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Mar 31, 2013

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Well I am off again today . I am still taking a little time . I will be back to work Monday. The lake is dropping like a rock and if they keep this up , we will see us lower than we have been in several years. It does not take it long when we are dropping 5 inches a day. The only good news is that , this time of year the lake has less people on it , and Falcon can use a little rest. I consider from now thru Nov to be the best time to fish Falcon. Falcon has been up and down as of late , but you can just about look at the up and down water temp , Temp up fishing is on , temp drop so does the fishing. We should see nothing but higher water temp from now on. I have a full schedule , but I have some other great guides that can take you out , Just contact me and I will get you hooked up. Also I will always keep you informed on how I do , when I go out, fishing. No bull, just a straight up fishing report, Easy to read and understand . I have been fishing Falcon for over 40 years and still to this day I learn something else about it and its mysteries . I know it very well and have see it in all of its ups and downs. I know alot about why, but I am still learning the lake even after 40 years , when I think I know it all I will quit, and all of you know this will never happen. That is why I do it day ,after day after day. I am still learning this lake on a daily basics , be aware of the ones that been here a year of two and claim they know every inch of it. This is a new lake every year due to water level and if you have not seen it 8 foot over to 59 foot low and everywhere in between , Believe me you do not know it.

Mar 29, 2013

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Well I decided that I needed a day off, so Mike and his wife were so kind and went out on their own today. As you know we lost Buster Sat and with everything I had going on , I just needed to stop and spend a day with Sheretta. We ended up at the golf course and just had a blast. This was a good change of pace for us and it was just damn good to get out and do something else for a while. We plan on doing it alot more in the very near future. Life is to short not to spend quality time with the ones you love, you never know what tomorrow brings.

Mar 28, 2013

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Well I finally had someone show up and want to fish. Mike and his wife Jill went out with me today. We put in at the state park and Found the winds to be a little tough on some of the stuff I wanted to fish. We ended up in the Tigers , with a grind it out type of day. Jill did catch a nice one and a few smaller ones . Mike had the big Zero today today and I had one that went about 6 and a half on a Hammerhead Jig. We did catch a limit today, but we got quit a few bites that we did not put in the boat as well. I was to fish them again tomorrow, but they brought their boat so I am going to take tomorrow off and let them go out. I have alot to get done around the house and Sheretta and I are still dealing with the death of Buster.

Mar 27, 2013

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Well another no show. I really do not get it. Both of these no shows over the last three days , booked me way in advance. Do they not understand that this is my livelihood , how I make a living, pay my bills etc. Common courtesy with a phone call or email would have been great. If I would have had a day or two notice I could have filled the spots if I had wanted too, or at least I could have made the decision to work or not. Their names were shared with every guide that I work with and know , so this will not happen again, to somebody else , just flat out wrong for someone to take away that depended on income. On a better note . Sheretta and I am still dealing with the loss of Buster , I want to thank everyone for their kind and comforting words We do appreciate it.

Mar 25, 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Well today started out with a no show, so I called a friend, Billy to see if he wanted to go out and watch the tournament. He did so I picked him up and we put in. I had something very special happen to me at the ramp . I was standing by my boat and watching all the anglers in the tournament busy with last min details , and Rick Clunn got out of his boat and came over to me and give me some kinds words about the loss of Buster. He said that he follows my blog on my report and just wanted to share this with me. We talked for a little and than he went back to getting ready. I thought to myself , man with all he has to think about with so much on the line, to take time to make me fell better , what a great man. I just wanted to share that with you. Now to the day on the water . Billy and I followed Gary Kline to the Salado , two more pros were in there as well . We watched Kline and Crochet for a while and nothing was going on in there , the water was dirty and colder due to the front. We left there and went to see , now my favorite of all Elites Rick Clunn. He was slow too due to the cool morning , but thought he would do better later in the day. We head south and I told Billy , let fish for a few min I want to check a few things. Well we did and Billy caught a nice one. We had two more on Billy lost another good one and I had one grab a jig and was moving off with it and I look up and seen a boat comming so I just eased up to feel her and she felt good , but I told Billy I was not going to set the hook, She would not let go and kept swimming around and finally se got around something and pulled off. I did catch a small fish a few min later. We left and went back to see Clunn and got to see him catch his last big fish at the end. Keith Combs won the tournament and deserving so. He led wire to wire , Clunn finished second and both hit the centry mark and will get a belt from Bass. I loved having them here but I am ready and need to get back to work .

