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Feb 27, 2013

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Took out Scott today, he hit one of these days that you get this time of year, north winds , strong enough to make it tough to fish good enough to catch these moody fish. We did get a limit today , and our best fish was about 7 pounds, I did loose another fish at the boat about 8 or so, but Scott did not get his to the boat . We only got about 10 bites today. UPDATE : I just got off the phone with one of my other guides , that I book for. He got off the water yesterday when the north wind hit, He picked his guys back up at 3 pm and went back out. They hammered the big fish. Now they only caught 8 fish but they had a 44 pound stringer, He sent me the pictures to prove and I have them on my phone, I will try to downlaod them and post them latter. I am full for March , but I have several dates to fill for him in March. If you want a good guide , let me know and I will hook you up.

Feb 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Took out Gary and Doug today. The weather was great today and with the weather we had yesterday it was good to see. We got off to a good start catching a solid 7 pounder on the old blade . We also had a fish go about 6 pounds. I took some good ,well I thought good pictures of them and after we had let them go and I went to take a picture of another good solid fish by Gary I realized that I did not have a card in the camera, So that is why you see the different format on my site as I had to use my phone the rest of the day. We stayed shallow for the most part , we tried the cranks for about 20 min but nothing doing on that. We did have a fair day , and Gary got his personal best a 8 lb 4 oz, but man I got on a could not land a big fish at the end . I broke three heavy fish off, but I was reall tight in the stuff. I did get to see one as she went out the back side of a tree , she was about 8 or so . I did not see the other two. I guess I will be shallow again tomorrow , sure wish the spawn will get over with. We boated about 15 I think give or take a few. We had a 7 and 6 pounder not pictured, as explained why .

Feb 24, 2013

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Took out Ted and Kirk today. We switched it up from yesterday. I had Gary and Tim helping me with a group of six so we all had someone different today. We were to guide them again tomorrow , but I called it off with the forecast tomorrow. I can not see anyone that wants to be out there tomorrow. Well the wind was a little stiff on us today on my first stop. I stayed in there as long as I could and we boated 7 fish out of that hole. It was loaded, but it was just to exposed to the south wind . We at that point went to more protected and Ted got two good fish on and both came off. That was all the bites we got there. I headed more south and found the next spot full of boats , we hit it anyway and caught one more. At that point I knew the the back of Salinas would be full of boat , Word travels fast , so I turned around and went back north, this was a good move as we finished our day with not a boat in site and 5 or 6 more pretty nice fish. Ted wanted to hit the road early, since we were not going out tomorrow so we called it a day ,early. The fish in the pictures was their best for the day and I had a couple of nice fish as well. If you plan on trying to fish Falcon , please be careful , as I have see people get in real trouble when it blows out of the north this hard.

Feb 23, 2013

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Took out Dick and Jim today. We headed south , to go shallow on some water that I did not hit yesterday, because I felt that I sore mouthed them all yesterday. On the way to the ramp i was questioned their equipment, look real light for what we were going to do. Well lets just say that i told them It would not last 10 min . Dick assured me that his 17 p[ound test line was strong and he had caught big muskies with it no problem. Well he found out in about 9 min that it was not enough. He absolutely hooked a whale, only to break his line and his 78 year old heart. Nothing was said I just reached in my rod box and handed him a bigger gun. Jim is pictured with one of the fish for just the sake that I took a picture. We did not have the day I had yesterday, we only boated 17 fish today but we had a 7 , three 5’s and a 4 for out best five. We stayed shallow all day again today and will tomorrow.

Feb 22, 2013

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Took out Don again today. Today we had the right bait and hit it early. We had a big number day as we stayed shallow all day. Today started with Don hooking a monster DD for sure and had her out and swimming in the open, next thing we knew she got around something on the bottom and snapped his line. Heart break for sure. He tied on another hook and bait and his next flip he hits another only this one was about 8 p[ounds and see jumps and comes off. Man I told him , we need to get that kind in the boat. Well we did get a few in the boat today. Believe it or not I tried to keep count the best I could and we ended the day with 57 fish in the boat. Now mind you most were bucks , but we did have several in the 5 pound range and I had one a little over 7 pounds. We did not even once think about going deep today Don was having to much fun. I did not take a single picture today I was to busy, LOL

Feb 21, 2013

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Took out Don today. With the forecast of stiff north winds we stayed north all day. We stayed with the shallow bite all day and found it kinda slow . We caught some on the spinner bait and later we pulled out the flipping sticks. We only boated about 12 fish today , nothing to take a picture of , I found a bag of baits in the boat , that the fish seemed to like and we caught them pretty good with the , the only problem is I only had three baits in that color in the boat. When we ran out of them our bite got real slow. We stopped in the tackle store and stocked up on them, if they like them tomorrow we have plenty. This said , I plan on trying to stay deep tomorrow for a bigger bite.

