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Nov 30 2012

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Took out Steve and Tommy today. We really had a nice day to fish. I like it when the sun shines. We got off to a slow start on our first spot . Steve did get a nice 6 pounder on it right off , but only a couple more bites and one small fish. We left there and moved a little more south and found a few small fish biting, but still nothing happining. We caught a fish here and there and about noon . I went deep and Thank God we had the Hammerhead Jig because he hit a good group of fish and that is all they would eat and we tryed Plastics . Now we did not slay the fish but we did ok , and if you look close at the pictures you can see the Jigs in a couple of them , the other ones chocked it so the jig was not visable . We only boat about 15 or so fish but most were good quality . No really big fish, biggest today 6 .75 pounds . Remember I have a free shipping on all my jigs until Christmas, My site will charge you for shipping, but I will refund it after I get the order.

Nov 29, 2012

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Took out Louis and Louis yes both were named Louis. We started off ok as I stuck a 6 pounder behind the fin in the back with a Hammerhead Jig I thought I had a monster because I could not turn her for a while. We got a few more bites but no hookups , so we made a move and Louis got a nice 8 pounder first cast, than I caught another one about 6 pounds as well. It is what we did not land there that would make you sick. We lost three more big fish and caught another fish in the 5 pound class. These fish all came on the Mag fluke and I only had one bag of that color in the boat. We slowed down there so we decided to head more south and found the spot where I wanted to fish with nets all over it so I just left as we could not really fish it. I went back to the Texas side and pulled up on a deep point and Louis and I both lost a really nice fish. I felt like the fish were there all we had to do is get one to eat. It took awhile but we all caught one good fish one that deep point the biggest was about 7 pounds. It really was a slow days for boated fish , but man we did get bit a bunch , and even got the hook in a few , but could not get them in the boat. I thinks that it was the way they were taking the bait , because I know we hooked up and lost 8 fish today that seemed to be good fish. I had a 5 and two 6 pounders not pictured. and both of them had two heavy 4 pounders and a few smaller fish as well.

Nov 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Off today but plan on going out later , when it warms up a little. I have been changing some of my words on my schedule calendar , now Fish means I am fishing and Shack means that the Bass Shack is rented. I notice that in Dec that I am fishing alot but the Bass Shack has alot of open days to fill. If you are planning a trip in Dec to Falcon Lake , I promise you there is not a better place to stay, especially if you have a group of up to 6 people and have boats. There is covered parking for two boats. This place has it all as well. We have even added a ice maker to boot. All the info on the Bass Shack is on my site under lodging. Remember I also have my jigs on sale , no shipping till Christmas. The site will charge you shipping, but I will refund it by Pay Pal soon as I get the order. The Jig bite is starting to get real good so it is time to stock up .

Nov 26, 2012

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Well I have had a few days off and due to a cancellation I am going to take Sheretta and Wally out today . Wally and I did go out Sat and found a couple of spots that did and will produce enough fish to guide on. Wally caught two really nice fish on the spinner bait. The spinner bait bite is looking better early and the Jig bite is looking real good later in the day. I have been in the Jig shop working on Jigs and I am still tweaking some of them to get the best color combo. The Hammerhead is by far doing the best, but for the unbelievers I still make the football. I have got the Hammerheads in some good sticks, hands, and they all know the difference. I am not saying the football does not produce , but I am saying it does not do as well as the Hammerhead. This jig is great in the rocks, but it is also great swimming it as well. If you look back at my reports I did not start this jig until about Feb of this year and the ones that had them just hammered the fish with them till late May and early June. The Jig bite usually gets started in late Nov and it is happening now. All of my Jigs feature Trokar hooks and the Hammerhead has 3-D eyes for that added attraction. You can only get them from me off this site or from Falcon Lake Tackle so until Christmas I am going to offer them on my site , with free shipping. If you order them it will charge you the shipping , but I will refund it by Pay Pal after you order. I will post an update about the fishing trip with Sheretta and Wally today and I will be throwing the Hammerhead. UPDATE: Here are a couple of pictures from the outing today.

