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Dec 31, 2012

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Was going out with a freind today in him boat and we put in at the state park and headed out to our first spot and his trolling motor was broke. The last time I went out with him , he blew a lower unit . We just turned around today and put it back on the trailer and called it a day. It was a good thing because I have been sicker than a dog. I braved it threw a couple of trips, but I am going to take a few days off to recover. This year is gone and man time flyes. I want to thank everyone that I have had the pleasure to be in the boat with this year. As always I met a few new friends and fished with alot of old ones this year. After this few day off period I am book almost solid thru April and looking forward to it again this year. Falcon has been a little tough as of late , but hell if it was easy it would not be fishing. I love the challenge each and every day.

Dec 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Took out Jim and Jim today. It was another cool day here on Falcon. I am ready for some sunshine. Jim started the day with a nice 4 and a half pounder on his very first cast and for a while I thought he jinks us because we did not catch another fish for about 30 min. We got several more bites on our starting spot but no hook ups. We made a move more south and alot deeper and found some nice fish and both Jims started boating some. If you look at the pictures of Jim’s Fish and look close at the picture of his son Jim’s fish, They are the same fish. Jim the son caught the same fish about 10 min after his dad caught it and released it. We thought it at the time , but the side by side pictures tell it for sure. We had a lot of fun and caught some fish , still slow for Falcon standards. Jim lost about a 7 pounder at the boat and broke another real good fish off today, both would have really helped our stringer today.

Dec 29, 2012

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Took out Jonnie and his granddaughter Edie today. I was glad to be back on the water, but man it was a cold day to me . I had planned to fish some main lake stuff but , we decided not to battle the elements so we stayed inside all day. We had a very slow day but did catch a couple nice fish . Edie faught one all the way to the boat ,it jumped twice and than when it got to the boat it shot right at her and put slack in her line and came off this fish was a beast. I felt for her as she has never bass fished before and she took up with it very well. She really learned how to cast a bait caster very well. She had a few more on but did not get them in. I have a trip tomorrow and hope the weather is a little better..

Dec 28, 2012

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Well I finally made it back and I will be back on the water Sat. I talked to as few that were on the water yesterday and man it seemed to be a very slow day for everybody. There are alot of boats in town as it looks like the after Christmas crowds are here. Last year it was crazy around here with numbers of fishermen, starting this time of year . With the lower level ,it is going to be fun. I have not been on the water in over ten days and am looking forward to be back on tomorrow. I will let you know what I figure out .

Dec 24, 2012

Monday, December 24th, 2012

I am still out of town for Christmas, but Tim took a client out for me today. Mike came in and Tim and Mike had a great day. I am up here freezing and Tim and Mike were hammering the fish in 85 degree weather. You got to love Falcon this time of year. I do not have all the details but they had a good bag. 35 pounds or so in five. I had trouble getting the pitchers to load so if I have them twice , just overlook it because I am not going to re due them. A big front is going to hit here in Midland tomorrow and it is nasty , I am sure it will get all the way down there. By wed. Winds to be 45 MPH here . The weather up here justs sucks, but I am really enjoying the grand kids. If you want to fish in the next few days get ahold of me and I can get you with Tim while I am gone

Dec 23, 2012

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Well I am still here in Abilene, but fixing to change seinery and head to Midland. I will still Have Lubbock to do and then I will be head back . I love seeing old friends and family each year , but I still miss the lake and weather at Falcon. It is cold windy, and dusty up here . It does not look like I have been missing much as it is still hit and miss when it comes to fishing. I have my boat with me , but the weather has been to much for me to try some of the lake I used to fish up here. That is something that you do not have deal with as much on Falcon, as it might get bad for a day or two , but not every day like it has been up here. One good thing on the trip I got me a new ride and not a boat, I got a new truck . This one matches my boat a little better.

Dec 19, 2012

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

Well I am here in My old hometown of Abilene . I had to came a little early for Christmas because I had a meeting set up with my boat dealer and the Yamaha rep. First thing that I want to tell you is The 250 SHO is by far the best performing and reliable motor that I have ever ran, and I have ran most all of them. I had a little glitch before Thanksgiving and we never really figured out why. So we set this up and Richard from Yamaha came in to see what we could find out. We compared data on a bunch of normal running motors and even hooked up a link and ran three different boat with the same 250 SHO on them and everything was the same . I have 450 hours on my motor and the two others were low hour motors , on 44 and the other 68. We are still scratching our heads as to what happened but I have 45 hours since the one time problem and the motor is preforming like a new one. But why I am saying this , is I have never had this kinda service from the product reps in the past. He left me a card and said If it ever gives me a problem he , just call and he would come to where ever I wanted to take it and personal be there to oversee the work at had. Well to the fishing It looks like I have not missed much , talking to some of the guides and people I know that have been on the water, A front is due here tomorrow and it will probably get there friday or sat, and cool this water down. If I here anything great I will let you know so keep on checking in.