Feb 20, 2013

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Took out Kyle and Steve today. It was a windy bitch out there today. We tried the deep stuff, but the wind was a little much for where I wanted to fish. So we like the rest of the people today moved up for the shallow stuff. We got 8 bites today and put 6 of them in the boat. Steve had one about like the one pictured with Kyle , but at first thing I did not take a picture of his fish, now I wish I had , but I expected a little bigger bite , than we end up getting. I caught one about that same caliber as well, the other three were smaller. The forecast for tomorrow does not look too good , with the east , than North wind predicted. i have a single tomorrow, looks like we will be tight in the cover.

Feb 18, 2013

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Took out Scott and Chris today. Today was my first trip back in my Triton. It really turned out to be a nice day. The only problem , we did not put a Bass in the boat today. Yes , we had the big ZERO Today. We did have some good bites today and had some fish on, but if they do not get in the boat it does you no good. Scott lost a really nice fish that came up and spit the crank. the other ones we lost we did not see. This time of year is just that a way. One day you are on them the next your are not. That is why I do not like to guide during the spawn, It is way more consistent any other time. I am off tomorrow and I have a ton of jigs to get ready as the orders keep coming in. Good luck if you are out there tomorrow , they have to be hungry, because they were not for us today.

Feb 17, 2013

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Well I spent all day Sat, getting my boat back in order. I put in after lunch to get some breakin hours on the new motor. I did not take any rods with me because I did not want to be tempted . I had tow put at least 3 hours on the motor. Man there was a ton of boats out yesterday. I drove all over the lake just seeing where everybody was fishing. What was amazing to me is how alot of boats were grouped together. I stopped every once in a while and just watched when I seen a group of boats lets say at least 5 or 6 together within casting distance of each other. I watched 4 or 5 differant groups in severl differant areas and did not see a hook set. Hell I thought with this many boats crammed together on one spot they must be catching fish. Oh well , I did not learn anything watching that , so back to the breakin. I am sure glad to have my boat back and the motor ran perfict. Everything is checked out and ready for Monday with my next group.

Feb 15, 2013

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

sorry about the late report. I had to get all my stuff out of the loner boat, including my 4 batteries out and put the 4 old batteries back in the loner boat. Then I had to take it back to where I got it. I was spent after a long day on the water and all the boat transfer, so I ate and hit the hay. Well to the fishing report. I had Gary and his friend Jim out for the day. I had Gary last march and we hammered a nice 42 pound stringer with his kicker fish a 10 lb 4 oz. so , as i said in my earlier report I was not going to fish shallow. WE hit the lake early and ran all the way south . I told Gary that I expected one bite an hour and if we got more , great. Well the plan seemed to work as Jim connected on a monster fish on a crank, the fish hit him very close to the boat and all hell broke out. I jumped down for the net and I just was not fast enough as the 9 to 10 pounder was three feet in the air about 2 feet from the boat, you know what happened , she ripped the little hook out and swam off. This was one of them fish that had the black spots all over it. Damn it!!!!!. There went one of out bites to waste. We crank for about another hour and Jim gets a heavy 4 pounder , Two hours , two bites. We are on pace. We make a move and I find an area that I like to fish with no boats, great. We start cranking and I connect on a nice 5 pounder , hour three , three bites. Still we are on the pace I expect. Gary has not connected yet. but I tell him his time is going to come. We fish for a while on that spot and make another move, I pull up and I get another 5 pounder off of it and Gary get his first bite, but does not connect. We fish this hump for about 30 more min and nothing. I told Gary that I am going to try a jig, just to see if they will eat it. I pick it up an throw it and Bam a solid 7 pounder. I tod them to tie on , one of my Hammerhead jigs and start throwing it. Gary had not thrown it five time and Wham , he has a monster fish on the end of his line. This fish is a beast and it comes up and the jig is out of site just like the 7 pounder I caught . I am down in the bottom of the boat and Gary is bringing this fish in and I do not know how this monster of a fish could jump again so high at the boat and Damn it she comes off. This fish was a beast in the 10 plus class for sure. I tryed to console him and told hime we got everything out of her but the actual weight and the picture, but that did not help much. We stayed with the jig the rest of the day and Damn it I get a big fish on and she short lines me at the boat and snapps the line. We set out today and did what we wanted to do and the fish even did their part, we just did not put them in the boat. We had 11 bites today , better than I was hopeing for , we put 6 fish in the boat. our smallest fish of the day was a heavy 4 pounder . I for one will be throwing a Jig for now.