Nov 22, 2012

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am of course off today and Sheretta has cooked up a feast and we have some friends and fellow guides over today. Tony and I went out yesterday on a scouting trip just to cover some new water that I have not checked in a while. We found a couple of spots holding fish but we hit a spot holding some big fish. I caught a 9 pounder off of it and had another take me for a ride. We left it at that point to use it on another day when we have clients. We also eliminated a bunch of water as well. For the ones that do not know Tony , He is from Grand lake and guides down here during the winter. He like the rest of us has noticed the fishing is tougher this year than it was last year. Still beats anywhere else. The Jig bite is really coming on strong as if you have read my last few reports. The Hammerhead Jig will produce , and produce better than most. This Jig is made for the rocks, but Wally, Tim , Tony and I have also found out that it is very very good swimming as well. I have plenty in stock right now , but they are selling fast ,as people find out about them. Also Falcon Lake Tackle has them as well. I have a few days that has came open , if you look at my schedule, but even if I am booked and for the most part am full threw April I can hook you up with a quality guide. Also just to remind you I have a really nice place to stay and the details are on my site under lodging.

Nov 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Took out Mickey and Cody again today. After yesterday we had a score to settle with these fish. The weather was great and it was nice to see sunshine and the fish responded to it as well. We caught about 20 or so fish today and caught some good quality. Cody really put it on his dad today. Cody caught his personal best a 6 lb even. He also caught some other nice fish as well. All our better fish came deep today either on a Hammerhead Jig or soft plastics.

Nov 19, 2012

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Back on the water today after baot trouble and a few days off. I took out Mickey and his son Cody today. We headed south and started shallow and did not do anything at all. We moved out a little deeper and Mickey caught a small fish on a crank bait. Still not much action. I moved a little deeper and picked up the Jig and got bit right away the only problem I missed my first three bites. Mickey got ahold of a good fish but she got him wrapped and came off. I finally stuck two five pounders and they missed a few on the Jig. The Jig is all we could get bit on and they just would not eat it. Finally I caught one about 8 pounds later in the day. It was really tough out there today we got about 20 to 25 bits and landed 7 fish. The sun is to shine tomorrow and hopefully this will trigger these fish into eating.

Nov 16, 2012

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Well after 16 hours and 1000 miles I am back at Falcon and the boat is fine. I had a spark plug that was failing at high RPM and it was not burning the fuel and the fuel was blowing by the piston and going into my crankcase and making my oil gain. I had a scheduled service date on the 20th of Dec anyway so I just got everything done early. I will be on the water tomorrow , not guiding just looking and testing my boat out before I start back to work Monday. I did go fishing at Hubbard Creek , with a buddy of mine ,while my boat was getting checked out. Hubbard is low too and just like every other lake it is fishing slow . We that get to fish Falcon just think the fishing is slow. and I do have to agree it is not fishing as good as it did last year with a higher lake level, but Falcon is still 100 times better than any other lake day in and day out. We are just spoiled . Ronnie , Ryan and I fish hard for 6 hours and it was nice and we got one bite all day and I got it and did not stick it. I told Ronnie that the pressure was off of me when they come down as , my guide trip will be better than his was. These fish when these ;lakes go low just suspend and have so much food they do not have to do much to eat.

Nov 13, 2012

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Took out John and Jim today. We put in at the county and headed south. I had boat trouble and was dead in the water three times on the way. We finally made it to where I wanted to go, we were a little late getting there and missed the crank bait bite I guess. We picked up the tex rig and we got a lot of bites but we could not get the fish to eat the bait. I finally got a couple of good fish on the Hammerhead jig one about 6 pounds and another about 8 pounds, pictured with Jim. After that we just really struggled to get a bog bite . We caught 12 to 15 small fish and called it a day. From the looks of things I have to go get my boat fixed so will be off the water for a few days.

Nov 9, 2012

Friday, November 9th, 2012

I was to go out today, but with the high winds in the forecast . My clients and I decided to not go and reschedule for a better time. There are several tournaments in town this weekend and from the looks of the wind forcast it is going to be interesting. There are a bunch of college teams in town and I heard that they have about 60 teams. Man I wish they would have had college fishing in my college days. I probably would have stayed and finished LOL. I even have heard rumors of some high schools looking in to fishing teams. We have a good front coming down and this should cool our water temp down some . The temp is really high for this time of year, and I want it to get cool so I can get them on the Hammerhead Jig like last year. I still have some open days on the Bass Shack if you are interested look at Lodging on my site for details. If you stay there you will love it.