught back to back giants a 9 lb and a 7 lb 4 pictured. It was later in the shortend day when Time finally got some relief catching a 9 lb 13 oz pig. I was just the net boy today, as they caught 37 fish by 1 pm. I just love the trolling motor on the boat I am using , I do have it ordered on my new boat. This anchor feature is just great, hell I just kicked back and watched these two. Tim got a good video of Claudia catching and landing her personal best 9 pounder and we looked at it and man was it funny. He will be getting me a copy to post later . I hope the ones today that did not keep track of the weather made it back to safety today, it really hit hard. Tim had a couple more nice fish today, but Claduia was the show today. I lost batteries on my camera so these pictures are off my phone so that is why their not as good as what I normally take.

May 23, 2013

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Well I was back on the water , with my new dealers , personal loaner boat. I will be in this boat till my new one gets in. Texas Boat World is my new sponsor dealer now. I met with Cliff yesterday and things could have not went any better. This dealership is a lot closer to me and they want to sell lots of boat , so they are really ready to deal on them. I took out Steve and Jo Ann today. We put in and went south to the Tigers , It was just not going on in there much. We di catch some small ones and had a monster pull all the hooks off a crank bait, I guess I am going to have to get some stronger split rings. We made a move , more down the lake and found it to have a few boats , but not too many so we started hitting some main lake stuff. Jo Ann got a monster today a 9 lb 5 oz on the Texas Rig and a couple more good fish but nothing like the one pictured. I would have to rate the day tough as we caught a lot of small fish, and did not have but a couple of big fish on today.

May 21, 2013

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Well I am off today, due to not having a boat because of a blown SHO. My new boat I have on order is not quit ready, but will be here in a few weeks. I am staying with Triton , but will be running a Mercury this time. I like the way the SHO performed, but can not deal with two blown motors in two years. As much as these motors cost they really should last you a long, long time. To stay with my Triton deal that I have had since 1998 I had to switch dealers and I will now be with Texas Boat World near Waco. Cliff Brown is who I have made the deal with and I look very forward to dealing with him, in the future. I called him Sunday when my motor let loose and , he knows my situation about my Guide business and that I have booked days almost every day. He told me know problem get you boat up here and take mine and it is yours till we get your boat fixed. What a deal. So since I have never met him in person, I thought it was best to place ,
Today and tomorrow trips with one of my other guides and do the transfer in person. Yes I am going to miss the revenue , but It will be worth, meeting him and seeing their operation in person. Now about my old dealer Sandy Creek Marina . I can not say enough good things about them as they have took very good care of me in the past. I wish them all the luck in the world. After my trip to Texas Boat World and I get back I will be making some changes on my site to include their link. By the Way the fishing has be just great as it does this time a year. The hotter the better on Falcon Lake , that is just the way this lake is. Jay and I really do our part to post a fishing report everyday we go and that is just about everyday. I know when you travel down here you want to catch fish and From May thru Sept it does not get any better here. So plan your trip accordingly , and if you need a guide , give Jay or Me a shot , I will guarantee you one thing , that nobody will work harder than us two to make sure your trip is a great one. Good luck and make plans I will see you in a couple of days , Time to go get my boat fixed.

May 20

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Not going to say much, but had to post these two . I did my job , Now I know they will do theirs . We had some 8 pounders to go with these two, brutes. I have the pictures , but I did get their permission to post these , right now.

May 19, 2013

Monday, May 20th, 2013

I have been on the water Sat and Sun. The lake has really gotten busy since Thursday. The wind has been brutal, but the fish have been biting if you can get to them. I have not posted any pictures , because I have some Bass champs guys and will have them tomorrow as well. We are driving around and looking at spots and getting them ready to fish the tournament in two weeks. We have when we could pull up on a place and make the cast , when there has been no boats within site of one of my spots, and have actually caught some quality fish just to boost their confidence . They are going to fish with me again Monday and there should be a lot less boats to deal with. I have some good pictures of some good fish , including a 9 pounder , 8 and heavy 7 pounder we boated yesterday . I think the way Falcon is fishing right now that it is going to take over that to wind , but the stringer we had today (Sun) would sure get a nice check. I never post pictures or names when I have a tournament client ,and will only do later , with their permission , after the tournament is over. I will have a full report with pictures when I get back to regular fishing come Tuesday. However I blew another SHO Today , so I am in a friends boat today. My new boat is not ready, so I really do not know what I am going to be able to do on Trips for the next few days , I sure need to work .