Mar 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Well , it is hard for me to even write this . Sheretta and I lost or best buddy today. Buster was the love of our life and words can not even describe the joy he brought to us. We are going to miss him just like everyone that met him. He had his way of getting to know people and manipulating them to get what he wanted , to play of to get a treat. I lost a son three years ago and that was hard to take and this is to , both of them were way to young to be leaving this world .

Mar 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

If you have been following the Elite Tournament than you know it is down to 50 anglers. The weather has changed for the worst and they are going to have their work cut out for them today. Most everyone in the lead is fishing south and they will find out first hand how tough the wind is down there with it blowing hard out of the north. They will get an hour or two before it hit so the ones that get their bites early will have an advantage to the ones that were getting their key bites late in the day. The ones that know where to go and adjust to these very tough conditions will make a big move today, as it will hurt and the ones without that knowledge of the lake on a north wind. I think things are really going to get shook up today on the leader board, someone will make a big move today. After today they will cut to the final twelve. Sunday’s forecast does not look any better, so look out for the guy that makes the best adjustment today , because it will be the same conditions tomorrow. As I have said in my previous post that this tournament will not be won on one spot a good example of that was yesterday. The leader KC had to use 12 to 15 spots yesterday to maintain his lead , the first day he never moved off the spot at the dam. This is what I am talking about adjusting . This will have to be done , expecially with this wind to win this Tournament . KC is a local regular guide on this lake and knows it better than most the field , but I think it is going to be a tight , tight finish.

Grand kids Grant and Kate

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Today is pretty so I got to take the grand kids out for a couple of hours. They got in the action and had a ball. I did too seeing them catch their very first fish. This is the first time they have been down to see us. I love to fish kids , because their is just something about it that really puts joy in their eyes, Just look at Kate when she landed her fish.

Mar 22, 2013

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Up again early . One day is down on the Tournament and Falcon was a little tough on the Elites . Now half the field did weigh in a 20 pound bag. The wind had some to do with this as it was very tough to hold on spots , especially deep main lake stuff. I think you will see a stronger showing today. There was not a DD weighed today. 9 lb 11 0z was big bass caught by Rick Morris. This is due to most of the fish that were brought in looked post spawn to me. Keith Combs is leading the tournament with 34 lb 13 oz . He is fishing a common place at the dam . This just shows you how good these guys are. Alot of tournaments are won on community spots. A pro just can do things alot of people can not do. to catch fish on a spot that gets hammered day after day. I still think it will be one from more than one spot . He is going to get alot of company this weekend there. I will be on the water today I have my grand kids in , Grant and Kate. They have never been in a boat before ,so they are very excited about Today. Light winds and hot , these fish are going to light it up today.

Mar 21,2012

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Well I am up early, I am excited about the Tournament start today. As you know the last time the Elites were here it was the first weed of April of 2008. We were about 6 foot higher water level wise and about 7 or 8 degrees in water temp higher. Saying this , it will not be as good as it was than. Fishing pressure plays a roll in this as well. The fish are here , but they are alot more scattered than before. I know that these guys are good and they are still going to catch big numbers compared to anywhere else they fish. I just came off of a three day trip and our best 15 fish for the three days was a little over 89 pounds , we had our chance to be better than that but we did not fish as clean as an Elite pro will fish , in other words , we lost some nice fish that ,the Elites would probably put in the boat. They are experts and have all the right equipment . The one that fishes clean and puts all his bites in the boat will do very well, if he is on the right stuff . Right now if you are fishing deep you are fishing for about 10 or so bites a day, and when you get them they are quality and you put them in the boat you will have 30 plus pounds . I also will be very surprised if the tournament is won off of one spot, I personal think to win this one that you have to have several spots in an area and rotate them and let them load up . There is not a bunch of big fish on a single spot. It is more like they are still coming and going. This is do to the low water temp, time of year and fishing pressure. This year some will do well in the shallow bushes , but this will not win the tournament.