Dec 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Well Sheretta and Buster backed out on me yesterday so I did not go out. I am packing it up today and getting ready for my Christmas break. Time to spend a little needed time with family and friends. This has been another great year and I want to thank all that gave me the opportunity to spend a day or days with on the water.I love my job, and am so fortunate to be able to make a living doing what I love to do. Falcon this year has had its ups and downs , but day in and day out it is still , in my opinion the best in the country. This lake really got pounded early this year and than the water dropped as well. The lake is still full of big fish , they just pulled off and suspended , because that is where all the food was. As stated in some of my earlier reports this week I posted that it was going to get better as i was seeing the bait break up and get to the bottom and scatter out. This is exactly what we need . This usually happens earlier , but with the extremely warm weather and water temp, it has been delayed. This lake will start fishing alot better and more consistent in the days to come. I will still be posting , while I am gone , so please keep checking in. Also just a note, I am for most parts completely booked up thru April . If you look at my schedule I have very few days left for booking a trip. That said I book for a couple of great guides on this lake , so still contact me if you want to fish and I am booked. I do not receive anything from them to do this , I just want to make sure you get with the right guide. There are plenty of good full time guides here and than there are some that do it part time , and I am not saying anything bad about the part time guys. I believe that a full time guide that lives here and does this for his living , should be supported FIRST. Also this year I introduce a new jig head to the fishing industry, I call it the Hammerhead. WOW If you knew what this Jig did this year and you like to fish a jig , you need to try it. It is a great fishing tool and will catch monster fish. I also make the Football head and still sell a ton of them, but for the ones that have not compared side by side like some of us have , will never know the difference. I have shipped Hammerhead jigs all over the US and the feedback has been great. I had Rick Morris from the Elites and he is a big time Jig guy, He fell in love with it and would not put it down while he was here. Right now you can only get them from this Site and Falcon Lake Tackle . I have also been for the past few months worked on some new colors for this coming year , so be on the look out for them , One in particular has been really good. Thanks again for being so supportive to Outlaw guide service and Outlaw baits this year . I am really looking forward to next year , fishing with old friends and meeting a few new ones.

Dec 14, 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Well it turned out that yesterday was my last trip till after Christmas. Charles and I decided not to go out today. It really turned out to be a good day , but we made our decision early and so I got to build up a stock of jigs. If you get your orders in before Monday I can still get them out before I leave. I plan on taking Sheretta and Buster out tomorrow because it is going to be perfect weather , and they have not been out in a while. I will still be posting and keeping up with what is going on so keep on checking in . I will post on how we do tomorrow.

Dec 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Well I took out Charles today. This trip was one that I donated to the Cast For Kids Foundation. I want to thank Charles for bidding and getting this trip. I wish that we would have had a better day than we did. We had fun but the bite was really slow for Charles and I. We did catch a 5 and a 6 pounder , but we only boated 7 or 8 fish all day. It was cloudy and cool all day. He wants to go out again tomorrow so we will be trying to get some revenge on these fish . This will be my last trip until after Christmas. If you are thinking about buying some jigs while free shipping is going on , get your order in before Monday so I can get them out . My site will charge you freight , but I will refund it. This cool down is going to help the fishing, the bait is finally breaking apart and scattering out and this will move these fish that have been suspended and give us a better chance at them. Now I really could not dial them in today, and that is how it goes sometimes. Yesterday I had two guys that are going to fish a tournament this Sat and we pulled up to a spot and had back to back fish over 9 pounds and at their request never made another cast on it . These fish were up and eating and that is what it takes. We will see alot more of this as we finally cool down. It is still hit and miss and still you have to grind it out, but Falcon is full of big fish , they have just been playing cat and mouse with us . Get down and get ready. A good example of what I am talking about Jay got on a spot yesterday and had 43 pounds own it and than nothing for 2 hours. It is Timing , Timing , Timing right now.